SIMPLE Tips to Get Organized

posted by Andrea | 02/20/2012

As the name of my website suggests, I’m all about keeping things as SIMPLE as possible — especially when it comes to getting organized.

Getting {and staying} organized might not be “easy” but it IS relatively “simple”. However if you are still feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, head on over to to read my SIMPLE tips to get more organized!

What is your biggest organizational challenge?


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  1. Jessica @ The Abundant Wife


    Are you a fellow Calvin College grad? I graduated from Calvin in 2003, but lots of my friends still live in the Grand Rapids area. Now I live in Northern California. Anyhow, it looks like you have a great website! I love simplicity and organizing too! After living in six different places in six years, I’m glad to finally be getting my life organized again. 🙂



    Andrea Reply:

    Yes Jessica — Dave and I both graduated from Calvin College {he was 2004 and I was 2007}. He actually lived in California for a year after he graduated too. I’ve been in West Michigan the whole time 🙂


  2. Evie


    No matter how I set up my kitty litter boxes for my multi-cat family, I still always seem to have a ton of dry litter kicked and tracked out of each box. “Door mats” don’t work, because somebody always thinks they’re good places to wet… If I had one kitty litter box, I’d put it down inside a cabinet with a maze-like entry to collect the loose litter, but I’ve got eight of them. Any good solutions to this problem that will be doable with eight kitty litter boxes???? This is my biggest challenge. Thanks for any input, and thanks to you two girls (Mommy and Nora!!) for having this site. It’s very helpful, very encouraging!


    Jennifer Reply:

    Evie, I used to have a huge problem with litter everywhere too. I tried 4-5 different litter boxes. Then I got a top entry litter box. I have a Clevercat. It doesn’t eliminate litter spread all together (that’s impossible because it gets caught in their paws and such), but it reduced it significantly. It can take some time to train your cats to use it. But the best way is to start with the top off the litter box and put some of their waste in it so it smells like their box. Then once they get used to jumping in, put the lid on. Start out with one and see if they like it. Also it says you have to purchase special bags, but I just use huge black industrial trash bags. They’re actually stronger and go down the outside of the box so cleanup is easier when I have to change the litter. Good luck


    Evie Reply:

    Jennifer, thanks for your reply. I’m going to start with one box and add another one every now and then. I’m excited just thinking about how much better things will get around here without a ton of litter on the floors needing constant attention every day! I’ve never seen a litter box like the Clevercat. The top entry idea is brilliant! Thanks again!


  3. Jacquelineand...


    Setting up, and organizing, space for bulk supplies is probably my biggest organizational challenge right now!
    Then there’s trying to remodel while keeping some space livable…


  4. Steph


    You hit the nail on the head with ‘it’s all emotional clutter!’ Seriously, we have been in the process this weekend (and hopefully, this motivation will spill over for weeks to come!) decluttering. Room by room. Box by box. Counting as we go! We got rid of 125 items from my daughter’s shared room ALONE! (ok, we counted ‘fairy furniture’ and super balls…but hey, it all adds up!) Upon doing a ‘box’…I found an old pillow that my ridiculously gifted-in-sewing sis-in-law made for me when I was about 10!!! (I’m 7 months shy of 40). Why do I save this? Because she MADE it and it has a counted cross-stitch ‘S’ on it! Really? It’s busting at the seams and doesn’t match anything. So, guess what I did: I ripped off the part that actually took her some time to do …tossed the rest of the fabric and I’m going to remake it into a little pillow for my daughter, ‘Sammi’. If I had no children with an ‘S’ name…it’d be in the trash. But the point is this: It REALLY feels good to look at things objectively and just ask yourself, “Why in the blazes am I holding on to this?!” =] Thank you for all you do!!!


  5. Lisa



    I am 18 months behind in maintaining my once great organization solutions!

    Hence my 40 Days 1 Whole House challenge. 🙂