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Our Favorite Apple, Banana, Berry Smoothies

posted by Andrea | 01/9/2013 | 5 comments

Earlier this summer, I posted a very simple, very basic smoothie recipe that mixed and matched pretty much any fruits, juices, yogurts, etc. to make almost any type of smoothie.

Today, I’m sharing the recipe for our favorite Apple, Banana, Berry smoothie — and it takes less than 10 minutes so it’s definitely a doable week-day breakfast or snack!

58 Delicious Pumpkin Recipes for Fall!

posted by Andrea | 09/27/2012 | 11 comments

It’s no secret that I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE pumpkin. I’ll try pretty much any food made with pumpkin, and there’s a fairly good chance that I’ll like it.

However, since our kitchen isn’t ready for cooking or baking just yet, I figured I’d share a bunch of delicious pumpkin recipes from around the web… all in one nice, organized spot for you 🙂

Simple, Any-Fruit Smoothies & My New Blender

posted by Andrea | 08/7/2012 | 12 comments

I’m not sure if there’s anything more refreshing on a hot summer day than a cool smoothie made with your favorite fruits!

Today, I’m sharing an extremely simple recipe that can be adapted to make almost any variety of fruit {or veggie} smoothie — oh, and I’ve got a fancy new blender for “show n’ tell”!

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix

posted by Andrea | 11/10/2011 | 21 comments

I love hot chocolate and can be “forced” to drink it in almost any climate — even if I’m not cold! However, I don’t love paying top dollar for it at fancy coffee places and restaurants. I also don’t really like the “cheaper tasting” watered down hot chocolate packets from the store.

So thankfully, my mom always made her own homemade hot chocolate mix… and shared her really easy recipe with me {it only has 4 ingredients}!

My SO Simple Punch Recipe

posted by Andrea | 08/15/2011 | 24 comments

Last weekend, my mom and aunts threw a wedding shower for one of my cousins — at our house. We had delicious egg dishes, fruit salad, breads, muffins, coffee, and my favorite… SO simple punch. The shower was a huge success and all I was left with at the end were a few pieces of bread and some punch! The crazy thing is that EVERY single time I make this punch, someone asks me for the “recipe” {yes, it really is THAT good}. […]

The Many Uses for Dry Milk + Printable

posted by Andrea | 03/9/2011 | 24 comments

When I got married, my church hosted a “food shower” for me. Everyone brought in their favorite recipe and the non-perishable ingredients to make the recipes. It was awesome! Not only did this shower fill my recipe box with a bunch of simple, tried-and-true recipes; it also stocked my pantry for months! Over the past 5 years, I’ve made most, if not all, of those recipes; but there is one recipe I use on a weekly basis… It’s a “recipe” for […]

Strawberry Lemonade

posted by Andrea | 06/6/2010 | 1 comment

Strawberries are always a welcome reminder that summer is officially here. Every June, I spend a Saturday morning picking strawberries at a local farm…and they try to come up with recipes to use them all up! One of my favorite things to make is strawberry lemonade; and this recipe is the best one I’ve found so far. Strawberry Lemonade: Ingredients: ½ c. lemon juice (about 3 or 4 lemons) 4 c. water ¾ c. sugar ½ t. salt 1 c. […]