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posted by Andrea | 11/13/2014

trash buddy giveaway

Most people think that because we live in an old farmhouse, we also live way out in the country. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth!

In fact, one of Dave’s main stipulations in “letting” me renovate an old farmhouse was that it needed to be VERY close to restaurants, grocery stores, highways, gas stations etc. He also insisted that we have sidewalks, paved roads, and neighbors (yes, he grew up in the middle of nowhere!)

So, when we found a 120+ year old farmhouse (in our budget) RIGHT SMACK in the middle of a small town, with neighbors, paved roads, and sidewalks that was also walking distance to many restaurants, grocery stores, the bank, the post office, etc., less than 5 minutes from 2 major highways, and less than 15 minutes from his school and both our parent’s houses, we were sold!

Living close to everything is fabulous, the sidewalks and paved roads are awesome, and we all love having neighbors — except for when our neighbors’ trash cans overflow to the point that they don’t close properly and large amounts of their trash end up in our yard.

Since we have a very large and open front yard, it tends to collect LOTS of trash — to the point where we can go out and pick up trash in our yard on a daily basis. I will say that one time I found a FULL sheet of unexpired Culver’s coupons with 2 BOGO coupons. That day, I was happy for the trash… but that was the only day 🙂

Anyway… a couple months ago, I was contacted by Trash Buddy to see if I was interested in testing out their product… and after 10 seconds on their website, I knew I was interested!

trash buddy twin pack

Trash Buddy is a very simple solution for securing your trash can lid from wind, pets, or anything else that might possibly cause the trash to spill out of your can.

It works with virtually every single rolling trash can and still allows the lid to fully open when you need to add more trash or your waste company empties it on trash day.

trash buddy

Oh, and it’s extremely easy to install (I did it in about 5 minutes with Nora running around like a crazy person and Simon in the stroller)

trash buddy instal kit


Pretty cool huh?

Here’s a 30-second video that will show you exactly how the Trash Buddy works!

From the moment I opened that email from Trash Buddy, I’ve been trying to think of ways I can secretly install one of these on all our neighbor’s trash cans without offending them. I haven’t come up with any plans yet — but maybe some of them will see this blog post and buy one (or win one!)

I was also thinking that the Trash Buddy could be a really practical gift idea — maybe a stocking stuffer for your friend or relative who just bought a new house, or a great gender neutral gift for the office party. You could even make a big joke out of it by pairing the Trash Buddy with a variety of trash bags for a “gag gift” that’s still super practical and usable.

That’s it! Maybe I can host a neighborhood holiday party and give everyone a Trash Buddy as their party favor 🙂

If you’ve ever had issues with your trash spilling, I would definitely recommend the Trash Buddy!

trash buddy sales

Visit Trash Buddy on the Web:

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Facebook: Trash Buddy

trash buddy giveaway

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Today, SIX lucky readers will win a Trash Buddy system.

Also, all Trash Buddy products purchased on or before Nov. 23, 2014, are eligible for 10% off if you use the promo code: AD10 at checkout

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  1. ShellyL


    I definitely want to order this for my neighbors. We are constantly picking up their mess. Think if I put a bow on it it could be a nice little hint? haha


  2. Kelly


    This post came at the perfect time for me. We had the fun of 30-50 mph winds on Monday- our trash day. I dropped off my 4 yo at preschool and came home to a neighborhood full of blowing trash/recycling and knocked over bins. I had to run around in the freezing wind collecting our recycling, while holding a toddler who wanted to “help” get items from the street. We did manage to get everything back in before the approaching truck made it to our house. Fun times. I will be getting these for my husband’s upcoming birthday! We are big on practical gifts. = )