Two SO-Simple DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

posted by Andrea | 01/24/2013

wooden heart

As adults, Dave and I don’t do much to celebrate Valentine’s Day; however, as a kid, I remember getting excited about passing out Valentine’s Day cards to the kids in my class. I never wanted anything too mushy or “lovey”, and the cards with candy or a small toy were obviously superior to a stand-alone card.

So the other day (just for fun) I looked through some of the Valentine’s cards at the grocery store… I was shocked how much a package of 10 or 12 children’s Valentine’s cost. You could spend a small fortune buying cards for each child’s entire class — or worse, each child’s entire grade.

That same day, when I returned from the store, I checked the mailbox and excitedly opened the new February issue of FamilyFun Magazine (I somehow got a free subscription).

As I quickly thumbed through the pages, I stopped on page 58 where I found two extremely cute, but also SO-simple, gender neutral, non-lovey, DIY Valentine’s Day card ideas. Both ideas should be quite frugal to make, both include candy or a prize, and depending on the age of your children, both cards include steps your children can help with!

So since Valentine’s Day is three weeks from today, I figured I should definitely share these two ideas with you!

1. Catch Of the Day

in my school

I don’t know the specific instructions for how to make this because you had to sign up for some email newsletter in order to get them (and I’m not signing up for any more email newsletters!); however, it looks pretty self-explanatory.

Step 1: Cut several small squares out of light blue paper (They look like they are about the same size as a post-it note)

Step 2: Write the following phrase near the top of each blue paper/post-it, “I’m glad you’re in my school.”

Step 3: Stick 1 blue paper inside a clear craft bag (a fold-top sandwich bag would probably work too)

Step 4: Put 3 Swedish Fish inside each bag, in front of the blue paper.

Step 5: Close the top of the bag with a twist-tie or rubber band

2. Have a Ball

out of this world

If you’d like to stay sugar-free this Valentine’s Day, a simple heart cut out of construction paper and a super ball might do the trick.

Step 1: Cut a heart shape out of black construction paper

Step 2: Write the following phrase in the top right corner of the heart “You’re out of this world, Valentine” (I’d suggest using a silver Sharpie)

Step 3: Draw a few small planets and/or stars all over the heart (also with the silver Sharpie)

Step 4:  Cut a circle (just a little smaller than the super ball) out of the left corner of the heart.

Step 5: Gently push the super ball into the hole so that it sticks

I’d probably put this card inside a sandwich bag just in case the super ball falls out.


Told you these were simple! I’m not even a crafty person, but if Nora was school-age, I would totally be making the fish card this year!

There are still 3 weeks until Valentine’s Day — and that should be plenty of time to pull off either one of these Valentine’s cards — especially if your kids help.

What are your favorite simple Valentine’s Day cards for kids?


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  1. Carrie


    Very cute, although we can’t use candy that isn’t sealed by a manufacturer in our school.

    Also, please be very careful with the bouncy balls. Make sure they are big enough to not be a choking hazard. I will never forget my co-worker telling me how her little boy died from choking on one of these.


  2. Dianne@Baking4Six


    Hi Andrea,


    These projects are part of a Valentine Card making article in the current issue of Family Fun 🙂


    Andrea Reply:

    yes Dianne, I clearly state that in the 3rd/4th paragraphs and even link back to the magazine in my post.


    Dianne@Baking4Six Reply:

    oops – for some reason I started reading at Catch of the Day (and missed the beginning of the post) – I mis-read the part where you mentioned the project missing exact instructions & I was trying to be helpful – sorry 🙁


    Andrea Reply:

    no biggie — I just didn’t want you (or anyone else) to think I was trying to pass these ideas off as my own!


  3. Christine Somers


    Thanks for passing these along far enough in advance that I will have an opportunity to create one of these ideas. They are really cute and simple Valentines.


  4. Beth


    Last year for my daughter’s preschool class, I took a banana and attached a card saying, “You appeal to me” the kids thought it was funny and some liked the banana better than the candy.


    Andrea Reply:

    That’s a great idea Beth! Even though I’m a candy lover, I like the banana idea too!