Weekend Giveaway – Enjoy Lighting Flameless Candles

posted by Andrea | 05/14/2011

This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to Wendy {wendypchef@…} — out of 86 entries {via blog comments and FB comments} she was chosen at random via the “And The Winner Is” WordPress Plugin. I will contact you shortly with the information I need to get you your candles!

I absolutely LOVE decorating with candles, and even though I’m not doing much decorating these days, I’m already getting excited for when all our home renovations are complete and I can get out my bins of candles and decorations once again. However, the one thing I don’t love about candles is the open flame. We’re definitely careful, but there’s always that possibility of something catching on fire, spilling wax, or forgetting to blow them out at night. I’ve heard horror stories — and I don’t ever want our beautiful farmhouse to be a casualty of a simple candle.

So when I was contacted by Enjoy Lighting and asked to try out their battery powered {and absolutely gorgeous} candles, I couldn’t wait!! These candles LOOK and FEEL exactly like real wax candles, and they come in a huge variety of sizes, colors, and scents. The only difference is that they are battery powered and don’t have a dangerous flame. Every candle has an on/off switch on the bottom as well as a timer option that will automatically shut off after 4, 6, or 8 hours — just in case you forget!

Oh, and guess what… one lucky Simple Organized Living reader is going to win a set of 3 gorgeous Enjoy Lighting flameless candles!

The giveaway includes:

  • ONE 4″ toasted coconut pillar
  • ONE 4″ mandarin spice pillar
  • ONE 6″ mandarin spice pillar

And yes, they do smell as good as they sound!

Want to Win?

There are two ways to win…

1. Leave a comment telling me your favorite way to decorate with candles. {Mandatory}

2. Subscribe to Simple Organized Living via RSS Reader or via email and let me know you do.

This contest is open until Wednesday, May 18 2011, at 10:00 pm EST. ONE winner will be selected at random and announced on Thursday, May 19. Please read my full disclosure policy and contact me with any questions you might have. I received Enjoy Lighting products for review, however all opinions are my own!

Want to Purchase Your Own Candles?

Enjoy Lighting products are sold at these retails locations.


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  1. megan @ whatmegansmaking


    and I subscribe via rss 🙂

  2. megan @ whatmegansmaking


    fun giveaway andrea! I like to decorate with candles on my end table. When I light them there, they tend to make the house smell good when company walks in the front door!

  3. Kristy Smith


    I would love to use them in the little girls room as a soft light as they go to bed, sort of a fancy night light. :o)

  4. amy


    subscriber (email/facebook)… I love real candles and I adore flame~less candles for a multitude of reasons…emergency lighting for sure during power outages….marking the driveway for evening get togethers, but the best thing is with teen & preteen girls always wanting “ambiance” in their rooms open flames are out of the question..battery operated candles give them the chance of being “grown up” without the risk of carelessness…

  5. Kathy T


    And I subscribe to email updates

  6. Kathy T


    I love to have a candle going in the washroom when we have company, especially on Christmas Eve.

  7. Kristen @ JoyfullyThriving


    I also subscribe to your wonderful site via Google Reader.

  8. Kristen @ JoyfullyThriving


    I love to put candles out on my end tables. Candles can make an everyday moment so much more special!

  9. kathy w


    I subscribe to your blog by email.

  10. kathy w


    I love to put candles on the mantle and light them all up. I also like to make an arrangement on my dining room table.

  11. Karen


    I use candles for my yoga class and during my meditation. I love the beautiful ambiance they bring. These look wonderful!

  12. Holly F.


    I am an e-mail subscriber. 🙂

  13. Holly F.


    I love the look of a flickering candle – don’t love having them lit with my little guy running around. This would be a great option! I have decorative candles by my fireplace and on the side of my bathtub. Also there is usually a candle or two on the mantle – I rotate decorations every month or so.

  14. Julia


    Favorite way to decorate with candles – at Christmastime, on my mantle, interspersed throughout pinecones and pine garland.

  15. Maria


    I’m a subscriber by email.

  16. Maria


    These look so real! I’m sort of a distractable person, a real side-tracked home executive, so I use candlewarmers instead of lighting them. But these would look pretty and not make little glass pots of hot wax sitting around, waiting for a nephew to dump it on his white shirt and the floor and the wall and the cabinet . . .

  17. Jodi


    I get your RSS feed

  18. Jodi


    I have a bookshelf in my dining room for cookbooks that I keep candles on the top of

  19. Jennifer Madigan


    I subscribe to Simple Organized Living via email and I can’t wait to read the new posts 🙂

  20. Jennifer Madigan


    I love to put candles all around the house. They add color (even when not lit) and then add fragerance. I love to lite them prior to guests coming over to help the whole house smell fresh and inviting. I use them as center pieces or as and addition to a current decoration. I LOVE candles. I can’t wait to have an outdoor living space where I can begin decorating it with candles as well.

  21. Jeni


    I love candles, but we have tons of animals so can’t use the open flame =(

    I subscribe via email (LOVE the blog BTW)

  22. Sandy


    I love chubby pillars of varying heights. I have some on a vintage buffet, the dining room table and the mantle. I rarely light them because I rarely sit down in one spot for more than a few minutes 🙂 so i end up dusting them.
    I would definitely ‘light’ flameless candles. It wouldn’t matter if I left them ‘unattended’…..the absolute no-no of candle burning.
    I love your emails! Congratulations on your baby news.

  23. Pamela


    I don’t do a ton of decorating with candles (but I would with flameless!) because I have a toddler and a newborn, and we live in earthquake country (Southern CA). Potential for disaster, right!?! I’d love to try flameless though — that would be awesome.

  24. Fiona


    I subscribe to your Blog by email. I look forward to your posts!

  25. Fiona


    Flameless Candles! What a wonderful child-safe invention for the 21st Century…
    I would really like to try these!

  26. Tara


    I subscribed to you via Google Reader

  27. Tara


    I Love Candles!!!! I love to decorate with them and and love good smelling ones. I put them in my bedroom, kitchen, and living room. I’d love to try these!

  28. Kerrie


    I also subscribe via rss. I’ve also been telling my friends as I love your blog.

  29. Kerrie


    We use candles as a simple decoration on our mantelpiece; one of the few things we can agree on. I would use these in the bathroom; the flameless factor would let me add something to the high shelf in there without worrying about kidlets.

  30. Dawn


    I LOVE flameless candles! They are especially great to use when you have small children around. I decorate with them all over the house. And flameless ones are nice because you can put them on a small shelf where you couldn’t put a real candle. I like using them on the mantle, a grouping of different heights, in a cream color. Simple, but it looks nice.

  31. Elizabeth@ReadySetSimplify


    I subscribe by email! 🙂

  32. Elizabeth@ReadySetSimplify


    We have candles on our dinner table almost every night. We also have them on our fireplace mantel. We used to have them all over the place before kids. These would allow us to do that again! Cool!

  33. Christy


    I’m never without a new post because I subscribe to e-mail!! P.S. working on my coupon organizer this weekend!! 🙂

  34. Christy


    I haven’t tried any of the flameless candles yet because they look so fake….these look nice! I’d probably use them in the room we hang out in most…the family room, for that homey feeling they give me. In our new home we have a mantle so the’d be perfect there!! 🙂

  35. Donna


    I love flameless candles. I use the battery tea lights in my galvanized decorated pails during the holidays outside and also in the summer on the patio. I also use the tea lights by place settings for dinner. We also use them in the windows at our church so the glass globes don’t get dirty from the flames.

  36. Karen Jerread


    I already subscribe via Google reader.

  37. Karen Jerread


    I use candles and love them but one of my most favorite ways is to calm down rowdy kids at the dinner table. I turn down the lights, light candles on the table and put on some soft music. Even hot dogs become a gourmet dinner, the children love to feel sophisticated and instantly calm. Conversation can be relaxed and enjoyed.

  38. Vicki


    Love them.

  39. Tamara Phillips


    I love decorating with candles all over my house but, now with a busy almost 2 year old I hardly ever light them for safety reasons. I’d love to win these. Thanks for an awesome giveaway. I already have you on my google reader! Thanks!

  40. wendy


    These would be perfect for our screened in porch and outdoors where wind makes regular candles difficult.