Why I Choose Short Hair

posted by Andrea | 10/18/2011

As crazy as it sounds, I get at least one email a week asking about my short hair cut… or something to do with my hair. And while I’ve only had short hair for a couple of years, I can honestly say that I LOVE the simplicity of it and I don’t see myself going back to long hair any time soon.

For those of you who know me, you are probably laughing out loud right now because you know how little time I spend on my hair… and how little I actually care about my hair!

However, I thought it was about time to address all these hair questions… and to start out, I’ll take you on a little stroll down memory lane and share just a few of the many different hair styles I’ve tried over the past 26 years. Some are REALLY bad, some are super cute, some will make you laugh, and some will make you wonder what on earth I was thinking!

The Cutest Little Kid Hair Picture:

My mom made all our bows and took TONS of time to poof out our bangs like that! 

The “Who Knew I was Starting a Fashion Trend” Picture:

Yup, I’m rocking the side ponytail way back when I was 5! 

The Most Coordinated Family Picture:

This picture still cracks me up because somehow my mom got my dad to wear pink… and notice the poofy bangs and crimpy/frizzy hair?


The WORST Hair in a School Picture:

YIKES! This was in 7th grade when I THOUGHT I knew how to do my hair! 


Favorite Triplet Hair Look x2: {I couldn’t pick just one}

Growing up, my sister’s and I often had matching outfits and matching hair styles… thanks to my mom! This photo was for my cousin’s wedding and I’m on the left.


And this photo is in highschool when we went on a cruise and I braided all our hair {including my own} in tiny braids with beads {I’m in the center}. 


Favorite Senior Pictures:

Yes, I had very curly hair, and I let it grow out pretty long in high school. 


Favorite College Hair-Do:

I think I wore my hair in a ponytail every single day of my entire college career!


Favorite Curly Hair Picture:

Dave loved my curly hair, so I’d often wear it curly just for him — even though it took longer to do.


My First Short Hair Cut:

This style was longer in the front with more of a stacked look in the back. 


My First “Short All Over” Hair Cut:

This was a big step for me because it meant that I would either have to keep it short for a really long time or go through an extended awkward period!  It also meant no more ponytails…


My SHORTEST Short Hair Cut:

This picture was actually taken a few weeks after my hair cut… maybe a little too short!


Favorite “Every Day” Short Hair Look:

Most days, this is what my hair looks like… simply swooped over to the side with a tiny little bobby pin. It really is SO easy to style! 


What My Hair Looks Like Right Now;

This picture was taken yesterday afternoon — after a long day of cleaning, laundry, and freezer cooking. Not sure if horizontal stripes are the best choice when you’re 36 weeks pregnant! 


Pros and Cons to Short Hair:


  • It dries in about 15 minutes — and I never use a blow drier
  • I use way less shampoo, hair rinse, and products
  • I’m forced to actually “do” my hair instead of just throwing it in a ponytail every single day
  • I look much older {which is still a good thing for me right now!}
  • I get compliments on my hair style all the time
  • It only takes me about 5-7 minutes to do my hair every morning {yes, I’ve timed myself!}


  • No more ponytails 🙁
  • Limited variety of hair styles — mine pretty much looks the same every day now
  • No up-dos — I’ll have to figure something cute out before my sister’s wedding in July


My Styling Products:

I can’t tell you how many people have asked me what products I use in my hair. And even though I am SO incredibly far from being any type of hair expert… here they are!


1.  Skinny Straightener: My hair is still curly so I use this 1″ straightener to tame the front of my hair and around my ears.

2. Comb: Once it’s straight, I use a comb to kind of “tease” the top of my hair to add a little volume.

3. Short and Sexy Paste: I put a little of this paste in my hands and then rub it through my hair to give it a messy look. And I’ll be honest, the only reason I’m using this is because I got it free after rebate. When it’s gone, I’ll move onto something else that I find for free!

4. Tiny Bobby Pins: I got these pins years ago for Christmas but I still use them almost every day to swoop back my bangs.

5. Maximum Hold Aerosol Hair Spray: I have really thick, heavy hair so I need the maximum hold for my hair sprays. Once I have my hair styled, I spray it down… well!

6. MadeOn Hair Butter: My hair is also really dry, so since I almost always wash my hair at night, I’ll put a little of this hair butter in my wet hair so it’s not so dry and frizzy in the morning.

Oh, and in case you didn’t know, I make my own Hair Wash and Hair Rinse so I don’t use shampoo or conditioner.


That’s it! Everything you could EVER want to know about my hair… and probably a lot that you didn’t really want to know!

Do you have short hair?

What is your favorite or least favorite thing about keeping it short? And do you have any secret hair products you use?


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  1. Debbie


    You look great with short hair and I envy your thick and wavy hair that makes it really look good on that short hairstyle. You also looked great with long hair and it’s really pretty. It reminded me of Amy Grant back in her popular days. I have straight, fine hair and it would take a lot of products and probably styling to get my hair to look good with very short hair like yours. I wish I could wear it well like that.


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks — I liked my long hair when I had it, but now I love my short hair 🙂


  2. Rebecca


    I didn’t see it mentioned here, and you may address it in another post, but I’ve always hesitated to go short because I worry I’ll need to get more haircuts. With long hair, I can go months without a cut, but with short hair I’d need to keep up with haircuts or it would lose its shape. I can’t imagine you getting professional haircuts every 4-8 weeks, do you cut it yourself or have another haircut hack?


    Andrea Reply:

    yup, you’ll definitely need to get regular haircuts if you go short — there’s no way around that.

    I get a haircut every 6 weeks… ALL YEAR LONG. it’s really the only downside to short hair, but considering my very thick hair air dries in less than 10 minutes and I can do it in a really cute style in about 2 minutes, it’s worth the cost of hair cuts for the amount of time it saves me every day.


  3. Marni


    Hi… So glad I found this I love your hair and I’m thinking of going short mostly for the same reasons as you. I have 4 kids so mornings can be a bit busy. I’m hoping something like yours will work for my fine hair.


    Andrea Reply:

    I’ve had short hair for just over 5 years now and I still LOVE it. I had super long curly hair for the 25 years prior to that — so I definitely have experience with both hair styles and I much prefer short hair now.


  4. Barb Anderson


    Hi Andrea, This is an old post,. I have short hair. I have used professional hair products all my adult life. Specifically, Aveda. However, lately, I have been bitten by the frugal bug and refuse to pay $19.00 for an 8 oz bottle of hair spray. Do you use and recommend any other hair spray brand pdcts plus the Aussie brand you listed in this post? I am looking for a good, inexpensive Walmart kind of hair spray which would be the same quality as Aveda! Is that possible? Thanks, Barb from Wisconsin who loves your blog 🙂 GO PACKERS!


    Andrea Reply:

    Hi Barb — I’m not sure I’d be much help as I’ve never purchased expensive hair products so I have nothing to compare it to. I always get whatever hairspray is on sale at the store (I’m not brand loyal).

    Maybe just try a few different ones out and see what you think.


    Barb Anderson Reply:

    Thank you Andrea. I will venture forth into the non-professional product world. Farewell $19.00 hairspray. 🙂


    Andrea Reply:

    haha — I’ve never felt like I was using inferior products — but then again, I’ve never used professional products to know “what I’m missing”.

    It certainly can’t hurt to try!


  5. Marketa


    For me it’s rather a matter of ideology. But it is more comfortable – there is no doubt.


  6. Southern Gal


    Ooh. I love this. And I can sympathize. I have the horrible frizzy curly hair syndrome. I did a post about it here:
    Fun to go down memory lane and see the hairstyles. I was never stylish. How could I be with all that hair?!


  7. Holly Fieger


    I realize this is a late comment but had to add that I wear short hair too and have for the past 12 years for the exact same reasons as you do. I have three kids and love it because it is fast, easy, and though you didn’t mention it- no bad hair days! 🙂 (It is too short for rain, wind or humidity to affect it! I love it and much to the dismay of my daughter (who wishes I would grow it long) don’t think I can ever go back to anything else. I also have the added bonus that my husband likes it short (says it is a very contemporary modern look) while I know many husbands prefer long hair. 🙂


  8. Margo


    You have the face to rock short hair! My hubby wants my hair long, but I do envy those cute little cuts like yours. I think if you have a really cute face like you do, short hair can look fabulous!


  9. Denyse@Crazy Beautiful Life


    I have really long hair and it is easy to just throw in a ponytail and go…I do love the short hair you have…it looks so beautiful on you!!


  10. Jennifer @ Mom Spotted


    Your pregnancy shot you look amazing 🙂

    Love your senior photos!


  11. Johane


    I have shoulder length hair. I used to have it longer, and I’ve done significantly shorter – let’s just say, when I stepped into the busy hairdresser’s salon and told them what I wanted you could have heard a pin drop… I never really did the big hair thing, even though I grew up in the 80’s. But I have found that shoulder length works best for me. I can still do up do’s if I want, though most days it’s just simply brushed. It’s still long enough for a quick ponytail. Why did I finally settle on the mid length hair? I like the flexibility it gives me, and it’s still relatively easy to manage.

    Your short hair looks awesome BTW. I’m sure you’ll really like the quick care aspect of it, especially after the baby’s born. 😉 Sending all kinds of good vibes, positive thoughts and prayers for these next few weeks…


  12. emily


    Awesome post! The photos made me giggle because I rocked many of those same styles. I had mine short (a little bob action) during my second pregnancy and after my hubby whined for a while I finally grew it out for him. Men and long hair, not sure what that’s all about. 😉 Your hair is adorable and for 36 weeks, you look amazing!
    PS-totally had those same barbie plates at one of my birthdays


    Andrea Reply:

    haha… thanks Emily! and seriously, I really don’t know what it is with guys and long hair. When I cut mine short, everyone was so worried about “what Dave would think”… I guess I just found the one guy who doesn’t care about hair because he loves it!


  13. Jenny C.


    Andrea, I LOVE your short cut! I have been growing mine out but it grows painfully slow so I’ve gotta get a cut to shape it up-I say I have a hair identity crisis (never know what I want or what looks good on me!!!!). Someday could you also share your makeup routine and products – you always look so polished yet natural :-). I bet you are getting so excited to meet your sweet little girl! Blessings, Jenny C.


  14. Olivia @ Crossing Bridges


    So what does Dave say about the short hair? I have long hair, and I think my husband might divorce me if I even thought of cutting it as short as yours! He did agree to me trying long-ish side bangs a year or so ago, and I like them a lot. I’ve thought about going shorter, but I have an awful fear that it will wind up looking like my 7th grade short haircut that was HORRENDOUS, so I’m probably not going to do that anytime soon.


    Andrea Reply:

    Dave LOVES my short hair… but to be perfectly honest, I don’t think he would care how I cut my hair as long as I liked it and felt like I looked good {he’s pretty relaxed like that}!


  15. Kalyn


    I actually had a really bad short hair cut a few years ago. It was so bad, we had to go shorter to fix it. I was scarred for life and have never cut my hair that short again. I love my hair long (and so does my husband!) and with the heavy waves, it looks better long too. I can straighten it one day or put some texturizer in it another if I want to keep my curls!


  16. Miranda


    I have long hair. It’s past my shoulder blades and I love it. I would feel naked with short hair, LOL! I have found a few conditioners that I like (Airbone and Pantene) so it detangles my hair more so that it’s easier to brush. I do get headaches which is one bad thing but I really think I’ll always have long hair.


  17. Sheena


    I’m a fellow short-hair girl. I love it short, and my favorite part is one of your cons – no more ponytails! I work mine in a ponytail through my first 3 years of high school and never looked put-together.

    My sister got married last summer, and all the other girls got pretty updos and pearls in their hair and I was jealous. :(. I went out a bought a big fabric rose on a hairpin that was the exact color of my MOH dress. I stuck it on the front/side of my head, right where my hair was parted (it pinned back the “smaller” side of my bangs). My sister LOVED it, and she’s a cosmetologist, so I listen to her in this department!


  18. LindaOH


    I like your short hair. I don’t look good with mine too short but it is short right now.
    I think for the wedding you could just get a couple of bobby pins with a little rhinestone on the end to add a lil bling and you are good to go.


  19. Annette W


    I have short hair (but longer than yours)…bob to my lips, and stacked in the back…cut close. I have tried short like yours, but my hair is so straight, it just doesn’t work on me.

    It looks good on you though.


  20. Wanda


    My favorite thing about short hair is that I get to try different styles on a regular basis. I had long hair for years and when I finally cut it, I realized how I was much more free to try new things. If they don’t work, heck, it’s only hair…try something else. 🙂 I also have thick heavy hair and love it short.


  21. Tammy


    I had short hair a few summers ago and LOVED it except the back needed to be trimmed about every ten days (like your ‘stacked’ cut). Hubby wanted it longer so I went through the awkward growing out phase and FINALLY have it long enough that I like it where it is. If it weren’t for making my hubby happy, I’d go back to short in a second. My hair is super fine and straight though, so I wouldn’t be done in 5 minutes if I went super short like yours is now. I LOVE your hair though and think you will love it even more when baby arrives and you can feel pulled together so quickly.