How I Save Loads of Time in the Grocery Store

posted by Andrea | 05/27/2015
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This is an updated post from one I shared 3 years ago — however it’s one of my all-time favorite time-saving tips (at least when it comes to grocery shopping), so I figured it was worth sharing again! 

how I save time at the grocery store

Over the past 9 years of grocery shopping, the amount of money I spend at the store has risen significantly (read more about why in this post). However, the amount of TIME I spend at the grocery store continues to decrease — even as I add more kiddos to the mix!

Part of the reason for my super quick grocery store runs is because I’ve gotten good at knowing when our local stores tend to be the least busy and the most “stocked” and I try to visit during those times.

However, the main reason I can get in and out of the grocery store in record time without forgetting anything (and letting my kiddos ride the horse) is because of how I organize my grocery list!

Yes, that’s right. I actually organize my grocery list every week — but it only takes me about 5 extra minutes, and I guarantee it saves me at least 30 minutes or more in the store.

So HOW exactly do I organize my list??

I organize my shopping list based on the store’s layout.

For example, all the dairy items at my local Meijer are in the very back of the store, so I group all the dairy items together and put them at the top of my list.

The baking aisle is usually my next stop, followed by the pasta aisle, the snacks/cracker aisle, then the breakfast aisle, etc. etc.

By that time, I’m just about at the deli, which then wraps around to bakery, and ends in the produce section.

My last stop is the frozen food aisle and then I make my way to the checkout.

By grouping all the items on my grocery list by category (sometimes even by aisle) and then arranging my shopping list to start in the back of the store and work my way to the front, I eliminate TONS of wasted time walking aimlessly up and down the same aisle multiple times. I also rarely forget or overlook anything on my list.

This does mean that I essentially make 2 lists every week. The first list is a compilation of things we ran out of during the week, things we need for the coming week’s meals, and anything that’s a really great deal in that week’s ad.

I make the 2nd list by going through my first list and arranging everything by category and aisle (like I mentioned above). I cross off everything from the first list as I add it to the 2nd list, and then I eventually throw the first list away. This means I’m left with a neatly organized listing of every single thing I need to buy in order, based on my store’s layout.

I know this might sound a bit compulsive to some of you, but it literally takes me 5 extra minutes and saves me SO much time in the store (which is helpful when I’m shopping with my crazy kids!)

Oh, and if you can’t remember your store’s layout, most grocery stores offer maps at the customer service desk — so just ask for one the next time you’re there :)

Do you categories and/or organize your shopping list? 

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  1. Sarah


    I recently came across an idea to organize a spreadsheet in this way (in order of store layout) and it is working SO wonderfully for me. Saving time at home and store. I print the sheet weekly, hang it from a magnetic clip on the fridge, and hi-lite as I use something up and as I go through the sale ad. I only have listed the usual items we shop for, cleaning and personal items included. I love it and wanted to share with you. As soon as my little guy is old enough, I plan to print a shopping list for him with a few pictures of items he can look for (might help keep him occupied).


    Andrea Reply:

    Sounds like a good plan — I know Nora always loves holding the “fake coupons” I give her while we’re shopping :)


    Audra Reply:

    So I’m curious….what Meijer do you shop at? From what you described it doesn’t sound like the Jenison one. It’s sounds like the one I go to…Northside of Holland. :)

    I use the Cozi app for my list but have it organized too. My five year old checks off the items as we go. Keeps him busy!


  2. Suzanne


    I take it a step further – I created a shopping list based on the store layout, itemizing the items we usually get. It’s a Word document on the computer, and I print out a bunch on scrap paper and keep them in the kitchen. We add things to the list as need be, and when we do the weekly meal planning/grocery shopping. It’s so much easier for us!


  3. Trudy


    In our household of four…there are three adults, all of whom could stop at a store on the way home. We use an app….Our Groceries. It is synced with our phones real time. So, for groceries, when you notice you need something, it goes on the list. We all can see what is needed and, when the item is purchased….it’s crossed off the list immediately for all of us to see.

    I was going to get an item I knew was on the list, but I checked before going and found my husband had already gotten it….pretty nifty. We can also set up lists for different stores….


  4. preetha


    I live in Australia..Here the major supermarkets have apps where you can create shopping lists which will automatically be arranged in aisle order have the option to switch store locations and list will be rearranged every time.


  5. Mrs.Clark


    I do the exact same thing every week to organize the items I need to buy and shave off time at the grocery. Since I live close to multiple grocery stores, I save time and lots of money by buying the best deals and having my items and coupons organized by the store layout. I can attest to the fact that it takes very little time to plan my grocery shopping this way, yet the time I save in return is huge! Take care and enjoy your day! :)