A Little Peak Inside My…Bathroom!

posted by Andrea | 12/7/2010

Oh don’t worry, nothing crazy is going on in my bathroom!! I’ve just been getting all kinds of requests, asking me to show how I organized my bathroom cabinets and toiletries — which is a great question…

…except, our bathroom cabinets are almost empty right now!

Yup, they’re all packed up and ready for our big move!

I wish I would have thought to take a few pictures before I started packing, but I was kind of, well, in a hurry!! I do still have all the products I use every-day available to show you though…

Basically, I keep all the products I use on a regular basis in this one small basket. {It’s about 12″ x 10″}

I would say I’m pretty “low mantinence” — I don’t wear a lot of make up, I only use a little styling paste and hairspray on my hair, and I usually don’t wear perfume. So, everything I use on my face, hair, body, nails, etc. is in this one basket {except my toothbrush}.

My basket makes morning routines SO simple — all I do is pull out my basket, get ready, and put it away again.

{Dave uses the same system, but he has a “manly” black shoe box instead of a basket!}

I use a few small containers inside the basket to keep things organized — like a skinny glass cup, a plastic basket, and a square container that once held a watch!! {Nothing fancy over here but it works!!}

However, I also have LOADS of extra toiletries {all free of course} in seperate shoe boxes which are also stored in our bathroom cabinets.

For example, I keep all the extra shampoo and conditioner in one shoe box, the extra deodorant in another, extra hand soap and body wash in another, extra air fresheners in another, etc. etc.

And believe it or not, I actually have an ENTIRE shoe box for all the travel-size products I get free by mail. Again, I use small plastic drawer organizers inside the shoe box to keep smaller items standing up.

Can you tell I’m obsessed with shoe boxes!!

This shoe box is my favorite because I LOVE travel-size products. I’m not sure why, but I always have! They really do come in handy though — every time we go on a trip, run out of something, or have an overnight guest, we simply head to our travel-size box and pick out our favorite products.

Honestly, I think I’ve been using this shoe box method since I was in middle school — and I got the idea from my mom.

If you think about it, shoe boxes are totally free, they come in all different sizes, and are tall enough to keep your things from falling over…PLUS, you now have one more reason to buy shoes!

Shoe boxes really are the perfect organizing tool!

So, that’s how I organize my toiletries.

It’s really simple so I KNOW you all can do it too! Here’s what I suggest…

  • Sort through your bathroom cabinets and toss anything you don’t use, need, want, or love
  • Group what’s left by category {hair, body wash, lotion, shaving, etc)
  • Go through your house and round up any stray shoe boxes or similarly-sized square containers
  • Put your items in the shoe boxes and put the shoe boxes in your cabinet, closet, drawer, etc.

You’re done! 

How do you organize YOUR bathroom clutter?


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  1. Leslie B @ One Day Before Yesterday


    Organize the bathroom toiletries? We’re supposed to do that? Oh my, our bathroom is a mess! It probably is because of the poor storage options. We’re saving our pennies for a remodel.


    Andrea Reply:

    Leslie, you’re too funny!

    I know what you mean about a bathroom remodel; our new house has one bathroom that is REALLY bad {fortunately the other 2 are OK}. Keep saving those pennies, and in the mean-time, try out my basket idea to limit the amount of toiletries you are actually storing in your bathroom.

    Keep ONLY what you need, use, and love!


  2. Jen @ BigBinder


    I love travel size things too!! I used to travel a lot for work and always swiped the little shampoos and soaps, but I ended up with a ton and then gave them away because I forgot to use them. Always. It never occurred to me to keep the organized by item – duh!!


    Andrea Reply:

    Jen, we actually do use our travel size items so it’s really handy to keep them all organized in one spot so we can quickly “grab and go”!!


  3. Marni


    Those are great ideas!! I love organizing.

    What would you do with a $75 gift card?  I have a  giveaway on my blog right now for just that!  

    Come on over and enter!  


  4. Julie Bagamary


    Great tips. I use shoe boxes too. Are yours covered?


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks Julie — aren’t shoe boxes great!!

    I do use the covers on my travel-size box, but since shampoo, bodywash, hairspray and other full-size toiletries are usually taller than my shoe boxes, I don’t use the covers (however I keep them nested on the bottom of the boxes just in case).