Farmhouse Blueprints

posted by Andrea | 11/6/2014

A few weeks ago, I shared a photo tour of our house (see the full tour here).

Over and over again, I got requests for a bird’s eye view and/or blueprint of our house — so I figured I’d try creating one using Floorplanner.comΒ (it’s a free program).

I don’t guarantee they are 100% to-scale, but they will hopefully give you a better idea of how our house is laid out!

Here‘s theΒ Main Floor.

main floor

Here’s the second floor.

second floor

Here’s the Basement.

We most likely won’t do anything down here for a long time — and if we do, it will probably only be to finish off a half-bathroom and family room in the large open area.


Here’s a look at how our property is laid out.

Again, you can read the full house tour post hereΒ to get a close-up view at each individual area of our home and how we’ve renovated it over the past 4 years.

Oh, and I’ve added these blueprints to that post as well so everything is all in one place!


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  1. Roxanne


    Maybe I’m jumping the gun here- but did you get a new front door?! I just noticed that it’s opening the “right” way into your living room in the blueprint above πŸ™‚


    Andrea Reply:

    haha — you’re so perceptive πŸ™‚

    The new door is not installed yet, but it was just delivered earlier this week and now we’re just waiting (and praying) for a couple “warmish” days to install it. Otherwise our house might be pretty chilly for a couple days!


  2. Jen


    Yeah!! I was one of the ones who requested this! And, I’m pleased to report that my “mind’s eye’ floor plan was almost spot on! πŸ™‚ The only thing I had “wrong” was that I thought your bedroom had an entrance to the master bath. And, is it a pain to walk through the living room and office to get to the deck? I realize it’s not far but it’s also not terribly convenient to the kitchen for food prep, etc?

    Your home is lovely! So cozy and ‘normal”. I’ve said it before but I love that it isn’t all “flashy” and “enormous” and “pinterest perfect” but that it’s lived in and comfortable and that you are content with that! πŸ™‚


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks Jen! I appreciate your compliments of our “normal” house — because that really is what we’re going for. We love to dream big and I certainly enjoy looking at million dollar farmhouse renovations on This Old House — but that’s probably not in the cards for us πŸ™‚

    As for the deck, I’ve actually never even thought of that before — because we’ve actually made several improvements to make it much more accessible. Before, the office was totally closed off to the living room and you could only access it from a door in the hallway (across from the bathroom door). So it was totally “hidden” and the deck was basically unusable.

    Now that the office is open to the living room and we have a bigger deck, it feels so convenient — but I guess you’re right. If we would ever build a house, the deck would most likely have access off the kitchen.

    Right now, our deck entrance is basically our “back entrance” — like for kids to go in and out (especially when it’s warm). Then we have the front door and the mudroom entrance which is nice as it comes right from the garage into the kitchen for ease of unloading groceries. Oh the crazy quirks of a 124 year old house!


  3. Stephanie


    Maybe I am old school…..but do you ever worry about giving so much info out publicly online? Is there a point where it is too much? Just curious. And maybe I worry too much. πŸ™‚
    Butif anyone wanted access to your house for any reason they have pictures, blue prints, etc all in one place! Now I am sure anything valuable or vulnerable you have locked up in a safe etc…..but for me I would feel vulnerable exposing that much info. Which obviously you are OK with doing….and if you have no worries that is great. But I am just curious your thoughts on internet privacy and security and what guidelines you and Dave set for yourselves.
    I know you are not the only person who has done this on their blog but I always stand in amazement when anyone does. Like I said maybe it is just me that squirms a little and I maybe I shouldn’t worry.


    Andrea Reply:

    haha — if I worried about sharing anything publicly on the web, I probably would not be a blogger.

    I’m a firm believe that if anyone wants access to the inside of my house (or any house), they will get it whether I have locked doors and windows, a home security system, etc.
    Just because someone knows our kitchen is on the East side of our house isn’t going to help them break in any easier than if they didn’t know. Plus, if they just took 5 seconds to look through the windows, they’d be able to see where everything is anyway πŸ™‚

    Also, we’re home almost 100% of the time (literally).


    Stephanie Reply:

    I can tell that you are OK with it. And that is why I am not a blogger. :). I enjoy my privacy.
    And I do understand your feelings on if someone wants in it will happen no matter what safe guards we have in place. But for me certain things I am not as willing to share, and that is OK for both of us to have different thoughts on privacy and sharing. πŸ™‚
    And a lot of things are public knowledge anyway, like who owns what house and how much they paid for it. And if someone really wants to know more they can usually pay companies to get more info for them. But then there are also the safety guidelines we hear, like never give your address to strangers, or your child’s full name and birth date, etc etc……so many mixed signals.


    Andrea Reply:

    Yes, it’s kind of sad how many precautions we need to take just to keep people from stealing our identities these day. I guess I just figure there’s always something that “could” happen even if we are very safe… so I try not to worry too much. I’m guessing that will get harder as my kids get older πŸ™‚