Craigslist 101: A Quick Tip To Sell Clothing

posted by Andrea | 10/4/2016

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Over the past 10 years of selling things on Craigslist, I have gotten SO many questions about the best, fastest, easiest, most efficient way to sell kids clothing… but since I personally don’t sell much kid’s clothing, I’m never quite sure how to answer.

However, as I was scrolling through Craigslist the other day, I stumbled across a very clever idea that seemed to be a very fast, easy, and efficient way to sell kids clothing online.

I was searching for “5T clothes” and since I didn’t specify “Girl’s clothes” I eventually scrolled past several posts with 20+ images for each post. Even though I could tell they were boys clothing, I decided to click on the ads anyway so I could see the pictures better.

As you can see below, the seller used a simple whiteboard to mark the item, size, and price — meaning she didn’t need to type it all out within the individual Craigslist ad.

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 9.00.12 AM


This seller had HUNDREDS of clothing items for sale — all divided up into a handful of posts containing similar items (20 t-shirts, 25 sweatshirts, 15 pairs of pants, 15 bathing suits, etc.)

Under all the pictures, the post description simply reads:

Description in each picture. All in excellent condition.

Each picture is numbered, please make sure to include the picture # you are interested in.


Isn’t that clever!

This could work for more than just clothing too — basically anything you have several similar items of could be sold this way.

  • Cd’s, DVD’s VHS tapes, etc
  • Books and Games
  • Similar or same-brand-name kid’s toys
  • Shoes
  • Collectibles
  • Similar electronic items
  • Building supplies
  • Plants (I actually used a similar method to sell hundreds of plants I split back at our old house)

The list could go on…

Personally, if I were selling clothing I would make sure to note that the items are from a smoke-free, pet-free home and that I would remove the items as they sell.

Then, all you’d have to do after the item sells is “edit” the post to remove the pictures of the items as they sell — SO easy!

Do you have any other fast, easy ways to sell large groups of items?


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  1. Katie


    Like the others who have commented, I like to sell mine in “lots.” I’ve had good luck with smaller lots, such as “2T boys fall/winter” and then I’ll have something like 10 pieces for $15. I take one picture and then it’s only 1 “item” to be picked up.


    Andrea Reply:

    I like this! I’m still not sure I’ll sell kids clothing (for some reason, I still prefer donating it) but maybe I’ll just take a few items in good condition (like sweaters that don’t get worn very often) and group those together for future sales.


  2. Jo


    I prefer to buy kids clothing items in groups. I like it when people have one single picture listed with all items or as many as possible that fit in one image. Then they could label “lot of 12 month clothes, boys, fall/winter” and list for one price. I like it when they do that for kids shoes as well – list 4 or 5 pairs and sell for one price. I’ve noticed when I sold some of my kids clothing, lots of 10+ items tend to sell better than groups of say, 5 or so.


  3. Diana


    I look for lots of clothing (I mean, groups of them sold for one price) when I shop for kids clothes on Craigslist. I don’t want to mess with doing a Craigslist transaction for one piece (unless it was a very specific piece–suit, or fancy dress, or something). But I love the white board idea, because I do want to see photos of what’s in the lot before I commit to purchasing! Would be really nice especially if it was a lot of mixed sizes.

    I’ve gotten very low price per piece this way, and I often end up keeping what I need and reselling the rest at a consignment sale.

    Thanks for sharing! Sounds like that poster might share some organizing ability with you 😉


    Andrea Reply:

    Sounds like a great system… and yes, I have a feeling whoever was posting the clothing with the whiteboard was very organized (and probably sells a lot of kids clothing!)


  4. Katherine


    I sell my kids clothes by the bag. I will lay out maybe five pieces for the picture, list the name brands and general condition (“all clothes are in good to excellent condition. No holes or stains, but some may have faded in the wash”), then set my price for the whole bag. It is a simple way to get it all done in one exchamge.


    Andrea Reply:

    I like the idea of doing it by the bag — it’s smaller than a tub, but not as overwhelming as listing each individual piece!