Weekend Giveaway: Anolon 10 pc. Stainless Steel Cookware

posted by Andrea | 09/30/2011

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed.

Congrats to Jenny {orosco99@…}  out of over 300 Facebook and WordPress comments, you were randomly selected as the winner!! I will email you today to get your information!

During the cooler fall months, I become obsessed with cooking and baking!

Tell me you can relate?

I’ve already posted several recipes for my favorite Fall soups, dessertssnacks, a very simple roasting tutorial {that you really need to try} and I know I’ll be posting several more Fall and Holiday favorites over the next couple of months — so be on the look out!

My recent obsession with cooking and baking is due to several factors:

1. I don’t need to turn my air conditioning on to use the stove and oven all day

2. All the delicious comfort foods just sounds SO good this time of year

3. I’m told that women who are almost 8 months pregnant start to “nest” and become addicted to cleaning, cooking, baking, etc!! Yup, that’s me 🙂

4. I got a brand new set of Anolon Nouvelle Copper Stainless Steel Cookware —  and of course I had to test out every piece multiple times!


What I love about the Anolon Stainless Steal:

1. Obviously, the first thing that comes to mind is that they look absolutely AMAZING sitting on my stove top {especially now that it’s clean} or anywhere else. I’ve actually thought about leaving a few of them out all the time just because they are so pretty!

2. Second, I know I’m cooking with much healthier tools because I don’t have to use much oil or butter {only if I want to!!}, and I don’t have to worry about tiny bits of Teflon scraping off into our food.

3. Third, this cookware was designed for home cooks who enjoy using pro-style stainless steel equipment, but at a more affordable price and with more practicality of traditional non-stick!

The non-reactive stainless steel interior surface won’t react with acidic foods and provides the ideal surface for searing and sautéing foods at high temperatures. The mirror-polished stainless steel exterior includes a magnetic stainless steel base enhanced with a layer of copper to deliver fast and even heating, as well as ensure compatibility with all cooktops, including energy-efficient induction burners.

4. Fourth, these pans are oven AND dishwasher safe!!! Need I say more 🙂

So are you drooling yet?

Good, because you have a chance to win a full 10-piece set of this gorgeous cookware!!!

The Giveaway:

1.25 qt. Saucepan and lid

2.5 qt. Sauce pan and lid

3 qt. Saute pan and lid

6.5 qt. Stock pot and lid

8″ Skillet

10″ Skillet

This is an amazing giveaway {valued at over $300} and I just know you’ll love this set as much as I do!


Enter to Win:

Simply leave a comment telling me if you would use these pans for yourself OR if you would give them as a gift this holiday season — and it’s OK to be “selfish”!

This contest is open until Monday, October 3, 2011, at 10:00 pm EST. ONE winner will be selected at random and announced later that week. Please read my full disclosure policy and contact me with any questions you might have. I received a complimentary set of cookware for review, however all opinions are my own!


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  1. Carmen


    I think I’d be selfish and keep them for myself 🙂

  2. Amanda V


    Admittedly, I would be selfish. :). The set from our wedding hasn’t held up very well and we’d love this set for our busy kitchen! Thanks for the give-away.

  3. Catie


    Since my hubby and I have NEVER had/bought a new pan set, I would have to say we’d keep’em! 🙂

  4. aimee t


    i would like to win as we love to cook ..and eat

  5. mary trehan


    i would love to win as our current pots are really beaten up

  6. Stacia


    I would keep them for myself. I’ve been needing new pans for awhile!

  7. Rene


    Recently discovered your blog and I love it… Would LOVE new cookware for myself. I’ve gotten some as gifts but mostly they are cheap and starting to lose their coating…My teenage daughter wants to learn to cook and these would be a gem in helping her! Thanks!

  8. Tammy


    I would probably share this set with my mom. She is just an amazing cook and she has had the same pots and pans forever. She is always relucant to purchase anything new. I would probably just keep for myself a saute and sauce pan.

  9. Tricia Andersen


    I would keep these for myself they sound like they are exactly what I need. I don’t have some of the sizes so this set would be perfect.

  10. Bonnie


    I would use these pots and pans for “myself” aka our home…I would be cooking for my son and I. But I would also be preparing extras for friends and gatherings. It would be easier to prepare more food at one time, we have one fry pan. Also, the pans would match the pots on the stove. :))
    No matter who gets them, may they be blessed with lots of love when used. Thank you for making such a generous offer!
    Be blessed.

  11. Lori


    I just found your blog…I love it!

    I would definitely keep these beauties for myself because I need new pots and pans really bad!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. Jennifer


    Those look great! I think I would give them to my mom as a gift. She has the old pans and half the time we are lucky on holidays that we aren’t eating any black specks in our potatoes! LOL She could really use them and these would be healthy compared to the the old tephlon ones.

    Thank you!

  13. Anna


    I would SO keep it for myself. My Caphalon is RUINED from kids and husband using metal utensils on it. Grrrr. I am a huge foodie and am obsessed with cooking, so I want some PRETTY, shiny new cookware that will hold up. And I’d keep the old Caphalon and make them use it so I could have the new set to myself. Neener, neener, neener!

  14. shua


    I would keep one pan and one pot and share the rest with my friends!! They look wonderful!

  15. Leslie B


    Also posted to Facebook!

  16. Leslie B


    Not to sound selfish, but I would sooooo use these for myself! These are wonderful! It’s not that I wouldn’t want to share, I’d just share the end result from the pots/pans. :0)

  17. Starla


    I’m afraid I’ll have to admit that I would keep them for myself. =) With a family of 4 boys, I would use them daily!

  18. Alana


    I would use the cookware myself.

  19. Cheryl


    If I won, I would have to keep these. Beautiful, easy clean up and healthier to cook in? YES PLEASE!!

  20. Lara


    Would LOVE this for myself. My pan set right now can hardly be called a set. I have very few pans and can’t afford more on my student budget. Would be GREAT to win!!

  21. Stacey


    Sharing on Facebook… and crossing my fingers.

  22. Stacey


    Sorry Ashley, I will have to get you something else as a wedding gift… haha 😉

  23. Stacey


    I would totally keep them for myself. 🙂

  24. Jessica Marroquin


    Tough call. I am torn. I believe I would keep these and give the pots and pans I have to a family that needs them.

  25. Deb Anderson


    Selfish or not, these would be for ME! I’ve never owned a really nice set of cookware, and this is about as “nice” as cookware comes!

  26. Connie Kroening


    I would keep this for myself. I could really use a updated set of pots and pans. Thanks for the
    chance to win.

  27. Pots and Pans


    I would definitely use these for myself. I need to replace my Calphalon Non-Stick set. After reading about nonstick coatings, I’m not sure if I would buy a non stick set again, not sure about PFOA’s

  28. Lisa Cochrane


    Okay, done & done!! I posted your link on FB. But, I must admit I would be totally jealous if one of my “friends” wins and I don’t 😉

  29. Lisa Cochrane


    I would be selfish and keep these for myself. I have pots and pans that are about 15 years old and VERY well loved. I am in desperate need of new cookware, because, I like you, almost NEVER eat out.

  30. Diane


    I posted on facebook!

  31. Diane


    I would keep these for myself! My husband and I love cooking, and it’s definitely time to get some quality pots and pan. These look beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway!

  32. Abbey


    While we are moving, I’ve noticed that my cookware is in desperate need of updating. This collection look fabulous in the new house!

  33. Abbey


    I posted on facebook!

  34. Natalie J Vandenberghe


    Posted your giveaway on Facebook

  35. Natalie J Vandenberghe


    I would love to keep this fabulous set for myself, because I am using an inexpensive set of Farberware that I bought in 1984; however, I have three daughters–so, it’s highly likely one of them will be receiving the best Christmas present they’ve ever been given.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  36. destiny


    I would love to win this and I would totally keep it for myself and make some great holiday meals 🙂