July, 2016

When You Have No Time For Yourself

posted by Andrea | 07/15/2016 | 61 comments

Earlier this spring, I transplanted a bunch of white lilies from my Great-Grandparents’ dairy farm… and while it might sound a bit crazy, the lilies got me thinking about different seasons of my life when I have had very little time for myself.

If you are currently in a season of life with no time for yourself, I hope this post offers some encouragement… you definitely are NOT alone!

James is ONE!

posted by Andrea | 07/14/2016 | 21 comments

Can you believe our sweet baby James is a year old today!?

Come take a stroll down memory lane with lots of cute pictures from the past year…. Also, James is talking!

10 Tips for Bringing a Dish to Pass

posted by Andrea | 07/13/2016 | 44 comments

Dave and I have lots and lots of parties, BBQ’s, picnics, and gatherings from Memorial Day through Labor Day… and what’s a great party without great food?

If you’ve ever dreaded “bringing a dish to pass” or stressed about what type of foods you should bring to your next potluck party, I hope my tips in today’s post will help!

It’s Not a SPACE Problem, It’s a STUFF Problem

posted by Andrea | 07/12/2016 | 30 comments

Over the course of my life, I can not even begin to count how many times I’ve heard someone “complain” or bemoan their lack of storage space… but you know as well as I know that SPACE is not their main issue.

In my experience, the more space you have, the more stuff you’ll fill it with — unless of course, you set SPACE LIMITS!

Our Best and Worst Summer Jobs

posted by Andrea | 07/11/2016 | 27 comments

Although Dave currently doesn’t have a summer job, we both had fun reminiscing about our best and worst summer jobs from previous years.

Today, I’m sharing a whole list of our summer jobs, as well as what we’re up to this summer! And yes, I’d LOVE for you to share your best and worst summer jobs!

How I Limit My Decisions and Simplify My Life

posted by Andrea | 07/8/2016 | 24 comments

Over the past few years, I have drastically simplified my life by making a point to limit the number of decisions I need to make each day.

If you’ve ever felt bogged down by all the decisions YOU need to make, today’s post is a must-read…

How I Reduce (and even eliminate) Wasted Produce

posted by Andrea | 07/7/2016 | 37 comments

I absolutely HATE wasting food (especially food I grew or picked myself) so I have a pretty good system for utilizing the extra fruits and veggies in ways that don’t require us to eat the same things over and over again.

Today I’m sharing some of my ideas — I’d love if you chimed in with your ideas too!

Purge Like You’re Moving

posted by Andrea | 07/6/2016 | 17 comments

Someone recently asked me for my best tip to encourage more purging. Without much hesitation, I responded with one simple phrase…

Today, I’m sharing that one simple phrase in hopes that it will encourage you to part with a few more things you don’t need, use, want, or love!

Systems Simplify and Streamline Everything!

posted by Andrea | 07/5/2016 | 12 comments

Systems are an integral part of everything we do. If we embrace them, they will help to simplify and streamline almost every area of life (at least every example I can think of!)

In case you can’t tell, I’m a huge fan of systems… today I’m sharing 3 reasons why!

Red White and Blue: Our Patriotic House

posted by Andrea | 07/4/2016 | 36 comments

When we first moved into our farmhouse, one of the first neighbor families to introduce themselves to us mentioned that they called our house the “patriotic house” because of the red, white, and blue bunting on the front porch.

Since then, I have managed to incorporate quite a bit of patriotic items into our decor… and I’m sharing all our red, white, blue, stars, and stripes on the blog today! Happy 4th of July!

A Few of My Favorite Things {July 2016}

posted by Andrea | 07/1/2016 | 9 comments

I’m sharing a few more of my favorite things today — including a pair of super cute baby shoes that James literally can NOT pull off!

As always, be sure to check out some of my favorite things from past months and share your favorite things in the comments!