Holiday Foods

Easy Cream Cheese Danish

posted by Andrea | 04/24/2013 | 9 comments

One of my favorite desserts is cheesecake — however, I rarely have the necessary 4-5 packages of cream cheese in my refrigerator. So I’m always on the lookout for simple cheesecake-like recipes… and I’m excited to share one of my new favorites with you today.

Dave and I both give this simple recipe 2 thumbs up, and it’s SOOOO much easier than cheesecake!

Hot Fruit Salad (in the Slow Cooker)

posted by Andrea | 01/21/2013 | 25 comments

Fruit salad… in a slow cooker? Yes, you read that right — and it is one of my all-time favorite fruit salad recipes!

It’s so simple and uses mostly non-perishable canned fruits, so you can always keep the ingredients on hand for a last-minute side dish.

Our Thanksgiving Menu

posted by Andrea | 11/19/2012 | 13 comments

Thanksgiving is Thursday… and since we’ll be celebrating at my aunt and uncle’s house, I decided to make our own little family Thanksgiving last week (especially since we spent last Thanksgiving in the hospital!)

Today, I’m sharing a bunch of our REALLY simple Thanksgiving menu favorites!

58 Delicious Pumpkin Recipes for Fall!

posted by Andrea | 09/27/2012 | 11 comments

It’s no secret that I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE pumpkin. I’ll try pretty much any food made with pumpkin, and there’s a fairly good chance that I’ll like it.

However, since our kitchen isn’t ready for cooking or baking just yet, I figured I’d share a bunch of delicious pumpkin recipes from around the web… all in one nice, organized spot for you 🙂

Easy. Homemade. eBook Giveaway {100 winners!}

posted by Andrea | 08/16/2012 | 14 comments

Today I’m sharing a guest post and a brand new eBook from Mandi of Her eBook “Easy. Homemade” had tons of helpful tips and tricks to simplify {and shorten} your time in the kitchen!

If that sounds good to you, then keep reading — oh and she is generously giving away 100 copies of her book!

Easy Layer Bars

posted by Andrea | 03/12/2012 | 9 comments

If you’re looking for a really simple dessert or snack that you can completely customize for your family’s taste buds, I might just have the perfect recipe for you. All this recipe requires is a simple Graham Cracker crust and whatever toppings you have on hand.

I regularly make these Easy Layer Bars when I have a random assortment of half-empty bags of baking supplies to use up — I’ve yet to have any complaints about the deliciously sweet combinations I come up with!

Holiday Sweet Treats — From a Box!

posted by Andrea | 12/21/2011 | 12 comments

I really do love spending time baking in my kitchen, and there are times when I like making more “involved” recipes. But most of the time I rely on semi-homemade food — especially this time of year when we have so many holiday parties that require food.
However, any time I start with a boxed mix, I almost always manage to spruce it up a bit and make it look {and taste} more homemade. Here are a few of my favorite semi-homemade “recipes”!

Pumpkin Pie Delight Dessert

posted by Andrea | 11/22/2011 | 14 comments

It’s Thanksgiving week — which means my mouth is already starting to water for the huge Thanksgiving dinner we’ll be having on Thursday afternoon. I’m bringing a delicious sweet potato casserole to our gathering at Dave’s parent’s house; but since I’m in love with all things “pumpkin”, I just couldn’t resist making one more pumpkin dessert!

If you’re still looking for a really simple Thanksgiving dessert idea — I might just have the one for you!

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix

posted by Andrea | 11/10/2011 | 21 comments

I love hot chocolate and can be “forced” to drink it in almost any climate — even if I’m not cold! However, I don’t love paying top dollar for it at fancy coffee places and restaurants. I also don’t really like the “cheaper tasting” watered down hot chocolate packets from the store.

So thankfully, my mom always made her own homemade hot chocolate mix… and shared her really easy recipe with me {it only has 4 ingredients}!

My Favorite Clutter-Free Food Gifts

posted by Andrea | 11/2/2011 | 7 comments

The holiday season is here!! And for those of you haven’t even started thinking about holiday gifts, I’ve come to your rescue with my all-time favorite clutter-free food gifts that are sure to please even the pickiest person on your list.

I challenge you to skip the busy stores, skip the clutter, skip the over-prices gadgets, and make {or buy} food gifts for everyone on your list this year!!

Cream Cheese Pumpkin Pie

posted by Andrea | 10/26/2011 | 9 comments

Every year, I like to try out a new version of the traditional pumpkin pie.
Last year I tried {with much success} Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie and this year, when I couldn’t make up my mind if I wanted to make cheese cake or pumpkin pie, I decided to make a Cream Cheese Pumpkin Pie.

It is so delicious and has quickly become my all-time favorite pumpkin pie!

My SO Simple Punch Recipe

posted by Andrea | 08/15/2011 | 24 comments

Last weekend, my mom and aunts threw a wedding shower for one of my cousins — at our house. We had delicious egg dishes, fruit salad, breads, muffins, coffee, and my favorite… SO simple punch. The shower was a huge success and all I was left with at the end were a few pieces of bread and some punch! The crazy thing is that EVERY single time I make this punch, someone asks me for the “recipe” {yes, it really is THAT good}. […]

Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie + 9 More Pies!

posted by Andrea | 01/17/2011 | 12 comments

I have a new obsession… Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie! Photo credit: I’ve always been a sucker for anything “pumpkin”, and apples have been my one of my favorite foods since…well, forever! So when I came across this recipe from Cheryl over at, I knew I had to give it a try! I made two Apple Butter Pumpkin Pies for Thanksgiving, and since then, I’ve made this recipe FIVE more times! I did alter it a bit to make it “my […]

Stunning Holiday Baked Goods

posted by Andrea | 12/24/2010 | 1 comment

I did most of my holiday baking several weeks ago, and now it’s either in the freezer or already consumed! So, I don’t have any great recipes to share right now…but I thought I would take a moment to share some of these amazing baked goods from other bloggers I follow. Seriously, these look so delicious, I want to try them all!! Chocolate Pecan Tart: Good Life {Eats}. Photo Credit: Good Life {Eats} Peppermint Ice-Cream: A Farmgirl’s Dabbles Photo Credit: A Farmgirl’s […]

My Favorite Sausage Stuffing

posted by Andrea | 12/9/2010 | 9 comments

Although Thanksgiving has come and gone — our big Christmas dinner is still coming up in a few weeks and stuffing is a family favorite at this meal {or pretty much any other meal for that matter!} And THIS is my all-time favorite stuffing! I actually got the recipe from my dad who is an excellent cook. However I’ve adapted it a little for my own preference. I would encourage you to do the same! The 2 most important ingredients are bread […]

FREE Holiday Treats eBook + Printables

posted by Andrea | 12/3/2010 | comment

Are you planning to do any holiday baking this weekend? Are you looking for a bunch of simple, delicious recipes? If so, I’ve got just what you need! Mandi Ehman from put together an amazing {and FREE} Holiday Treats eBook with over 21 delicious recipes, plus a bunch of tips and trick to simplify your holiday baking this year.   And if that wasn’t enough, Mandi also included some of her lovely FREE printable gift tags, holiday planners, and […]

Pecan Lemon Bars

posted by Andrea | 11/27/2010 | 7 comments

I LOVE lemons! I never used to, but over the last few years, I have become addicted to lemons — especially lemon desserts! So when I was asked to bring a dessert for our Thanksgiving party this past week, I knew I wanted to do something with lemons. I even opted to for-go the tradition pumpkin and apple desserts for these delicious Pecan Lemon Bars. They were a hit! {don’t worry, there were still plenty of other pumpkin and apple desserts […]

Simple Candy Corn Mix

posted by Andrea | 11/19/2010 | 4 comments

Looking for a quick and easy snack to make for your family or for your next holiday party? Try this Simple Candy Corn Mix — I promise; you’ll love it! It’s the perfect combination of salty and sweet…and you can add your favorite ingredients {or just whatever you have on hand!} These are the ingredients I use: 1 12 oz. bag Dark Chocolate M&M’s 1 16 oz. container salted peanuts 1 12 oz. bag Candy Corn 1/2 bag Candy Pumpkins Other substitutions: Milk […]