Yes, You Can Learn To Be More Productive!

posted by Andrea | 02/20/2019

For as much of my life as I can remember, I have been highly motivated by productivity.

As a child, I constantly challenged myself to clean my room before my sisters, ride my bike to school faster than the day before, and finish all my homework before the school bell rang so I wouldn’t have to take it home. 

As I grew older and my schedule became busier, my productivity continued to improve as well — to the point that I was able to take an “overload” of college credits while playing 2 sports and holding down 2 part-time jobs so I could graduate in 3 years.

Now as a work-from-home mother of 4, I continue to hone and refine my “productive-powers” to allow me the ability to wear so many different “hats” without feeling over-worked, over-tired, over-stressed, or overwhelmed.  

I have developed routines and systems that work very well for my life, my home, my family, my business, my schedule, etc. And although I always have a lengthy to-do list each day, there are very few days that end without a fully crossed-off to-do list! 

This is not because I’m super special or because I never sleep, but simply because I work hard to continually increase my productivity in order to make the most of the 24 hours I have each day.

The result of my super-productive nature means I accomplish what needs to be accomplished each day with a decent amount of free time left over to do things I enjoy doing…

  • help in the kids’ classrooms a school
  • go out for lunch with neighbors or friends
  • volunteer for something at church or school
  • spend all afternoon baking with whatever kids want to help
  • take a full week off from blogging responsibilities (because I worked ahead) in order to tackle a home project
  • entertain and cook for others on a regular basis
  • read a book
  • go to bed early! 

I readily admit that Dave and I do not have the most exciting lives ever, (remember we are frugal introverts so our idea of a GREAT night is eating a slice of cheesecake while watching The Crown and folding laundry… then heading to bed on time!) but I promise, we thoroughly enjoy our semi-boring lives.

We also realize the simplistic, relaxed, non-stressed, semi-boring lifestyle we crave would not be possible unless we both practiced excellent time-management every single day.

The more I learn about personality types, the more clearly I see how different people are “wired” and how certain personalities naturally possess stellar time-management and productivity skills (Dave and I fall into this category). 

That said, I firmly believe we can all LEARN TO IMPROVE our time-management and our productivity IF we’re willing to invest a little time and effort. 

Are you willing to invest time and effort to improve your productivity? 

I’ve always been a huge advocate for life-long learning — not necessarily in a traditional school setting anymore, but via podcasts, ebooks, YouTube videos, online courses, cookbooks, how-to blogs, and more. 

It’s astonishing how many useful skills I’ve learned over the past 15 years via the non-traditional schooling methods listed above (one of many reasons I love the online world!) 

Thanks to the internet, we can find information about any and every topic under the sun… the only problem is sorting it all out and finding what is the most useful and beneficial for YOU and your journey to better productivity!  

If you’re ready to jump-start your productivity, eliminate wasted time, and stop procrastinating, I have the perfect resource for you! 

The Ultimate Productivity Bundle!  

NOTE: The links below are my affiliate link. Read my disclosure and contact me with any questions. 

This bundle is packed full of productivity-boosting tips and tools, all neatly compiled into one easy-to-digest (and easy-to-download) package

The bundle contains:

  • 5 eBooks
  • 14 eCourses
  • 1 summit
  • 26 printables, planners, & workbooks
  • almost $80 worth of fabulous bonus offers

I’m told the estimated retail value of everything included in this bundle is over $15oo, but the folks at Ultimate Bundles are offering the entire package for only $37 (now through Monday, February 25 only!)


This bundle has something for almost every person and every stage of life — whether you work outside the home, work from home, stay at home with children or grandchildren, are married, single, kids, no kids, already fairly productive, or need all the help you can get. 

I love that this bundle focuses primarily on eCourses, printables, and workbooks (all of which encourage you to take action right away instead simply reading what you should be doing in a book).

If I had to pick a favorite resource, it would most likely be the Brilliant Baby Steps eCourse (by Beth Anne Schwamberger).  

Her eCourse teaches a simple but effective system for making the most of your day regardless of your stage of life. It will help you get more done with less stress, while still being there for the people you love and activities you enjoy.

This single eCourse is valued at $47 — so in my opinion, the bundle more than pays for itself with just this one eCourse! 

Take a look at everything offered in this bundle and decide for yourself if it’s the right tool to help you boost your productivity. 

There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if the bundle doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can get your money back! 

With a little effort (and the right tools) you will be on your way to making the most of your days (and probably enjoying  a bunch of extra “free time” as well!) 

This offer is available through Monday, February 25! 


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  1. L


    My role, status, purpose…everything has changed pretty suddenly and I’m kind of floundering. I wish I could look at these a little more to see what it’s all about. I don’t know what an e-course, summit, etc. even is. I’m not so great on the computer, either, so I’m hesitant. Could you explain more or give a link?


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks for inquiring about the bundle. I’d say if you aren’t super confident on the computer, this might not be a great purchase for you since every single item will require using the computer (or smart phone) to download, play, listen, etc.
    That said, if you’re just curious and want to give it a try, they DO have a 30 day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee (and they have EXCELLENT customer service). I know they would refund your money immediately if you decided it wasn’t a good fit for you. So it might be worth trying it for a week or so and seeing if you can get the hang of working with your computer!
    Everything you need to know about the resources in the bundle can be found here.


  2. Laura


    Gosh I hope I can learn. My life feels like a mess right now and I only have one child. It’s a struggle to get the bare minimum done and that’s just laundry, dishes and meals. Picking up toys? Ha! Maybe this bundle will help.


    Andrea Reply:

    haha — you CAN learn!


  3. Trina


    Thanks, Andrea! I’m doing it. 2019 is going to be MY year! Plus, I like the thought of continuous learning.


    Andrea Reply:

    yay — good luck to you!


  4. Holly


    I feel like all we really need to do is find a scientific way to bottle up and sell all of your energy & productivity! Lol!!


    Andrea Reply:

    haha — I’d give it away for free if I could bottle it 🙂