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My “Maintenance Mode” Business Goal

posted by Andrea | 01/5/2017 | 44 comments

So often, we talk about “maintenance mode” in a negative way — as in “I’m so busy, I have no time for anything. I’m simply in ‘maintenance mode’ trying hold the pieces together.”

That is NOT the type of maintenance mode I’m referring to today though — I’m speaking of it in a much more positive light, as a current goal for my business!

If My Passion Becomes a Paycheck

posted by Andrea | 09/19/2014 | 42 comments

Since I’m often asked (both by readers and other bloggers) how I’ll know when, if ever, it’s time to hang up my keyboard, close down the blog, and move on with my life, I thought I’d share my super simple answer in today’s post.

But don’t worry, I’m not planning to go anywhere any time soon πŸ™‚

So…What Exactly Is a Virtual Assistant?

posted by Andrea | 08/28/2014 | 30 comments

Every time I write a blog post about my Virtual Assistant (VA) work, or even casually mention what I do, the emails and questions start coming in.

So today, I’m sharing my personal experience working as a VA for the past 4 years — and hopefully answering some of the questions I get on a very regular basis.

My Work + Life Update {Summer 2014}

posted by Andrea | 08/22/2014 | 22 comments

Over the past 3 years, as I transitioned from from working part-time from home with no kids to full-time from home with 2 kids, I’ve definitely had to make many adjustments with how I balance both my work and personal lives.

So since Simon is already almost 6 months old, I figured it was time for an update on what my work and life looks like with 2 kids!

My 2014 Goals: Progress and Updates

posted by Andrea | 06/19/2014 | 20 comments

Remember all those goals I set back in January? Well today, I’m sharing an update on my progress…

Doing What You Love: An Unexpected Journey to My Dream Job

posted by Andrea | 02/5/2014 | 31 comments

Since February is the month of love, I thought it might be kind of fun for all of us to sit back and reflect on what we would absolutely LOVE to do if we could do anything in the whole world.

I’m also sharing my story of how I accidentally and somewhat unexpectedly stumbled upon my dream job 7 years ago (without really knowing it)!

How I Generate a Full-Time Income Online

posted by Andrea | 06/7/2013 | 60 comments

Have you ever wondered how bloggers earn an income from their blogs?

Today’s post is quite long — not because the topic is so complicated, but rather, because it took me a REALLY long time to figure out how to build my online business. And since I get so many questions on this topic, I decided it was time to share the process with you!

Working With Self-Imposed Deadlines

posted by Andrea | 04/30/2013 | 18 comments

When I made the transition from working full-time outside of the home to working full-time from home, I struggled with self-imposed deadlines — and therefore, struggled with productivity. However, after a few years of practice, I’m getting better πŸ™‚

In my personal experience, self-imposed deadlines are one reason I’m able to do everything I do and still have time left over for fun!

A Look At My Crazy Work Schedule

posted by Andrea | 04/23/2013 | 39 comments

I get lots of emails and questions asking “What exactly do you do?”, so I thought it would be fun to share more about what my work schedule looks like on a weekly and monthly basis.

If you ever wonder what I do when I’m not clipping coupons, changing diapers, making dinner, scrubbing toilets, pulling weeds, and folding laundry… keep reading!

Welcome to!

posted by Andrea | 04/15/2013 | 59 comments

Welcome Friends! I’m pleased as punch to be the very first to welcome you to the NEW!

It was a long weekend, but we made it… and I can’t wait to “show you around!”

A Day in the Dekker House

posted by Andrea | 02/5/2013 | 67 comments

I’m frequently asked if I would share what a day in my life looks like… if there are certain things I do at the same times every day, schedules I stick to, productivity secrets to share, or any tips for how I balance work, home, family, and life.

Our daily lives are far from perfect. But since I preach “progress, not perfection” I’m sharing our perfectly imperfect ways with you today!

A Look Back at my 2012 Business Goals

posted by Andrea | 01/17/2013 | 7 comments

All week long, I’ve been talking about goals (I guess it’s about time since we’re already halfway through January!)

On Tuesday, I shared my new Ultra Simplistic approach to 2013; then yesterday, I shared the recap of my 2012 personal goals. Today, I’m looking back on the 12 business goals I made in 2012 — and I won’t lie, the results aren’t pretty!

How To Become a Virtual Assistant

posted by Andrea | 09/25/2012 | 12 comments

If you’ve ever thought about working as a Virtual Assistant, you’ll want to check out today’s post. I’m sharing a brand new eBook that’s filled with tips and ideas to starting, managing, and growing a successful VA career (and I’m interviewed in the book!)

There’s also a 25% discount code for anyone who purchases the eBook in the next 3 days!

5 Lessons From 5 Years in my Own Business

posted by Andrea | 08/9/2012 | 12 comments

Over my blogging break, I thought a lot about my business — things I love, things I don’t love, things I wish I did differently, and things I wish I would have realized early on.

If you’ve ever had even the tiniest dream of starting your own business, I’d encourage you to read my thoughts… however, I’ll warn you that I’ve included a healthy dose of reality!

How I Do Everything I’m Doing

posted by Andrea | 03/12/2012 | 6 comments

Ever since Nora was born, I’ve gotten at least 3 or 4 emails each week asking me how I’m able to keep doing everything I do… even with a new baby. And while I’d love to respond by saying, “I’m super mom”, that’s just not the case!

Even though no one could have fully prepared me for how challenging and time-consuming motherhood really is, I wasn’t totally naive as to how much extra work a newborn would bring. It’s been 16 weeks, and I’m finally starting to figure out my “new normal”. I can be a work-from-home-mom… and here’s how!

12 Business Goals for 2012

posted by Andrea | 01/5/2012 | 12 comments

It always amazes me how much my business {and business goals} have changed from year to year. I started my organizing business when I was only 21 years old. I had NO idea what I was doing, no real plan, no intention for it to become full time, no website, no blog… I didn’t even have a name or business cards!

Now, almost 5 years later, I’m hardly doing any in-home organizing… but instead focusing on growing my own blog, expanding my virtual assistant services, and booking more speaking engagements. And I have 12 brand new business goals for the upcoming year!

Working From Home… With a Baby

posted by Andrea | 12/15/2011 | 11 comments

I often got asked “how do you do it all?” and one of my answers to that question was that I didn’t have children yet!
So when we brought Nora home from the hospital on Thanksgiving Day, my ultra productive schedule pretty much flew out the window — and boy did I have a rude awakening to what life is like working from home with a new baby!

That said, there are three things I’ve been doing that have helped me to continue being somewhat productive — even with a newborn at home.

Blog and Business Goals – Revisited After 13 Months

posted by Andrea | 10/8/2011 | 19 comments

I know that stats aren’t everything when it comes to blogging, but several months ago, when I posted my 6-month blogging goals, I made a few goals for the next 6 months {both for my blog and my business}… so I figure it’s time to see if I achieved those goals or not!

Did I do it or not???