June, 2010

How I Saved Over $200 on Groceries

posted by Andrea | 06/28/2010 | 1 comment

I often get questions regarding coupons and if it is really worth the time spent to cut coupons, file them…and then remember to use them each week. While it does take a bit of organization and dedication, I can assure you that it IS worth it! Each week, I spend about 2 hours on Sunday afternoon going through the ads, clipping, filing, and printing coupons, and making my grocery lists for each store. Then on Monday, I try to hit […]

Cut Your Grocery Bill Without Cutting Coupons

posted by Andrea | 06/20/2010 | comment

Many of you know that I am a huge advocate of cutting coupons to save on our weekly grocery bill…I’m addicted! However, what if you don’t have access to coupons? Or what if you don’t want to put the effort into clipping coupons? That’s fine! It’s not for everyone…and even if coupons aren’t for you, there are still ways you can significantly reduce your grocery bill each week. Here are 4 to get you started. 1. Plan Ahead: Yes, I […]

My Closet

posted by Andrea | 06/11/2010 | 6 comments

In one of my recent newsletter (you can sign up for these at the right –>) I mentioned that my “project” for the month would be organizing  my closet. After the newsletter went out, I received countless e-mails from clients and readers, asking to see pictures of my closet. So, since I have nothing to hide, here it is! Pretty great huh? OK…so that’s only my “dream” closet; I think it might be bigger than my living room! But isn’t it amazing?? […]

Saving Money on Groceries

posted by Andrea | 06/9/2010 | 1 comment

I’ve been getting loads of e-mails with questions on how I keep my grocery budget so low each week. And this week was no exception… I managed to purchase over $98.00 worth of meat, dairy, fruits, veggies, bread, snacks, etc. for only $2.56!! That has to be some type of record! And before you even ask No, I don’t use Savings Angel No I don’t buy multiple Sunday papers No we don’t eat Ramen Noodles…ever! So how do I do […]

Donate your Unused Items

posted by Andrea | 06/8/2010 | 1 comment

If you are anything like me, there are several items around your home that you no long use or need. They might be perfectly useful to someone else but there they sit, cluttering up your home and robbing valuable space from other, more important things! Many of my clients tell me that they don’t know what they can donate or where to bring their things… so I’ve put together a general list of suggestions for the next time you want to […]

Strawberry Lemonade

posted by Andrea | 06/6/2010 | 1 comment

Strawberries are always a welcome reminder that summer is officially here. Every June, I spend a Saturday morning picking strawberries at a local farm…and they try to come up with recipes to use them all up! One of my favorite things to make is strawberry lemonade; and this recipe is the best one I’ve found so far. Strawberry Lemonade: Ingredients: ½ c. lemon juice (about 3 or 4 lemons) 4 c. water ¾ c. sugar ½ t. salt 1 c. […]

Family Fun for Less

posted by Andrea | 06/5/2010 | comment

Who says you need to spend a lot to have fun? Often, the most rewarding family moments are the simplest and most affordable. As summer approaches, get in the habit of establishing a regular family time; here are a few free and inexpensive ideas to get you started. Plan a Picnic: Grab a blanket, sunglasses, finger foods, and lots of water and enjoy an afternoon of fresh air at a nearby park, playground, beach…or in your back yard. Stargaze: No […]

My Spring Garden

posted by Andrea | 06/4/2010 | 2 comments

I decided to be very unproductive today and spend time taking (and editing) lots of picture from my garden! They turned out great; hear are a few of my favorites: Wave Petunias Verbena Pink Verbena Chives Iris Columbine Clematis Snowball Verburnum It seems that the “fruit” of all my extremely hard labor is finally starting to show…and I’m excited! We’ll see what turns up the rest of the season. What are you growing in your garden this spring and summer?

Square-Foot Gardening

posted by Andrea | 06/2/2010 | comment

Over the weekend, I was able to squeeze in a few hours of time to prepare and plant my vegetable garden. Since we are currently in the process of redesigning and re-landscaping our backyard, my vegetable garden had to be smaller than what it was in previous years. Because of this, I was forced to get a little more creative with the way I planted…good thing I love a challenge! So, I did a little research and found a bunch […]