August, 2010

Creative Storage Ideas

posted by Andrea | 08/31/2010 | 10 comments

I’m all about functional storage — it needs to be practical; but I also want it to look nice. That’s reasonable, right? While I don’t pride myself in being the most creative gal around, I am extremely motivated when it comes to clearing the clutter in my home, and I’ve managed to come up with a few creative storage ideas that work for me. Magazines and Newspapers: I use an old wooden ladder to store our magazines and newspapers. We can […]

I’ve Been Busy!

posted by Andrea | 08/31/2010 | 11 comments

{Recipes to come!} Visit my virtual recipe box for more simple, delicious, family friendly, recipes!

Ten Tips for Using Craigslist

posted by Andrea | 08/30/2010 | 25 comments

Have you ever purchased or sold anything on Craigslist? If not, let me fill you in on what you’re missing. It’s like the ultimate online garage sale! Here’s my latest purchase — just bought it today! A nearly new IKEA couch, slipcover and ottoman for $250. I have used Craigslist extensively for the past 2 years. I’ve purchase items I need for dirt cheap, I’ve decluttered my home, and I’ve made a nice chunk of change. Sound good to you? If you would […]

30th Anniversary Gift

posted by Andrea | 08/29/2010 | 8 comments

Last weekend, my husband and I celebrated his parents 30th wedding anniversary.  It happened to be the same day as our nephew’s {and their grandson’s} baptism so we didn’t have anything huge planned; just an afternoon together as a family. Dave and I wanted to come up with a creative and fun gift {since they really don’t need anything} and after a bunch of great ideas from my Facebook and Twitter followers, we came up with… 30 Pearls of Wisdom: […]

School Lunch Inspiration

posted by Andrea | 08/27/2010 | 4 comments

I started packing my own lunches back in 5th grade. My mom would have done it for me, but I was too stubborn, head-strong, and organized to let her. Fifteen years later, I’m still packing lunches — and I’m still stubborn, head-strong, and organized! Lunch packing definitely is not one of my all-time favorite activities; it can be more work than going out to eat or buying school lunches. However, after realizing how much money I can save and reading that school lunches are […]

DIY Paper Wreath

posted by Andrea | 08/26/2010 | 2 comments

Yesterday I posted about different ways to turn paper clutter into creative gift wrap. Today, I have another super creative idea for your paper clutter — courtesy of Ashley at Give Me the Simple Life. This DIY Paper Wreath! Ashley has an amzaing blog that features all sorts of “simple living” ideas, crafts, projects, etc…so I’m a huge fan! However, when I saw her paper wreath project, I just knew I had to feature it. Not only is this project super […]

Paper Clutter or Creative Gift Wrap?

posted by Andrea | 08/25/2010 | 8 comments

School is here…which means every flat surface in your home is about to be inundated with loads of homework assignments, art projects, home notes, tests, report cards, etc. etc. Add these to your already heaping piles of newspapers, junk mail, and magazines and you’ve got issues! As much as you might want to go paperless, it’s inevitable that some paper will creep into your home. And with the holiday season lurking right around the corner {believe me, it will be here before you know […]

Simple Roasted Chicken

posted by Andrea | 08/24/2010 | 10 comments

About two months ago, I met a lovely woman who — on top of being an amazing wife, a wonderful mother to 4 young boys, a homeschool teacher, and an exceptional chef — also happened to raise organic chickens! She is one busy lady, so she hired me to create a little more organization in her life…and then sent me home with one of her prized birds. I put it in the freezer because we’ve had such a hot and humid summer […]

Ten Favorite Organizing Tools

posted by Andrea | 08/23/2010 | 22 comments

Photo Credit: Simplify 101 I am often asked what my favorite organizing tools are…and let’s face it, there are SO many great tools to pick from! And since I’m a total organizing junkie, I thrive on finding the right tools for each of my clients! By faithfully using a few of my favorite tools, I’m confident you will be able to simplify, organize, and enjoy your home and your life just a little bit more. 1. Planner/Calendar: There are SO […]

Back-to-School Routines

posted by Andrea | 08/23/2010 | 3 comments

School is right around the corner — like I need to remind you! Are you ready? Making the transition from lazy summer days to structured school days can be tough for many children…and adults! Here are some tips to help you get back in a routine and make the transition easier on you and your kids. Plan Ahead: Start a transition period of putting your children to bed a little earlier each night and wakeing them up a little earlier […]

Seasonal Changes

posted by Andrea | 08/20/2010 | 3 comments

It is still SO hot and muggy in West Michigan…however Fall is almost here. I can feel it,  I can smell it — I can’t wait! I’m ready for cooler temperatures, more rain, and the structure provided by my Fall routines. I’m ready to get out my Fall decorations, roast a bunch of meat, make big batches of soups and stews, bake lots of fresh bread, and start preparing for the upcoming holiday season. If you’re craving change, too, here […]

Great Zucchini and Squash Recipes

posted by Andrea | 08/20/2010 | 7 comments

I’ve been getting creative with zucchini and summer squash this week. Partially because there are so many great recipes out there — but mostly because we’ve been picking about 3 squash per plant {per day}!!! I’ve got a lot of squash on my hands {and on my counters, in my fridge, in the freezer, in the garden, and even out in the garage!} Often, when I get too overloaded with zucchini and sumer squash, I use a food processor to shred and […]

Chocolate Zucchini Brownies

posted by Andrea | 08/19/2010 | 18 comments

I’ve had zucchini and squash on my brain lately — probably because they are coming out of my ears over here. I only planted one zucchini and one summer squash but they have completely taken over our garden. It’s scary! This past weekend, I had a zucchini / squash “bake-a-thon” that produced 10 loaves of bread, 3 dozen muffins, and a double batch of these delicious chocolate zucchini brownies. Our freezer is stocked! {I’ll be linking to all the recipes on Saturday} […]

Digital Photo Albums

posted by Andrea | 08/17/2010 | 6 comments

In my opinion {take it for what it’s worth} pictures are a necessary evil. They are fun to take, develop, and share but then what? I love looking at my pictures — at first — but then they just seem to accumulate and take up tons of space in boxes, bins, bulky photo albums, or on my computer {because I’m really bad a developing my pictures too!}. About two years ago, I realized that I wasn’t taking any pictures; mainly because […]

Simple School Lunches

posted by Andrea | 08/17/2010 | 9 comments

School is just just around the corner — which means school lunches are back — again. Packing homemade lunches for your children can get old. real. fast. especially if they are picky eaters! However, homemade lunches are totally worth it as they will ultimately save you lots of: Time: packing lunches the night before will save lots of time during your morning rush. Money: homemade lunches are so much cheaper than prepackaged meals and fast food. Calories: skip the calories […]

Little Ways I Save Time

posted by Andrea | 08/16/2010 | 18 comments

I’m a very busy person. However, I choose my “busyness” because I LOVE busyness! I love trying to fit everything into my already tight schedule. I love getting involved with lots of different groups, trying new things, and growing my abilities. I love being productive and crossing off my to-do list. I even love the exhaustion I feel as I flop into bed and reminisce on eveything I accomplished that day!! I know. I’m a sick woman! I do enjoy free time and […]

Natural vs. Organic — What’s the Difference?

posted by Andrea | 08/16/2010 | comment

“Natural” and “organic” are two words we see nearly everywhere we go now days. Whether you’re at the grocery store, your favorite resturant, a department store, or even a hardware store; these two words are bound to show up. However, the terms “natural” and “organic” are not interchangeable. Much to my surprise, the terms “natural”, “all natural”, and “100% natural” don’t mean a thing! We have been trained to look for natural and organic products and are probably willing to […]

Greek Orzo

posted by Andrea | 08/14/2010 | 6 comments

Looking for another simple, delicious way to use up your fresh garden produce? Me too! Last week, I made an excellent vegetable stir-fry. This week, I tried Greek Orzo; it was a big hit. I served it with grilled chicken and cheesy garlic bread (so I didn’t even have to turn the oven on!) Ingredients 3 T. olive oil 1/2 c. lemon juice 1/2 c. olives, chopped 2 ripe tomatoes, seeded and diced 1 red bell pepper, chopped 1 red […]