July, 2011

Weekend Giveaway – AboutOne Membership + $50

posted by Andrea | 07/30/2011 | 21 comments

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to Stacey: stellaosborn@… You should receive an email from AboutOne shortly! It’s no secret that I LOVE organized paperwork! I just think it’s so important to have our bills, tax document, health records, financial information, and other important paperwork, organized in a way that we can quickly and easily find it whenever we need to. I’ve seen SO much stress associated with disorganized paperwork — believe me, it’s not worth it. And with a baby […]

More Tips to Simplify Your Laundry Routine

posted by Andrea | 07/29/2011 | 18 comments

It’s practically the weekend {hooray}!! And I’m not sure about your house, but in our house, the weekend means laundry time. I often do a couple loads during the week, but the weekend is when I try to tackle every last piece of laundry left in the house — which honestly isn’t THAT much considering there are only 2 of us! There is just something about seeing those empty laundry baskets that makes my heart happy. I’ve talked a lot about laundry in the […]

Simple, Delicious Uses for Broccoli Stems

posted by Andrea | 07/28/2011 | 7 comments

Are you one of THOSE people who only cut off the flowery tops of broccoli and then toss the rest? Growing up, we were NEVER allowed to waste food — especially if it came from my dad’s garden. And even though I would agree that broccoli florets are more appealing, there is really no reason why you should waste the stems… Here are a few simple uses for broccoli stems:: 1. Cut them up and eat them with the rest of your broccoli. […]

Craigslist 101: How We Sold Our House!

posted by Andrea | 07/27/2011 | 42 comments

Today I’m continuing my Craigslist 101 series to {hopefully} answer some of the many questions I get, asking how we sold our house on Craigslist. Yup, that’s right — Dave and I sold our first house on Craigslist… by owner… and got THREE offers… in only THREE days! And no, we did NOT know what we were doing and had no experience selling a house! Oh, and did I mention that Michigan has been in the middle of a HUGE […]

I’m Purging My Food Storage Containers

posted by Andrea | 07/26/2011 | 18 comments

I’ve wanted to write a post about getting rid of old, nasty, food storage containers for several weeks now — but I figured that I should probably “practice what I preach” before I preach it!! And since my food storage containers were getting  a little bit out of control, I decided to quickly tackle that project this weekend — and honestly, it only took me about 30 minutes from start to finish {including the time I spent taking pictures!} So […]

Keep Your Heating & Cooling Systems Trouble Free

posted by Andrea | 07/25/2011 | 1 comment

Here in West Michigan, the past 10 days have been absolutely sweltering — with heat indexes above 100*F, and humidity in the 70-80%. We are SO thankful that our old farmhouse has a good air conditioning unit — and that it works! However, if you have not been so fortunate with your heating and cooling systems, the following post, written by Abby Snyder from FurnaceCompare.com, will offer you some helpful tips. source: Many people give little thought to their heating and cooling systems unless they encounter […]

Making the Most of Your Freezer

posted by Andrea | 07/23/2011 | 1 comment

source: When it comes to meal planning, I consider my freezer to be almost as valuable as my oven! At least one of our weekly meals comes straight from the freezer, and many of our breads, cookies, bars, and other baked goods are simply pulled from the freezer on an “as-needed” basis. So whether you have a large extra freezer, or just the small freezer attached to your refrigerator, here are a few ways you can make the most of that […]

Tips for Planning a Big Shopping Trip

posted by Andrea | 07/22/2011 | 16 comments

This morning, Dave and I WERE SUPPOSED to drive to our closest IKEA store {2.5 hours away} to do some serious shopping! We actually even rented a small U-HAUL trailer because we were planning to purchase a couch, some mattresses, a couple of chairs, and a bunch of other things for our {almost} newly renovated main floor bedrooms, bathroom, office, and living room. However, the truck we were planning to use did not have the correct electrical hook ups for the trailer […]

Clutter Rehab 101 Giveaway

posted by Andrea | 07/21/2011 | 82 comments

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to Kim: howellfarm@… I will email you today to get your shipping information! Here is Kim’s simple organizing tip — LOVE IT! Each year I create a folder on my computer with the school year. I then scan all the artwork and projects my kids bring home. At the end of the year I can make a picture album. As you may have guessed by now, I’m a pretty big fan of simple, […]

Our Favorite Leftovers

posted by Andrea | 07/20/2011 | 12 comments

The next few weeks are going to be CRAZY busy for me. I’ll be busy traveling quite a bit for my business, finishing up house projects, preparing for the upcoming arrival of our two international students, and trying to juggle everything else I do on a weekly basis — oh, and I’m 23 weeks pregnant! And since Dave isn’t huge on cooking {he does the dishes} we’ll be eating lots and LOTS of leftovers! I know some people hate leftovers, […]

Make Your Own Lotion, SunBlock, and More

posted by Andrea | 07/19/2011 | comment

Remember a few weeks ago, during my Birthday Giveaway Week, when I talked about MadeOn Hard Lotion? Their lotion bars and other homemade products are some of my new favorites! A few of the reasons I’m hooked on their products is because they are all-natural, totally organic, and they don’t have a strong fragrance. But now I have yet another reason to be a super fan — because the founder, Renee Harris, is sharing her recipes with anyone who wants to […]

Creative Bathroom Storage

posted by Andrea | 07/18/2011 | 8 comments

One of the many perks of extensively renovating a very old house, or building a new house, is that you can do it YOUR WAY! So when it came to our farmhouse renovations — I was absolutely determined to figure out exactly what type of storage we would need, and then try to implement it as closely as possible without going over budget. The master bathroom was one area I did not want to sacrifice any amount of storage, but I was faced with a few […]

Preserve Yard Tools by Keeping Them Clean

posted by Andrea | 07/16/2011 | comment

The following is written by Jakob Barry of Networx.com:

Yes, I Have a REAL Business Too

posted by Andrea | 07/15/2011 | 11 comments

When I started my organizing business nearly 4 years ago, I was extrememly apprehensive to answer the question, “So what do you do for a living?” I didn’t feel like I had a REAL business… but then I started making money and that put an end to my apprehension! However, when I started blogging {just about one year ago} I immediately felt that apprehension return. I had absolutely NO idea what being a “blogger” really meant, all I knew was that I […]

Homemade Pasta Sauce: Simple, Quick, and Cheap!

posted by Andrea | 07/14/2011 | 8 comments

Pasta is one of my favorite quick, easy, frugal, and family-friendly meal ideas — we eat it at least once a week! And I don’t know about you, but I’m not a huge fan of store-bought pasta sauce from a jar or can. I absolutely LOVE homemade pasta sauce, but there is no way I would ever have time to make it from scratch every week — that would kind-of defeat my “quick” and “easy” meal idea too! I think […]

Our Nursery Closet Reveal!

posted by Andrea | 07/13/2011 | 22 comments

I was SO excited to participate in Apartment Guide’s “Smart Storage Solutions: Control the Clutter” Blogger Challenge over the past month, because it gave me another excuses to design and organize the smallest space in our house — the nursery closet! Not that I really needed a ton of motivation {it was really fun!} but it was definitely a welcome break from priming, painting, installing wood floors, and dealing with our tile shower. And I am beyond thrilled with the final results! Two […]

The Benefits of NOT Owning Your Dream Home

posted by Andrea | 07/12/2011 | 13 comments

First of all, let me just clarify that Dave and I are NOT planning to move; nor are we dissatisfied with our lovely farmhouse!! However, if you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you might have noticed that I never really talked about our old house. It was a great house for us and we managed to fix it up quite nicely — but it was NOT our dream house…so I guess I never felt the desire to talk about […]

Simple Tip: How to Keep Lettuce Fresh Longer

posted by Andrea | 07/11/2011 | 28 comments

I had big garden at our old house and I grew TONS of lettuce and spinach. It was so delicious and we loved having a wide selection of fresh lettuce all spring, summer, and fall. However, we had so much lettuce that it often started to go bad before we could eat it all.  So I did a bunch of experimenting and after 2 summers, I figured out an extremely simple and effective way to keep our lettuce fresh longer. We didn’t have […]