Merry Christmas… from the Dekkers

posted by Andrea | 12/19/2012 | 36 comments

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m taking a two-week blogging break to spend time with family — and to enjoy Dave’s extra-long two FULL weeks of Christmas break!

However, I couldn’t just leave for two weeks without wishing you all a VERY Merry Christmas, or without sharing our 2012 Christmas card — and a few cute family pictures!

My 10-Minute Photo Collage

posted by Andrea | 12/6/2012 | 10 comments

Over the past few months, we’ve noticed that Nora has an obsession with pictures… like whenever there are pictures around, she can’t focus on anything else until she carefully looks at all of them.

So the other day, I took a yardstick and extra clothespins and made her a photo collage for her bedroom wall — in about 10 minutes!

Weekend Giveaway: Holiday Cards from

posted by Andrea | 11/10/2012 | 315 comments

I LOVE holiday cards! I love receiving cards from family and friends, I love sending out our cards, and I really love coming up with a new idea for our cards each year.

If you share my love of holiday cards, you’ll definitely want to enter today’s giveaway — a $100 gift certificate for holiday cards!

The Last Wedding for the Year

posted by Andrea | 10/11/2012 | 15 comments

It’s been a LONG summer of weddings for Dave and me… and Nora. We had a few friends and cousins get married — PLUS we also had Dave’s brother’s {out-of-state} wedding in June, my sister’s wedding in July, and then my other sister’s wedding this past weekend!

However the wedding this past weekend was extra special because Nora got to be the flower girl and she was so stinkin’ cute!

Our Summer… In Snapshots

posted by Andrea | 08/28/2012 | 7 comments

Since there are just a few fleeting days of summer left before Dave heads back to school next week, I thought I’d share some of my favorite photo memories from this summer.

What are your favorite memories from this summer?

Why I’m Not Printing Photos Anymore

posted by Andrea | 05/29/2012 | 33 comments

For the past year, I’ve been on a mission to take more pictures — and as you can probably tell from all the pictures of Nora, I’ve been doing a pretty good job!

However, I’m still failing miserably at my goal to actually print off and display my photos. So after thinking about it for awhile, I’ve decided that I’m no longer going to print pictures… come read my reasons why!

My New {Free} Photo Editing Programs

posted by Andrea | 05/12/2012 | 20 comments

As some of you might already know, my most-favorite photo editing program (Picnik) closed it’s doors a couple weeks ago… which means I can no longer use it’s wonderful services to make fun collages and add cute numbers to Nora’s monthly onesie pictures.
So for the past couple months, I’ve been trying out different photo editing programs… and I’ve decided on my TWO favorites. Thanks to these two programs, I’ll be able to continue editing all my super cute Nora pictures!

Weekend Giveaway: UPrinting 16″x 20″ Canvas Prints

posted by Andrea | 03/23/2012 | 149 comments

I’ve always loved the look of canvas prints… but I had never heard of “rolled canvas prints” until I recently received one from

I was honestly surprised by how great it looked, and I’m simply ecstatic to be able to display our very first family picture in such a beautiful way. I’m also excited to be able to offer 3 lucky readers a gorgeous rolled canvas from!

Four Generations… Again

posted by Andrea | 02/6/2012 | 12 comments

26 years ago… we took a four-generation picture the day I was baptized.
Yesterday… we took another four-generation picture for Nora’s baptism.

We both wore the same dress, we both were cute as a button, and we both had the privilege of Godly mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers. It was a good day!

What Photo Editing Programs Do You Use?

posted by Andrea | 01/26/2012 | 17 comments

As some of you might already know, my favorite photo editing program, Picnik, is shutting down on April 19. I have been using the Pro version of Picnik for a couple years now and absolutely LOVE how simple it is to use… especially for a novice photographer like myself!

I’ve already started looking into different photo editing programs… but I’d love to get your input too. What are your favorite photo-editing programs… and why?

Weekend Giveaway: Easy Canvas Prints

posted by Andrea | 01/20/2012 | 157 comments

When we had Nora’s newborn pictures taken, I immediately fell in love with one picture in particular…and I knew I wanted to have it framed for her nursery. However, when the folks over at Easy Canvas Prints contacted me to do a giveaway, I was ecstatic to have this photo turned into a gorgeous canvas art piece instead!!

Come see our Nora’s beautiful canvas print and enter to win your own canvas print!

She Looks Just Like Her Mom

posted by Andrea | 01/19/2012 | 7 comments

I’ve been getting lots of emails and comments about how much Nora looks like me… and I have to say I agree!

However the other day, as I was looking through my old pictures {on our portable hard drive}, I came across this picture of me — crying in my bouncy seat. I have an almost identical picture of Nora crying in her bouncy seat…

What do you think? Does she look like her mom?

Our New Year’s Card and Baby Announcement

posted by Andrea | 01/7/2012 | 10 comments

I absolutely love sending our holiday card to family and friends each year!

I had so much fun coming up with the ideas for this year’s holiday card… and then bringing those ideas to life with the help of Angela from Tilly Claire’s Design. She took all my ideas and turned them into the most beautiful, custom, 2-sided holiday card with our family’s New Year greeting on the front and Nora’s birth announcement on the back.

Favorite Photo Memories of 2011

posted by Andrea | 12/30/2011 | 7 comments

I think I’ve mentioned this before… but for the first 4 years of our marriage, Dave and I have less than 100 pictures total! Neither one of us really loves taking pictures OR being in pictures, and I often forgot my camera or simply didn’t feel like hauling it out to take a couple quick pictures.

So, last year, I made a goal to start taking more photos — and I’m happy to say I followed through with that goal.
Here are just a few of my most favorite photo memories from 2011… I’m hoping we’ll have lots more photo memories in 2012!

How To Take Creative Photos of Your Kids

posted by Andrea | 12/3/2011 | 2 comments

Due to the recent birth of our baby girl, I recruited a handful of amazing moms to share their motherly advice with all of us!

Today, Jodi from — and mother of 2 — is sharing her fabulous tips on “how to take creative photos of your kids” as well as her methods for storing, organizing, and printing those photos. If you’ve ever been stressed out by photos, this post is a MUST read!

Weekend Giveaway: Custom Card Design {5 winners!}

posted by Andrea | 10/28/2011 | 64 comments

A few weeks ago, I show you several of our past Christmas Cards and talked about my love for all sorts of holiday cards. And while I’m not going to show you our exact Christmas Cards just yet, I will introduce you to the super talented women who is creating our custom design this year…

Oh, and five lucky readers will also have a chance to win a custom card design!

Do You Send Holiday Cards?

posted by Andrea | 10/15/2011 | 8 comments

I’m not sure why I’m so obsessed with sending our annual holiday card/greeting… but I just LOVE coming up with a creative way to share everything we’ve been doing for the last year with family and friends.

Here is a quick look at the different types of holiday cards I’ve sent out for the past 5 years… I’d love to know what you do for your holiday cards!

How I Organize ALL Our Photos

posted by Andrea | 10/7/2011 | 19 comments

One area of my life that I’ve had to work REALLY hard to get organized is our photos. There were SOOOOO many photos and I simply had no idea where to start or how to start!

So after sitting in boxes for the first 2 years of our marriage, I finally decided to bite the bullet, come up with an organizing system, and get control of all our pictures. My system isn’t perfect, but it works for us. However, I’d love to hear any tips you have for keeping your photos organized.