Pantry Stockpile

Our Updated Pantry + How I Store Our Bulk Food

posted by Andrea | 05/23/2019 | 21 comments

Over the past 18 months, my cooking style has drastically changed and as a result, we’re buying most of our pantry staples in bulk.

I feel like I finally have a really good storage solution for all our bulk pantry staples — which is what I’m sharing today, complete with my first-ever chalkboard label project!

How I Stretch Our Groceries for 2-3 Weeks!

posted by Andrea | 02/4/2019 | 26 comments

Over the past 12-18 months — as our family has tried to eat significantly more fresh produce — I’ve been asked over and over and over again how I make this work without going back to the grocery store every other day.

Well, believe it or not, I often only get groceries every 2 to 3 weeks! Today I’m sharing how I make this work without wasting valuable produce.

My Self-Imposed Eat-From-The-Pantry Challenge

posted by Andrea | 01/25/2019 | 52 comments

Back in October, I decided we had WAAAAAAAAY too much food in our pantry and freezer… my solution = a self-imposed Eat-From-The-Pantry (and freezer) Challenge!

Today I’m sharing how this 3-month-long challenge worked for our family, as well as how I’m planning to change my grocery shopping from here on out.

Do Your Spaces Serve YOU and YOUR Season Of Life?

posted by Andrea | 08/17/2018 | 6 comments

Over the years, I’ve frequently stressed the importance of “regular maintenance” in order to keep a space organized for the long-term.

However, another super important part of the organizational “puzzle” is to consistently re-evaluate and re-work your spaces so they SERVE YOU WELL. That’s what I’m sharing more about today!

How Food Prep Positively Impacts Almost Every Aspect Of My Life

posted by Andrea | 05/29/2018 | 21 comments

I’ve always known food prep was an important piece of the puzzle for my simplified, organized lifestyle; however, it really hasn’t been until the last 9 months of my life that I truly started to realize just how much my entire life “falls apart” when I slack on food prep. 

This knowledge is more than enough for me to continue my not-so-loved task of food prep… as you’ll read in today’s post, it really does positively impact almost every area of my life!

How We’ve Expanded our Taste Buds and Simplified our Pantry

posted by Andrea | 02/23/2017 | 13 comments

While I don’t think I’m completely “stuck in a rut” when it comes to trying new recipes, I will admit to usually making recipes with “normal” ingredients I already have in the house — because I hate buying specific spices, oils, vinegars, or sauces just for one recipe (especially if I’m not even sure we’ll like the recipe).

Today I’m sharing how the Blue Apron meal delivery service has completely expanded our taste buds while simplifying our pantry… plus, I have 3 FREE meals for anyone who wants to try Blue Apron!

My Top 10 Favorite Food Posts

posted by Andrea | 04/3/2014 | comment

As I planned ahead for the arrival of baby Simon, I thought it might be fun to resurrect some of MY favorite posts from the past 3.5 years of blogging.

Today, I’m sharing some of MY favorite food posts — all about freezer cooking, meal-planning, canning, baking in bulk, and more!

My Thoughts on Excessive Stockpiling

posted by Andrea | 09/10/2012 | 30 comments

I talk a lot about how we save money by keeping our pantry and freezer stocked with extra meals, snacks, baking supplies, cereal, chips, etc. etc. We have a nice-size pantry area downstairs… and honestly, I’d be lost without it!

However… I personally feel like there’s a point when enough is enough and a stockpile becomes “excessive”. Today, I’m sharing my thoughts on excessive stockpiling.

Easy. Homemade. eBook Giveaway {100 winners!}

posted by Andrea | 08/16/2012 | 14 comments

Today I’m sharing a guest post and a brand new eBook from Mandi of Her eBook “Easy. Homemade” had tons of helpful tips and tricks to simplify {and shorten} your time in the kitchen!

If that sounds good to you, then keep reading — oh and she is generously giving away 100 copies of her book!

Tips to Stock and Organize your Pantry

posted by Andrea | 02/28/2012 | 26 comments

I’ve been known to have a VERY well-stocked pantry. I guess that comes from my mom — because growing up, we always had 4 or 5 more of everything down on the pantry shelves in the basement.

And although Dave and I don’t really have a true “pantry” in our kitchen, we have several shelving units in our basement that house all our extra canned goods, baking supplies, cereal, chips, snacks, beverages, and loads of other non-perishable food supplies.

Homemade Instant Oatmeal Packets

posted by Andrea | 08/24/2011 | 22 comments

Since the back-to-school season is essentially here {yup, I know…summer’s almost over} I’ve been thinking more about quick, simple breakfast and lunch ideas that will help us transition into this busy time of year. Growing up, one of my favorite things to eat for breakfast was a warm bowl of oatmeal – and even on a hot, sticky summer morning, a bowl of brown sugar/cinnamon oatmeal still hits the spot! source: Since I normally don’t have a lot of extra […]

Cleaning Out Your Stockpile

posted by Andrea | 06/25/2011 | 7 comments

Now that it’s oficially summer, I am thankful that our weekly schedules have slowed down a bit. We have almost no sporting events, committee meetings, school functions, etc. etc. It’s a wonderful change of pace and one that I lo0k forward to every year. One of the reasons I always look forward to our slower summer schedule is because it gives me a little extra time to go through our pantry, refrigerator, and freezer and take stock of everything that […]

How to Save Money on Produce

posted by Andrea | 04/28/2011 | 6 comments

We eat a good amount of fruits and vegetables all year long, but every Spring, I have a burning desire to eat even more delicious fruits and veggies. It sounds like many others have the same desire for spring produce because lately, I’ve received several emails asking how to save money on produce. I had a few of my own money-saving tricks, but I also asked for your ideas on facebook and twitter — and I’ve compiled the results here. 1. Grow and […]

Save Money with a Well-Stocked Pantry

posted by Andrea | 09/2/2010 | 5 comments

I have saved a lot of money over the years by keeping a well-stocked pantry and freezer; I learned this trick from my mom! I usually spend less than $20.00 per week on groceries; but you would never guess that by the amount of food we have around here! I also save a lot of time planning our meals for the week (or the month) because I have a place to start. I don’t need to run to the store before […]

I’ve Been Busy!

posted by Andrea | 08/31/2010 | 11 comments

{Recipes to come!} Visit my virtual recipe box for more simple, delicious, family friendly, recipes!