Ending The Summer Quietly

posted by Andrea | 07/31/2013

eating strawberries

I know, I know — there’s still a whole month of Summer left — but I’ve decided to take a blogging break for most of the month of August. So for me and for my blog, the last month of Summer should be pretty quiet (and yes, I’m super excited!)

In the past, I’ve always taken a 2-week break at some point during the Summer… and I realize a whole month seems like a really long time, but Dave get’s 11 weeks off :)

In all seriousness, I probably won’t be completely silent for the entire month — but I’m giving myself permission to be silent if I want to.

There’s a chance I’ll post here and there if something comes up and I can’t wait until September to share it with you. It will just be much more relaxed, less structured, and less scheduled. I’ll also still be chattering away on Facebook, so you can head over there if you have Nora withdrawal.

dad and nora

Eight weeks ago, I posted about my goal to “slow down summer”… and today, with only 3-4 weeks left, I find myself feeling a bit breathless from everything we’ve been doing so far and everything we still want to do.

Not necessarily breathless in a BAD way (you know I like to be busy). But since I’m fairly certain that in 5 years I will NOT look back on August of 2013 and be super disappointed that I didn’t publish a new blog post every single weekday, I’m giving myself the freedom to take a short break, wrap up a bunch of projects we’ve already started, cross a few more things off my Summer to-do list, and just sit back and enjoy the last few fleeting weeks of Summer with Dave at home.

Sound good?

It does to me! 

So while Dave and I finish up our landscape and snazzy new garage makeover (seriously, I can’t wait to show you the ‘after’ pictures of both!) and while Nora gets spoiled with nearly undivided attention from BOTH her parents for the next month, may I suggest a few of my favorite posts for your reading pleasure?

eating salsa

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And if that’s not enough, you can comb through my entire blog archive or peruse the many different categories I’ve written on over the years.

Have a wonderful last month of Summer break friends. I’ll see you back here in September for sure! 

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