My Daily Planner: The NEW Customizable Version!

posted by Andrea | 08/14/2012

Over a year ago, I created a Daily Planner template for me to personally organize my day-to-day life. I guess I just figured making my own was the best way to go since I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted anywhere else.

I used {and still use} my planner to keep track of my “top-5 list”, my meal plan, my daily routine, general to-do’s, and lots of other things.

It was perfect! And I loved using it so much that I figured I should share… so I did!

{You can read more about my Daily Planner and download the “old versions” here}

To-date, this is one of my most visited posts and my most downloaded printable… so it seems a few of you like it too 🙂

However, I keep getting asked if I can offer a customizable version that can be edited on the computer and then printed off to fit YOUR individual schedule

Well, I didn’t have the software to do that — and I didn’t feel it was worth the expense for one document. But then my friend Mandi offered to do it for me… because she’s nice like that!

So, here it is — my updated AND customizable, free Daily Planner Printable {just in time for the crazy back-to-school busyness!}

After you download the free Daily Planner, you can then customize it by typing text into the blue highlighted blanks and then print it off.

If that doesn’t work, then here are a few other steps you can try 

  • Click “Sign” in the top right corner
  • Click on “Add Text” in the right side bar
  • Click on any of the light-blue highlighted blanks and type your text
  • Click “Done Signing” in the right side bar
  • You can print 1 or 100 copies — or you can simply leave it open on your desktop and glance at it throughout the day so you know what you need to do.

NOTE: You won’t be able to SAVE your edited version unless you have the FULL Adobe; however, you can download and save the blank version… and of course, you can always print your edited version and then make photo copies.

I’d suggest adding customized text to the “Daily Routine” section in the middle and then leaving the rest of it blank. That way, you can add new content based on the current day.

Or of course, you could make a new version every day if that’s what you’d like to do.

Download my FREE customizable Daily Planer now!


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  1. Gloria


    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Daily Planner sheet! It’s so well designed. It’s got everything! I was wondering if you have an A5 (2 on one sheet) design for those who use an A5 (mini) binder?


    Andrea Reply:

    yes! You can download the double planner here:


  2. Eileen Cowell




  3. Bonnie


    Hi Andrea,

    I was wondering if you have a copy where I could change some of the headings. I was hoping to adapt it for a student I tutor.


    Andrea Reply:

    no I don’t sorry!
    It was originally created in Excel (but I don’t have those files anymore) so if you understand Excel, you could create another one!


  4. erika


    Helle Andrea,
    I thank VERY MUCH for your new version “FREE customizable Daily Planer now!”

    It will be VERY helpfully for me as I found very difficult to organize my-self in every day of my life.

    And on Top of that thks you to explain how it can be customizable.
    I find very diffucult for me to find a planner that correspond me .

    I want to take care of me , be and pratice gratefullness , mindfullness. What a program !!
    Thank you for sharing


    Andrea Reply:

    you’re welcome — enjoy!


  5. AletheaGrills


    How do you store your daily planner pages?


    Andrea Reply:

    I usually just print/photo copy a few at a time and keep them by my computer


  6. Halley


    Really like this…it’s very close to what I’ve been trying to create for myself (without much luck). Only thing is I’d really love to be able to remove the water glasses, maybe change the color…any remote possibility of getting the excel file??


    Andrea Reply:

    sorry, I don’t even have it anymore — those printables are SO old


  7. millet


    hi Andrea,

    Thank you so much for this its a big help for our everyday life.
    keep sharing and God bless you for those gift thata u’ve shared .


    Andrea Reply:

    You’re welcome 🙂


  8. Raquel


    Hello, i stumbled across your blog and love it. Did you create this planner in Excel?


    Andrea Reply:

    Yup, I used Excel.

    Thanks Raquel!


  9. Jojo


    Hi Andrea. Thank you so much for the free printables. Very much appreciated. Best wishes always on your current and future endeavors.


  10. Bee


    Great planner! Thanks for posting! I noticed that you spelled “errands” incorrectly on your pages, and the name of the customizable PDF came up with “Daily” spelled incorrectly. Thought you might want to know.



  11. Rahul


    Many thanks for sharing 🙂


  12. Desiree


    Well hello there!! You are everything I ever wanted in a fairy God-mother. I love this printable… and now that I’m searching threw your’re site I find that…. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR SITE!! Espicially your article called How I Took Control of My Email Inbox… That tip about searching unsubscribe just changed my life!! A million times Thank you!!!


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks Desiree!


    Raquel Reply:

    Would you be willing to sell me the excel version. I would love to modify some of the labels. I really love this and want to put it to use ASAP lol.


    Andrea Reply:

    I’d love to Raquel, but I actually don’t even have access to it anymore. I made this many years ago on an old computer and the file isn’t compatible with my Mac. I can’t even open it except for the PDF version. Sorry 🙁


    Raquel Reply:

    ooh boo, it is such a great table.


  13. Lee


    Hello Andrea,

    Just love your site :)!!

    I really like your double planner, how can this be made into
    a customizable double planner …it would be just awesome!



    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks Lee! And actually, I DO have a customizable version of the double planner now. Here’s the link!!


  14. Tahara


    Do you have this in the half-size…I really like it but use a half size planner. Thanks


  15. Heather



    Do you happen to have the customizable version in the half size? I couldn’t find it on your site.

    Thank you!


    Andrea Reply:

    no, sorry


  16. Pauline


    Thank you. This is a great planner. Is there any way that I can edit some of the titles? I would like to change the appointments section to exercise as I like to write out in detail what I need to do. Also, I would like to change the notes section to cleaning so I can make it a bit more like a home version. Maybe you may be motivated…:) Anyway, thank you so much. It is awesome.


  17. Steve


    Wow! This is such a great layout, and important information. I wasn’t clear from the other posts… Is there an Excel version, to add/remove things, or move sections? I see the PDF fillable version, but not the Excel.

    Thank you for such a great visual and important layout to remember all of the things needing to be tracked in a day — including health, which is too often forgotten.


  18. Mark S


    Thank you for this, needed a daily editable planner, this does it all and more!! Appreciate this immensely


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  20. Samantha


    THANK YOU! Very excited to use!!!


  21. Mistee


    Thanks, This is great!


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  23. Lori


    I have the latest version of Adobe Reader, 11.0.06, and I have no “side bar” in my version. So I don’t have any ‘sign’ or ‘add text’ to click on. What am I doing wrong?


    alice Reply:

    You probably need to upgrade your Adobe software. OR you can print out the blank form, fill in your custom “daily routine:” tasks and then scan it and save.


  24. Charity


    This is well laid out & includes everything I need. I have been searching & searching for something that would work for me. Thank you so much!