So Many More Strollers (+ our current favorite)

posted by Andrea | 05/18/2018

Exactly 5 year ago, I shared this post about our favorite strollers.

At the time, we only had one child, but I had already tried out close to a dozen different strollers — buying and selling them on Craigslist (and often making a profit in the process!)

Well, 5 years and 3 more babies later, we have an entirely new line-up of strollers… and that’s what I’m sharing more about today!

It really is somewhat ridiculous how many we have, but we use them all on a regular basis, we have room to store them all, I got all but one of them for free or at rock-bottom prices on Craigslist, and I will most definitely be able to resell them all over the next few years!

Of course, there are pros and cons to all of our strollers — and OUR stroller needs are most likely very different from YOUR stroller needs. However, since I’m all about sharing what works for US in our current stage of life, I figured it was time for an updated stroller post!

Let’s get started…

1. Britax B-Agile Stroller + Travel System

Amazon link to the stroller

Amazon link to the full travel system

Amazon link to chid’s snack tray

Amazon link to parent organizing caddy

This is currently the stroller I use most right now (sometimes 2-3 times a day) mainly because it’s the stroller that came with Clara’s Britax infant carseat. The Craigslist ad for the carseat said “free stroller” and while I know I technically just paid for the whole travel system, I got a great deal on the carseat (roughly $60 I think) and the “free” stroller sealed the deal for me!

This stroller is very light-weight and SO easy to push around. The wheels glide everywhere and turn on a dime. It’s technically a jogging stroller — and you know I don’t jog — but I really do like only 1 wheel in the front. It’s so much easier to push than strollers with 2 wheels up front.

The only thing I don’t like about this stroller and carseat combo is that it requires BOTH hands to unhook the carseat from the stroller. I need to grab both sides where it connects and press a button, so I don’t have one hand free to then pull up on the carseat handle. It was very awkward in the beginning, but now that I’m used to it, there are no issues — still a design flaw in my opinion though!

The B-Agile folds down instantly with the push of a button, and fits very nicely in the back of my trunk, or even in the passenger seat if my trunk is full.

It also has a very large sunshade, which is nice, now that Clara is sometimes using the stroller without the infant carseat.

Our current “plan” is to transition Clara out of her infant carseat over the summer, at which point, we will definiteliy sell her carseat and base. I’m still debating if I want to sell the stroller WITH the carseat or not. I really do love this stroller as a super convenient single stroller. And there are plenty of times I use a single stroller these days as the older kids often prefer to walk or ride their bikes with me.

We’ll see what we decide over the next couple of months!Β 


2. Contours Options Elite Double Stroller

Amazon link for the stroller

Amazon link for the infant adapter (this came with mine, but now it’s not included)

Amazon link for the child snack tray

Amazon link for a super cool shopping basket attachment

My previous blog post about this stroller

The Contours double stroller is the first and ONLY stroller I’ve ever purchased brand new from the store — and wow, have we gotten our money out of it!

I purchased it right after Simon was born (using BuyBuyBaby store credit I had left over from years before!) and we’ve put many miles on it over the past 4 years.

I absolutely love all the different seating options (hence the name “options”) available with this stroller, especially that I can put a carseat in either the front or the back of the stroller, and that each seat can face forward or backward independently.

I blogged more about this stroller in a post 4 years ago — with lots more pictures of the different ways it can be configured.

We currently still use this stroller fairly regularly because James can’t always keep up with the older kids, especially if the older 2 want to ride their bike.

Often, I end up propping James’ bike on the canopies of this stroller when he gets tired, and he sits in the front while Clara is in the back facing me. I’m sure it’s quite the sight for our neighbors!

There are so many things I love about this stroller… and a few I don’t. πŸ™‚

The Contours stroller is great for walking on paved roads, but it’s definitely NOT an “off-road” stroller, even on smooth grassy areas. It does not turn quickly and if the child in the front seat is heavy, it can be somewhat difficult to steer around tight corners. It’s also somewhat bulky to fold down (but most double strollers are).

The one other negative about this stroller is thatΒ it’s currently selling for more than DOUBLE the price I paid just 4 years ago! I think I got mine for around $170 with a coupon, and it’s now selling for $400 — which doesn’t even include the infant carseat adapter! Boo!

One newer accessory they now offer for this stroller is the Shopping Basket — which hooks onto the infant carseat adapter. It instantly turns this stroller into a fabulous option for running errands (something I do regularly with my strollers) so it could be a good option for me even once we only need it for one child.

That said, I have a feeling we’ll be selling this stroller within the next 6 months… once Clara is able to sit more confidently on her own, we’ll most likely use our double bike trailer as our primary double stroller (more on the bike trailer below).


3. Burley D’lite Double Bike Trailer/Stroller

Amazon link for bike trailer

Amazon link for double wheel stroller kit

Amazon link for single jogging wheel kit

My previous blog post about this trailer/stroller

This bike trailer/stroller combo is a dream come true for Dave and for me!

We have wanted one of these since we had Nora, but just couldn’t bite the bullet and spend the money. We did find a used one on Craigslist for a reduced price, but quickly realized it wasn’t the “right fit” for our needs and sold it again immediately.

Then, 3 years ago, I was offered the opportunity to review the Burley unit with multiple accessories and attachments on my blog! I was about 7 months pregnant with James, so it was SUCH perfect timing. I was SO excited!

Not only did we get the bike trailer (with an extra attachment piece so we can switch it easily between our 2 bikes), we also got the complete jogging wheel attachment and the 2-wheel attachment — both of which are fantastic.

This stroller is amazing!

I can literally push this stroller with one finger, even with both Simon and James inside. It glides over almost any surface and is perfect for off-roading adventures.

Personally, I like using it with the 2-wheel stroller attachment best (it turns on a dime and fits through any normal doorway) but Dave loves using it as a bike trailer.

It’s nice that it works in conjunction with our baby bike seat and/or our tag-a-long bike attachment!

We will most certainly be using this bike trailer for many years yet — and when the day comes when Clara is confidently riding a bike on her own, I will be so sad to finally sell this beauty.

I suppose the one negative to this stroller is the insane price tag.

It would truly cost $1000 to buy the stroller and all the accessories we have — honestly, you could practically buy a used car for that price!

Also, it doesn’t work well until a child can sit up really well on their own (so around age 1). Burley sells an infant insert, but it has bad reviews and it doesn’t look comfortable for the infant or the other child who needs to sit next to the infant.

4. Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller

Amazon link for stroller.

This stroller is absolutely AMAZING for my current season of life!

Not only does it easily hold 2 or even 3 of my big kids at a time, it’s also super lightweight and folds down extremely small (especially if I remove the snack tray and canopy).

This stroller does work with our carseat, but I prefer it for use with the older kids as the carseat takes up SO much room that there’s almost no place for another child to sit or stand.

I scored this gem for $30 at a local mom’s sale 2 years ago and I have a feeling it will be the one stroller I hold onto for a long time — just because it’s so compact and so versatile!

I love that the sunshade is completely removable if I want to have 3 kids on the stroller. And I also love that the sunshade is large enough to completely cover 2 kiddos if they are both sitting down.

Also, this is one of our only strollers that actually comes with all the accessories! It comes with the child snack tray, it comes with the adult organizing caddy, it comes with the sunshade, and it doesn’t require an additional attachment for the infant carseat.

I will say that the smaller wheels make the stroller more challenging to push (especially with 3 kids on it!) It’s definitely only designed for use on smooth surfaces.

Also, if you are quite tall, I’m guessing the handle would be too low for your comfort.

That said, this is still a fantastically useful and practical stroller for our family — and probably the one stroller we’ll hang onto the longest as there are just so many ways to use it with bigger kids!


5. Koolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

Amazon link to stroller.

This cute little stroller is the newest addition to our “family” of strollers. I recently found it for $5 at our local thrift store, and even though it wasn’t too dirty, it looks fantastic now after I washed it up!

It truly is VERY VERY lightweight and pushes extremely easily. It folds down super small, has a generous sunshade, and a decent size basket for storage. Plus, it comes with a parent organizer and a removable child’s tray.

I also like that it pushes with a bar and not 2 separate handles — this makes it much easier to push one-handed.


That’s a lot of strollers — I know!

However, keep in mind that the kids and I walk and bike ALL over the place — so we truly do use one or more of our strollers every single day.

Also, as I mentioned above, I essentially got all our strollers for FREE.

The Burley was compensation for writing a blog post, the Contours double stroller was purchased with gift cards I didn’t currently have a use for, the Britax came “free” with the infant carseat I wanted to buy anyway, and the Joovy and Koolcraft strollers cost a total of $35!

So, assuming I’ll be able to sell all of these strollers for SIGNIFICANTLY more than $35 someday, I think I made out all right!

One of the reasons I thought to share more about our strollers this week is because I cleaned them all up last weekend.

It was the perfect day to let them air out and dry off in the warm sun and slight breeze. Now they are fresh again for another season of use!

If you’re wondering, here’s a link to my post about how I clean our strollers.


I’d love to know what YOUR favorite strollers are/were… and why!


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  1. Heather


    Great reviews. We’re so lucky these days that we’ve got a lot of models to choose from. I personally love Contour’s design as I have experiences using it in the past as well. I just wish they’d make jogging strollers too. Wouldn’t that be great?


    Andrea Reply:

    yes, we love the contour’s design! I’m not a jogger, so I probably wouldn’t buy a jogging stroller, but I’m sure there would be a market for it!


  2. Mrs.M in MI


    We have two kids 18 months apart in age (currently 3 and 18 months) so we have used a LOT of strollers that past few years! I ended up with two types of strollers: lightweight umbrella-type strollers to keep in the car and use for errands, or outdoor/jogging strollers with air-filled tires for walking around the neighborhood. My favorites:

    1. Chicco Keyfit Caddy – for the Chicco car seat (Andrea, at 5’9″ I was not at the top range of the handlebar adjustment and my 6’4″ husband didn’t hate it so it might work for your sister). I still miss how lightweight and easy to fold this one was, and the huge storage basket.

    2. Burley Honeybee – my kids LOVE this one, and we have’t even taken it biking yet! I did use the infant insert last summer when the baby was 8-12 months and older sibling was 2-2.5 years and they both seemed to have enough room and baby was supported. They (mostly) love being close to each other. Because it has the cover we used it all winter and they were so cozy in their little cabin. This summer the baby is finally old enough to bike so we’ll see how they like that. Unlike the rest of my strollers, I had to buy this one new (found it 20% off on Kohl’s website of all places).

    3. City Mini double – my other double stroller was great that first winter with two under two. I could snap my car seat in one side (with the adapter), stick older sibling in the other, and run into the warm store. We still use this regularly when there will be crowds, we’ll want big canopies, or someone might fall asleep as my Burley only has the one-wheel stroller kit, no sun shade, and the seat doesn’t recline.

    4. Summer Infant single umbrella stroller – great for air travel


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks so much for sharing what works for you! LOVE all the fun stroller options we have now days!


  3. Becky


    I will admit, i am stroller obsessed. We had twins firsy, and added our third recently, so we currently have 3 under 3. For my every day stroller, i LOVE by baby jogger city select. Its a loy like the contours options, but i liked the frame and wheels better. We also have a double BOB jogging stroller , and a combi double that folds up likr an umbrella stroller. We also just added a lightweight graco single to our collection for when we only need one small compact stroller. Usually when we go grocery shopping or take all 3 somewhere like the mall, where the older boys try to run off or may not listen and have to sit in “time out” in the stroller.


    Andrea Reply:

    haha — well you get a free pass with 3 under 3! That requires many different stroller combinations to make life work!


  4. wilma


    The Burley looks like the Chariot (Thule) strollers we have–we have a single and a double. We’ve used them to death–both as running strollers and as bike carriers. Other than that, we had a stroller that the car seat fit in, which was ok, and an upgraded umbrella (I’m 5’10” and my husband is about 5 inches taller than me; a regular umbrella was not going to work, haha), as well as an assortment of wagons, running bikes, etc. It’s really amazing how much kid transport stuff one collects!! Luckily, it can (mostly) all be donated or sold.


    Andrea Reply:

    yes, my sister is very tall as well (she is 5’11” and her husband is 6’5″) and they are pregnant with their first baby — due this summer. She is struggling to find a stroller with tall enough handles for them.
    The burley is nice because the handle bar is adjustable, so Dave can raise it up and I can lower it!


  5. susan smeltzer


    I’ve included your photos of the Jogger and bike trailer/stroller in an e-mail to my mom. She is 95 and is overwhelmed by the expense of a new fancy walker (U-Step). I’m hoping this will put a little perspective on the purchase for her. 1. She will be safer and able to use it longer than a toddler and, 2. pass it on to me. πŸ™‚ Kind of your same thinking.


    Andrea Reply:

    haha — so smart! and yes, the walker will definitley be worth the money!


  6. Heather


    I’m once again amazed you bought a second hand car seat (but this time I’ve got round to commenting!). Does the AAP not advise against that? In the U.K. There is almost no market for second hand seats, as it’s one of only two things (crib/cot mattresses are the other) that are unsafe used. For car seats it’s because (unless you know the person you’re buying from) you can’t guarantee the seat hasn’t been in an accident. Is it different in the US?


    Brandette Reply:

    Yes, it is the same in the US. Car seats aren’t supposed to be sold or bought second hand. Primarily because you can never be entirely sure it wasn’t involved in a car accident. But that being said, they apparently are because there are people who will buy them.

    Personally, I would never be comfortable buying a car seat or any safety item second hand. I just don’t want to take the risk.


  7. Emily


    Does the Burley fit through single doorways when used as a stroller? I’m thinking of an event like a fair where you’re mostly outside, but might go through some buildings as well.


    Andrea Reply:

    yes, it fits through standard 36″ doors easily. It doesn’t fold down and quickly or as neatly as a regular double stroller — but is sure is nice!


  8. Rachel


    This is interesting to read even though I have only had one stroller with my two kids who are 3.5 year apart, the Britax B Agile which has held up really well. I do a lot of babywearing so we don’t always use a stroller. I would LOVE to have one of those Burley’s though! I keep looking for a used one locally. I am curious if you had any concerns about buying a carseat used through Craiglist, not knowing its accident history, etc.


    Andrea Reply:

    yes, the burley’s are amazing — which is why you’re having such a hard time finding them used. No one gets rid of them, and if they do, they pass them along to a younger sibling or friend with younger kids. πŸ™‚
    Also, no, I’ve never been concerned about buying a used carseat. That’s just me though — I know it’s not for everyone.


  9. Bonnie'sMama


    I just have to laugh at the picture of Dave with that crazy bike train! His face–so patient! The whole setup is just pure dad. He reminds me of John Conlee’s song, “Domestic Life,” except for the part about owing his soul to Mastercard.


    Andrea Reply:

    I know — he’s so patient and content (so opposite of me!)


  10. Meghan


    I just realized one benefit of having kids far apart in age – I only need two strollers! I have the Summer 3D Lite which is the best inexpensive umbrella stroller. Then I have the Schwinn Jogging stroller which has a lot of features that high end joggers don’t have. I haven’t had a lot of success finding strollers I want on Craigslist, but ones I’ve listed have always sold super fast for a great price.


    Andrea Reply:

    haha — yes, definitely!
    there are lots of benefits of having kids close together AND far apart, but the stroller situation is definitely more favorable for people who space their kids out a bit! 4 children in 5 years (and a mama who loves to walk) has required lots of different stroller configurations! That’s for sure πŸ™‚


  11. Kate


    We’ve had a couple different double strollers as well as a single umbrella stroller; all of which did the job but none that I’d rave about. One thing we did have that I always recommend is the Radio Flyer triple wagon. This was perfect when we had 3 kids all small enough to ride in it; it was perfect for us for about 3 years. All the seats have buckles and cup holders and there is a large bag-type thing on the back that can hold a lot of stuff. We were able to fit a small cooler in it when we went to the zoo.


    Andrea Reply:

    we have friends and neighbors who are hard-core wagon loves, but I really REALLY do not like using a wagon. I don’t know why, I’d much rather push than pull. That said, your wagon looks amazing!


    Jenny Reply:

    From a medical/ergonomic standpoint, pushing is much easier on the back/shoulders/arms- plus you can see what they are doing!


    Andrea Reply:

    yeah, I’ve never loved pulling a wagon (probably why we’ve never owned one!)


  12. Lily


    This is so helpful to read! I have a 2.5yo and baby #2 is due in two weeks, so we’ve been looking at double strollers but it’s a frustrating process. We also have the Britax infant seat and B-agile stroller and LOVE it, but the Britax double stroller is crazy expensive. We’re trying to figure out the best, most cost-effective solution without getting overwhelmed. Does your Britax infant seat work with either the Contours or Joovy stroller?


    Andrea Reply:

    congrats Lily!
    My best advice is to just buy used — then if you don’t love it, just sell it and find something else!
    And yes, my carseat works with both the Contours and Joovy stroller — they both have “universal carseat adapters” which makes life so much easier!


  13. Megan


    This makes me feel so much better about the many strollers we have cluttering up our garage! Seriously, with 4 kids and a walkable neighborhood, we need almost every combination you mentioned! We have 2 jogging strollers (single and double), a sit and stand, and a bike trailer.


    Andrea Reply:

    ok what… since when do you have 4 kids! Congrats!
    ad yes, multiple strollers are a necessity if you want to get out and walk regularly with that many kids! πŸ™‚


  14. Jen @ Bookish Family


    I actually sold all of our strollers when I was pregnant with our 3rd child!

    We also do lots of walking, but I do a lot of babywearing and the kids start being pretty good at riding balance bikes around 2.5. Instead of a stroller, I use a big lightweight radio flyer wagon around town when I can’t or don’t want to walk at a toddler’s pace or need to carry a lot of stuff, like camping chairs or groceries.

    Sometimes I wish I lived in a better craigslist area when I see all the great deals you can get. We used to live in a city and had much more options to buy used than we do now.


    Andrea Reply:

    wow — crazy!
    our kids are really good with bike riding too, but with 4 kids in 5.5 years, I still end up pushing at least one or 2 kiddos for all or part of the walk.
    James often starts out on his bike, and then I end up carrying the bike on top of the stroller canopy while he rides the rest of the way home πŸ™‚

    Also, when we take longer walks, we do have a pretty busy road to cross, so I feel more confident if they are in a stroller versus a bike.