My Daily Planner: The NEW Customizable Version!

posted by Andrea | 08/14/2012

Over a year ago, I created a Daily Planner template for me to personally organize my day-to-day life. I guess I just figured making my own was the best way to go since I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted anywhere else.

I used {and still use} my planner to keep track of my “top-5 list”, my meal plan, my daily routine, general to-do’s, and lots of other things.

It was perfect! And I loved using it so much that I figured I should share… so I did!

{You can read more about my Daily Planner and download the “old versions” here}

To-date, this is one of my most visited posts and my most downloaded printable… so it seems a few of you like it too :)

However, I keep getting asked if I can offer a customizable version that can be edited on the computer and then printed off to fit YOUR individual schedule

Well, I didn’t have the software to do that — and I didn’t feel it was worth the expense for one document. But then my friend Mandi offered to do it for me… because she’s nice like that!

So, here it is — my updated AND customizable, free Daily Planner Printable {just in time for the crazy back-to-school busyness!}

After you download the free Daily Planner, you can then customize it by typing text into the blue highlighted blanks and then print it off.

If that doesn’t work, then here are a few other steps you can try 

  • Click “Sign” in the top right corner
  • Click on “Add Text” in the right side bar
  • Click on any of the light-blue highlighted blanks and type your text
  • Click “Done Signing” in the right side bar
  • You can print 1 or 100 copies — or you can simply leave it open on your desktop and glance at it throughout the day so you know what you need to do.

NOTE: You won’t be able to SAVE your edited version unless you have the FULL Adobe; however, you can download and save the blank version… and of course, you can always print your edited version and then make photo copies.

I’d suggest adding customized text to the “Daily Routine” section in the middle and then leaving the rest of it blank. That way, you can add new content based on the current day.

Or of course, you could make a new version every day if that’s what you’d like to do.

Download my FREE customizable Daily Planer now!

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  1. prince Bediako


    This daily planner tamplate is realy helpful it helps me to sort myself out everyday thanks for that


  2. Kaeley


    Hi Andrea,

    I just wanted to say thank you for such a brilliant blog. I am currently trying to simplify and organize myself and my family as we are due to move into our newly built home soon and I didn’t want to carry over old bad habits to our new home. I have tried all my life to be organized and always seem to fall short (it doesn’t stop me trying) however when we move I want to start afresh and think that your blog is such a wealth of information and just what I need to help me get sorted. The Planner pages you have provided to everyone for free are just brilliant and just what I needed to get organised. I write so many ‘To Do’ Lists everyday that don’t seem to help me so now I’m looking forward to using the Planner Sheets instead. Anyway many thanks and I look forward to reading more.

    Kind Regards


  3. mitchsmom


    Could you make this in a double page version??!! :)


    Kristina Reply:

    Just set your printer to print 2 per page and it will scale it down for you.


    AJ Reply:

    I would also realllly like to have it in a double page version. Setting the printer like you suggested above does scale it down to half size, but it still only prints one per page. Unless we have the full Adobe, we can’t print 2 copies of the same page onto 1 sheet of paper. :( Thanks!


    Andrea Reply:

    AJ, it probably just depends on the type of printer you have. I DO have a double version of this printable (click here for that version), but unfortunately, the double version is not customizable (and the software to make it customizable is expensive!)


    Kaitlin Reply:

    AJ, I wanted the same thing. I also like to really conserve paper and print 2 per page front and back. I saved the file to my computer. Then I went to I uploaded the file 4 times in order to get 4 pages in the document. Then download the new merged file and it will still be customizable. I set my settings before printing to 2 per page, print front and back, and set the number of copies I needed. It came out just how I wanted. You can then save the merged file to your computer so you will have it next time. Hope this helps.


    AJ Reply:

    Thanks, Kaitlin! That was so kind of you to share your solution to the problem. That pdfmerge site looks very helpful! I will give it a try sometime. Thank you again!


  4. Monique


    I have really enjoyed reading your blog. Do you think you can develop an App for the daily planner? I love it, but do not want to print it out every day – I think an App would be greener :)
    But, I apsolutely love your daily planner!


  5. bg


    could you let the headings be able to be edited? I don’t have appointments so i’d like to change this heading to exercise.


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  8. Kristie


    I love this.
    Is there anyway to do it in just black, no blue or other colors?


    Andrea Reply:

    I don’t have plans to change these printables right now — but you could always just print them in black and white.


  9. Nicolette



    Love you siter – so wonderfuly and sweet! I am also always trying to design the perfect day planner and I just wish I’d kept some of them. You have nailed it on this one. So practical. I’m going to try yours for awhile and take a break from my own.

    Keep up the great work!




  10. Jeanna


    Thank you so much for sharing your list! It’s what I’ve been looking for to add to my home organization binder. I have downloaded the customized version of your printable. For some reason, however, when I print, only the portions that I edited show up. The rest of the file doesn’t print, no headline, no lines, just the words time and event. Do you know what may be happening here and how I can fix it? Thank you so much for your time!


  11. Kena


    THANK YOU!!!!! Wow!!! I am so excited to use it but most of all thank you for sharing your amazing idea with everyone and allowing us to use it for free.


  12. Ricardo


    Thank you, I already had the very first one you shared with us, I like this better though :)


  13. Kel


    I love the layout of this planner! I’d spend money on it if it was a little more customizable. Meaning the ability to add/move the blue sections . Seriously well thought out! I had down loaded the old one awhile back and now this one. Koodos on a very well thought out and professional website! Your personality comes across so well. Thanks.


  14. Kel


    I had another question. What software/program did you use to make the printable?


  15. RC


    Thank you for sharing. This is very close to what I’m looking for, so I really appreciate that you are willing to share it for free :)


  16. Charity


    This is well laid out & includes everything I need. I have been searching & searching for something that would work for me. Thank you so much!


  17. Lori


    I have the latest version of Adobe Reader, 11.0.06, and I have no “side bar” in my version. So I don’t have any ‘sign’ or ‘add text’ to click on. What am I doing wrong?


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  19. Mistee


    Thanks, This is great!


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