Video: How I Tie My Scarf

posted by Andrea | 04/4/2013 | 31 comments

Last week I blogged about my new blog name and shared my new profile picture. I was thrilled to receive such positive feedback from everyone — but I had to laugh about how many questions and emails I got asking me to explain how I tied my scarf!

So instead of trying to take a bunch of pictures, I made a quick video to show you the simple steps.

6 Tips to Travel With Less

posted by Andrea | 03/25/2013 | 17 comments

Dave’s spring break starts this Friday, and we are planning to spend a nice relaxing week AT HOME. Hallelujah!

But for those of you who are headed out of town, I have a few tips that should help you pack a little lighter… and could potentially save you a bundle if you’re flying!

How I Store and Organize All Our Baby Clothes

posted by Andrea | 02/25/2013 | 41 comments

About 18 months ago, I posted pictures of our soon-to-be-baby’s closet… and all the cute baby girl clothes inside. It was neat, organized, and everything was in its place — obviously, because there was no person to wear the clothing or mess anything up yet!

Well, fast-forward a little over a year and although it’s not quite as organized, we still have a pretty good system for storing and organizing Nora’s clothes.

A Closer Look at Our Minimalist Wardrobe

posted by Andrea | 07/10/2012 | 32 comments

Every piece of clothing Dave and I own is in our closet or in our dresser drawers and we intend to keep it that way, partially because we live in an old farmhouse where extra closet space is slim to none, but also because we don’t want more clothing than we have space for.

Come take a closer look at our closet… and our minimalist wardrobe.

My Minimalist Traveling Wardrobe

posted by Andrea | 06/28/2012 | 17 comments

Earlier this week I mentioned that we’re taking a road trip for Dave’s brother’s wedding… and listed off all the STUFF we had to pack to accommodate Nora!

However, I thought I would also share a few of my personal tips for packing an extremely minimalist traveling wardrobe.

Weekend Giveaway: Custom “Daddy Quilt”

posted by Andrea | 05/25/2012 | 137 comments

Remember a few weeks ago when I shared several pictures of my t-shirt quilt? Well, I loved it SO much that I asked Jane from Maide Jane Designs if she would be willing to do a t-shirt quilt giveaway here on

Lucky for you, Jane graciously agreed — click through to enter this fabulous giveaway!

My Best Closet Design Tips and Tricks

posted by Andrea | 05/14/2012 | 12 comments

I’m sure you can imagine the number of emails I receive asking for advice on the best ways to design a closet. Yeah… it’s a lot!

And while I don’t mind the questions, I decided that it would be much easier (and save me a bunch of time) if I could simply direct these people to a blog posts with my best closet design tips and tricks. So, if you’re planning a closet renovation, or if you’d just like a few tips to beter utilize the closet you already have, keep reading…

My T-shirt Quilt

posted by Andrea | 04/10/2012 | 15 comments

During my spring break “staycation” I showed a few pictures of my fabulous t-shirt quilt… but I didn’t really go into much detail about the process, or about how you could create your own t-shirt quilt.

And since I absolutely LOVE the fact that I was able to transform a bunch of t-shirt clutter into an extremely useful, practical, and memorable item — I figured I should share a few more details!

{Vlog} How We Fold Our T-Shirts and a T-shirt Quilt Project!

posted by Andrea | 03/14/2012 | 43 comments

Dave and I have a lot of t-shirts, but we wear them all the time… so I can justify it! Plus, we keep them organized with a very clever folding method {see my very first vlog in this post}.

And while I was making the vlog, I decided it was finally time to clear out some of my t-shirt clutter to make a t-shirt quilt — so I packed up a bunch of my most memorable t-shirts and sent them off to be transformed into something a little more useful!

Clothes Clutter and Organizing Ideas

posted by Andrea | 02/2/2012 | 8 comments

It must be “that time of year” — based on the number of emails and questions I’ve been getting lately, you must all be ready to organize your closets!

So, instead of answering every single email, comment, and Facebook message; I thought I would do a quick post with a bunch of links to different posts about organizing clothes.

Clear Your Clutter… with a Clothes Basket

posted by Andrea | 01/9/2012 | 4 comments

As you can probably imagine, January and February are busy months for anyone involved in the “organizing industry”. Just think about how many people made a New Year’s resolution or goal to “get more organized” this year!

And even though I’m normally quite organized, I find myself with an even stronger urge to purge at the beginning of a new year. If you’ve had this same urge lately, I’ve got a really SIMPLE tip that always seems to help me get rid of even more stuff around our house.

Organizing Winter Gear – Without a Mudroom

posted by Andrea | 11/9/2011 | 9 comments

Even though our farmhouse has SO many features we absolutely wanted and needed in a house; the one thing it doesn’t have is a mudroom… or any type of front closet or back closet.

And although I would absolutely LOVE a nice big area to dump all our winter gear, I’ve had to get creative and come up with alternate solutions… especially now that winter is right around the corner.
See how I transformed a $20 armoire into our new “mudroom”!

Purse Clutter Revisited and Cool New Products!

posted by Andrea | 10/25/2011 | 12 comments

Over a year ago I showed you everything that was in my purse. And while I’m still using the exact same purse, the contents have changed a bit… and would you believe that it’s even MORE organized!

Yup, I just recently came across a new company, Invite L, and they specialize in really classy organizing products and tools {so of course I fell instantly in love with them!}

22 Ways to Get More Organized in 10 Minutes or Less

posted by Andrea | 08/25/2011 | 1 comment

source: alexkerhead I hate wasting time! So I’m always on the lookout for quick organizing projects to tackle when I have a few extra minutes here and there. I’ve even started timing some of my daily tasks, and found that I could accomplish many of them in 10 minutes or less! After thinking about these 10-minute tasks, I realized that by completing one every day for a year, I would tally up over 60 hours of organizing — pretty impressive! So what can YOU […]

Simple Tips to get Organized for Fall

posted by Andrea | 08/23/2011 | 9 comments

It’s THAT time of year again. Ready or not, the lazy summer days will soon be replaced by a more structured, back-to-school schedule. And even though the transition from summer to fall can be a stressful time of year for many families, the change is manageable if you take some time to simplify and organize a few key areas of your home and life. 1. Clothes Fall is a great time to declutter closets – both your closet and your […]

Clothes Clutter: Organizing All Your Accessories

posted by Andrea | 08/13/2011 | 90 comments

Earlier this week, I took you on a tour of our brand new Master Closet. It was the first post in a series of posts I’m planning to do about “clothes clutter” and it gave me a good opportunity to  show you exactly how Dave and I keep all our clothes organized {and all in ONE closet!}. However, after hearing feedback from many of you, I decided that accessories should be the next post in this series. I think accessories […]

How We Organize Our Master Closet

posted by Andrea | 08/9/2011 | 15 comments

We’re FINALLY all moved into our new master bedroom — and more importantly, into our new master closet! It feels SO great to have all our clothes organized and all in one place again — and it also gave Dave and me a great excuse to purge a few things we haven’t worn in awhile! As I mentioned last week, I’m starting a mini series on “Clothes Clutter” as it seems to be such a huge problem for all of my clients […]

Ask the Readers: Clothes Clutter

posted by Andrea | 08/4/2011 | 8 comments

source: I’ve received an overwhelming number of emails asking about closet and clothes clutter. It seems you all have “too little closet space” — or MAYBE, you just have TOO much stuff!! Either way, I’m thinking it might not be a bad idea to do a few different posts about clothes clutter. And I’m planning to start off by bringing you on a full-blown tour of our FINISHED master bedroom closet. {You can read about the closet system installation here}.   This […]