March, 2013

4 Tips for Cooking Without a Recipe

posted by Andrea | 03/29/2013 | 21 comments

As I’m sure you can tell by looking through my recipe box, I am NOT a gourmet chef. I don’t cook fancy foods, I don’t use hard-to-find or expensive ingredients, I don’t spend all day in the kitchen, and I don’t use complicated recipes. In fact, I rarely use recipes at all these days!

Today, I’m sharing 4 simple tips that will hopefully motivate you to be a little more adventuresome in the kitchen… and try cooking without a detailed recipe!

I Cleaned My Shower Fixtures… with Lemons!

posted by Andrea | 03/28/2013 | 14 comments

As I searched the internet for ideas to quickly and easily clean the hard water spots on our chrome shower fixtures, I stumbled upon a genius idea that will save me hours and hours of cleaning in the future — LEMONS!

Lemons are a frugal way to naturally clean and disinfect so many areas of your home — and today, I’m sharing how I clean my shower fixtures (and a few other things) with lemons.

Giveaway: Martha Stewart iPad Case

posted by Andrea | 03/27/2013 | 314 comments

I was recently given a Martha Stewart iPad case… and I immediately noticed how user-friendly it was, AND that it easily attached to the back of a car headrest (why didn’t someone think of that sooner!)

Since we love this iPad case, I figured you would too — so I’m giving one away! Come enter to win…

My New Blog/Business Name… Revealed!

posted by Andrea | 03/26/2013 | 91 comments

It’s been two weeks since I first announced big changes here on my blog — including the fact that I’m changing the name of my blog! As much as I love “Simple Organizined Living”, it’s time to move on… and today, I’m sharing the brand new name for my business and my blog.

Yep, I’m just a little excited!

6 Tips to Travel With Less

posted by Andrea | 03/25/2013 | 17 comments

Dave’s spring break starts this Friday, and we are planning to spend a nice relaxing week AT HOME. Hallelujah!

But for those of you who are headed out of town, I have a few tips that should help you pack a little lighter… and could potentially save you a bundle if you’re flying!

2 Tips that Helped Us Increase Our Savings

posted by Andrea | 03/22/2013 | 25 comments

While we don’t have a lifetime full of money-mastering tips, Dave and I have learned a lot about finances from our parents, from my 6 years of business experience, and from other more experienced individuals.

So today, I’m sharing two of the MOST helpful (and extremely doable) pieces of financial advice Dave and I have received throughout the years.

My Girl and Her Shoes

posted by Andrea | 03/21/2013 | 28 comments

One of Nora’s first words (after “no” of course) was “shoes”. She said it very clearly too — “sooos”. Nora LOVES her shoes, so much so that she’s has a fit if she can’t wear the shoes she wants to wear. So we make a game out of it — I pick her clothes, then she picks her shoes.

I’ve already learned to pick my battles, and Nora’s shoe choice is not something I’m willing to fight about 🙂

My Five Favorite Online Shopping Sites

posted by Andrea | 03/20/2013 | 33 comments

Over the past two years, the way I shop has changed significantly – I now do almost everything online.

Today (by request) I’m sharing my five favorite online shopping sites — so for those of you who hate shopping (like me) or just live too far away from a convenient shopping location, this post is for you!

Freezer Cooking in Less Space

posted by Andrea | 03/19/2013 | 14 comments

I love having a stocked freezer, but I’m not willing to buy loads of extra pans and baking dishes. Plus, when we had a smaller freezer, we didn’t have room for so many large pans.

So for the past several years, I’ve been using a really simple technique that allows me to freeze as much food as I want without “wasting” all my pots and pans.

Preparing to be Productive

posted by Andrea | 03/19/2013 | 3 comments

I love being productive… and I’ve learned that in order to make the most of my time, I absolutely MUST plan ahead and prepare to be productive.

Today, I’m sharing HOW and WHY it’s so important for me to prepare to be productive.

Our Hallway

posted by Andrea | 03/18/2013 | 18 comments

This is the view I have while siting in the rocking chair in Nora’s room.

It’s the short hallway between our bedroom and Nora’s bedroom… and it’s honestly one of my favorite places in our home.

My Frugal Reality Check

posted by Andrea | 03/15/2013 | 41 comments

I love sharing simple ideas and tips to save money on almost everything; however, I felt like I needed to write this post — just as a “reality check” for those of us (myself included) that might get a little too carried away, trying to save EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY.

P.S. You might think I’m insane after reading some of these stories!

Carter’s at Home $50 Giftcard Giveaway

posted by Andrea | 03/14/2013 | 489 comments

I’m excited to share with you the fabulous line of baby, toddler, and children’s bedding that is part of the new Carter’s at Home Collection — andeven more excited to give away a $50 Carter’s giftcard!!

Come drool over the cute bedding collections… and enter to win!

Did You See Me in HGTV?

posted by Andrea | 03/13/2013 | 39 comments

That’s right friends — Dave, Nora, and I were featured in the April 2013 issue of HGTV magazine.

Well actually, our farmhouse was the main feature… but I’ll take the 3-page center spread in a nationally recognized magazine any day!

Perfect Pancakes

posted by Andrea | 03/12/2013 | 43 comments

If you’re looking for a simple, delicious, from-scratch pancake recipe your whole family will love… today is your lucky day!

This “Perfect Pancake” recipe is one of the many recipes I know by heart. I’ve literally made hundreds and hundreds of these pancakes over the past 6 years — and I can only imagine how many more I’ll make in the years to come!

Spring Cleaning eBook Bundle – Only $7.40!

posted by Andrea | 03/12/2013 | comment

I’m not the type of person who dreads “spring cleaning”; however, I DO always try to get my cleaning done as quickly and as efficiently as possible. If you also like to be efficient with your spring cleaning, I’m confident that this spring cleaning eBook bundle will help you do just that.

This week only, get all 5 ebooks for just $7.40 (a savings of more than 75%)!

10 Excuses We Make to Keep Our Clutter

posted by Andrea | 03/11/2013 | 44 comments

When it comes to the clutter in our homes and lives, it’s often much easier to make excuse after excuse, listing all the reasons it might actually be best to KEEP our clutter than to actually make work of getting rid of those things we no longer need, use, want, or love.

Sound familiar? If you’ve been making excuses to keep your clutter, I hope that today’s post might be the “wake-up call” that motivates and encourages you to clear some of the clutter from your home and life!

Big Changes!

posted by Andrea | 03/8/2013 | 52 comments

It’s officially been 6 years since I filed my first LLC and started my business. And this summer, it will be 3 years since I decided to start a blog.

While I most definitely didn’t start my business with the intention of “sitting on my computer all day”, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t happy with where I’m at right now. However, it’s time for some changes… Big Changes!