10 Simple Steps to a Clean Home

posted by Andrea | 09/7/2010

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Guest post from Erica Daniels:

I feel like my home has gotten out of MY control. I’m always playing catch-up and I just can’t win; can you relate? Apparently, my friend Cassie felt the same way; so she told me about a 10-step program she’s been using; and it seemed like something I could handle.

This 10-step program is a simple way to keep up with all your house work and still live life {and I know Andrea is all about simplicity over here on her blog!}

Here are the Steps:

1. Trash: Carry a large trash bag around the house and quickly pitch any trash.

2. Laundry: Take a laundry basket and gather all the dirty laundry. Start a load. Try to keep switching it up (DON’T SKIP FOLDING) throughout the day to get it all done, but if anything, at least you get one load done a day and that’s better than nothing.

3. Dishes: Gather and wash all dirty dishes in your house. You could do this in stages (1. fill sink and soak dishes 2. wash and set out to dry 3. put away) and tackle them in between the other steps.

4. Toys: Again, use a container of some type (laundry basket works), gather and set aside.

5. Beds: Get everything off the beds, fold excess blankets and make the beds.

6. Kitchen and Dining: Clear counter tops and dining table. Sweep floors and wipe down kitchen appliances (top to bottom).

7. Living room: Finish clearing what’s left on the floor, sweep, spray, and wipe any non-carpeted areas.

8. Bathroom: Finish clearing floor. Do a quick spray and wipe down.

9. Bedrooms: Put all priorly gathered toys away. Pick up anything that’s left and hang up clean clothes.

10. Vacuum: Lastly, do a quick sweep with the vacuum. Dust as needed.

These steps are organized from most to least important so it’s OK if they aren’t ALL finished at the end of each day. Allow yourself to feel accomplished even if you only accomplish one step… it’s still better than nothing!

Like I said, I’m in the midst of “out of MY control” and I need to get it “under MY control” before our upcoming moving day. So join me as I aim to conquer!

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  1. Evelina Scott


    It is my first time visiting your site and I just want to thank you for all the great information. All the information and ideas are helping my family get it clean the right way…and wow what a difference.Have a great day and thanks again.


  2. Pristine


    Great list!

    Daily cleans can get easier once you have the steps organized and you already know what you are going to clean next. Its the deep cleaning days that I hate and get more stressful!


  3. Charlene maltese


    I do this daily ! It’s the dusting I hate!


  4. Corinne


    Hi Erica and Andfea, I really like your list::

    * Simple and not exhaustive, so not overwhelming.
    * These are quick things to do easily, and go hand in hand with my sometime rule of my picking up something that is out of place, each time I walk by.
    * Simple inspiration, home doesn’t look like a pig sty and inspires to do more tidying!



  5. Melissa Buff


    I am all about list and going by them. I pin them and then see what works for me. I work during the day so I like quick list during the week I can’t wait to try this one. Sounds like the winner to me


  6. Vince


    My house certainly seems out of control somethings! Thanks for this list, Erica. I always enjoy any tips to that will help around the house.


  7. Dessy Anaiwan


    The tips you provided are good to clean out homes . My appliances helps me lot and than you much to my husband who got a vacuum cleaner for me . It works amazing and quick .


  8. Seniorita


    1 Have a garbage can (like they have in a hotel) in every room of the house but the living room. Line it with a plastic grocery bag (which has been tied on, by gathering one end and wrapping a rubber band around to secure it or just tie it in a knot). The night before garbage day, gather all of the bags and take out to trash, remembering to replace the bags as you go. Keep extra bags underneath the fresh bag for future use). Free up some time for your self if this works for you.


  9. karin


    And if there’s no place to PUT the toys, blankets, dishes, etc. and your husband (bless him) does the laundry but insists on leaving it on whatever is the cleanest floor in the house… then what?


    Andrea Reply:

    hi Karin,
    I’m afraid there is no fabulous solution to your “problems”. If you truly don’t have space for your things, then it’s probably time to start purging everything you don’t absolutely need, use, want, and love. It will be hard work, but ultimately, it should be worth it in the end as you’ll have a less cluttered home.

    As for your hubby — I suppose just get a few more laundry baskets so the laundry doesn’t sit on the floor 🙂


  10. meital


    And if you want, here’s how to keep a spotless bathroom in 5 minutes a day: http://www.5-minutes.net/bathroom-cleaning/


  11. Donna


    I’m “late” to finding this post…better late than never! I have fibromyalgia and arthritis and sometimes it seems as though I never get anything done. I like the idea of guideline steps; it’s easy to tell what’s been done and where to go next- something that fibro fog makes hard to think.


    Andrea Reply:

    thanks Donna, hopefully some of these tips will be helpful for you and make cleaning a bit easier!


  12. Stephanie Nash


    I do all of this stuff everyday, and I still can’t keep it clean! I have four kids and only one is with me on ‘everything has a place’! Drives me nuts! I am starting to feel like I am wasting my time trying. Thanks for the list! I am going to let my kids read it so they know I don’t make this stuff up on my own, lol!


  13. Crystal


    Printing this out for a reference tomorrow. Thanks!


  14. Mona


    Erica, thanks for the great tips! As always…you rock!


    Andrea Reply:

    She does rock! Thanks for stopping by Mona.


  15. Marcia


    Ok, so I’m obsessed with vacuuming…but that is last on your list (least important). Maybe I need to shift my priorities to get more accomplished??

    Thanks for these great tips. They definitely give me something to think about; and I’m ALWAYS looking for more tips to simplify my cleaning (and my life).


    Andrea Reply:

    Marcia, I vacuum all the time too! These 10 steps are just guidelines to keep you on track. If you want to start out vacuuming and then work your way through the list, that should work too!

    Good Luck!


  16. Niki


    Thanks for these great cleaning tips! I’m always looking for ways to simplify and organize so your site has become one of my favorites!

    I’m heading over to Erica’s site now to see what kind of deals she has.

    Thanks 🙂


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks Niki, glad you like my site. And definitely head on over to Erica’s site…she has TONS of awesome info and money-saving ideas!


    Corinne Reply:

    I just joined, but it sounds like I’ll be checkin in a lot!