July, 2010

Cheesy Garlic Bread

posted by Andrea | 07/31/2010 | 8 comments

You’ve heard of high-maintenance families, high-profile families, and high-income families. Right? Well, we are what you might call a “high carb” family — we love all varieties of bread. Add a little garlic, some butter, a bunch of cheese, and throw it under the broiler…and we’re even happier. NOTE: If you’re on a low carb diet, turn away — don’t torture yourself! I’m  a huge fan of cheesy garlic bread, but store-bought garlic bread is so high in fat, preservatives {and price} that I […]

Shabby Sewing Cabinet Makeover

posted by Andrea | 07/30/2010 | 18 comments

Since I am the only one of my cousins who has any sewing abillities, I got all my Grandma’s sewing things when she passed away. This little sewing accessory cabinet was one of those treasures. I usually don’t like to hang onto family heirlooms unless I can put them to use somewhere in my home. I knew that I could use this piece as a night stand, but didn’t care for the dark wood stain…so I painted it! I say it a […]

Streamline Your Grocery Shopping

posted by Andrea | 07/30/2010 | 2 comments

When you take the time to streamline recurring tasks, your efforts repay you many times over. For most of us, tasks like grocery shopping are on our agenda at least once a week — sometimes more. So just think of how much time you could save if you streamlined your grocery shopping process! Here are a few ideas to get you started: Shop with a list: Lists help prevent overspending and help eliminate forgetfulness! Be organized: Have your coupons organized and ready […]

Jalapeño Poppers {a spicy summer treat}

posted by Andrea | 07/28/2010 | 5 comments

Use up extra Jalapeño Peppers with this simple and delicious recipe. They’re not as spicy as you may think!

Clear A Clogged Drain

posted by Andrea | 07/26/2010 | 11 comments

Are you tired of using expensive, toxic chemicals to clean your clogged drains? Make your own with ingredients right from your kitchen pantry! This method might not be the fanciest…but it works for me and it’s a lot more environmentally {and budget} friendly. Supplies: Baking Soda Salt Vinegar Boiling Watter Directions: Pour equal amounts of DRY baking soda and salt into the drain. (I use about 1/2 cup of each) Pour 1 cup of vinegar into the drain (it will […]

10 Uses for Coffee Grounds

posted by Andrea | 07/26/2010 | 8 comments

How many times a day do you make a pot of coffee? Do you throw your used grounds away? Before your throw out your next batch of coffee ground, look over these10 simple ways to put your coffee ground to work around your kitchen, house, garden, and more! 1. Compost – Add coffee grounds to your compost pile to help balance pH levels. (Discard filters first!) 2. Fertilizer – Sprinkle the grounds around your plants or dilute them in water […]

Simple Fruit Salad

posted by Andrea | 07/25/2010 | 10 comments

This fruit salad is simple and delicious; it’s probably one of my favorites to date. One reason I love it so much is because you really can’t mess it up (I promise)! Use whatever seasonal fruits you have on hand and feel free to throw in a few frozen berries, canned fruit, or anything that’s a little past its prime. And did I mention that it only takes about 15 minutes to make? Ingredients: Mix and match your favorite fruits […]

Free Products By Mail

posted by Andrea | 07/24/2010 | 3 comments

I used to think that signing up for freebies was a waste of time. I assumed it would require large chunks of my time filling out on-line forms just to get a few sample products I didn’t even need. However, I’ve been working hard to spend less (it’s kind-of a game for me), find great coupons, and simplify our spending — so I thought I should at least give freebies a try. And here are the freebies I received in the mail this […]

Baskets {My go-to Organizing Tool}

posted by Andrea | 07/22/2010 | 16 comments

I often receive questions about the organizing tools I use in my home. While I don’t shop at one specific store, I do have one “go-to” tool that I love using whenever possible — baskets! Baskets are a great organizing tool because they come in so many shapes, sizes, colors (and prices)! I guarantee you can find one — or five — to fit your needs. Here are 10 ways I use baskets around my house. Most of them are from Goodwill […]

Love It or Lose It

posted by Andrea | 07/21/2010 | 6 comments

Is it time for you to eliminate some of the clutter from your home and your life? You know it’s time to get more organized if… You can’t close your closet doors You open your cabinets and wonder what will fall out You don’t need to dust anymore — because all your surfaces are covered with junk Your junk drawer has morphed into a junk room Your storage area has reached capacity You can’t park your car(s) in the garage […]

Top Ten Tips to Spend Less

posted by Andrea | 07/19/2010 | 11 comments

These are tough economic times. Lots of people are feeling the stress — are you? If you’re trying to simplify your spending, follow a few of these strategies: Pay cash: It’s much easier to spend money when you use plastic. Keep yourself accountable by using cold hard cash. Don’t buy too much at one time: If you’re buying too many things, you stop paying attention to what you’re getting. Any one item seems insignificant. Use coupons:but don’t buy something just because you […]

Quick Tip: Simplify Your Spending

posted by Andrea | 07/19/2010 | 2 comments

Personally, I believe that financial matters are one of the most important areas of your life to get organized. If your finances are already organized, you are headed down the right path — and you’re teaching your children a very valuable lesson! If you have a little work to do, here are 3 ways to simplify and organize your spending. 1. Use one credit card. If you are responsible, there is no reason why you can’t have a credit card. […]

One Closet — Three Uses

posted by Andrea | 07/19/2010 | 4 comments

Our home office is one room in our house that we could not do without. However, the room is just a small extra bedroom and the closet is even smaller — so I knew it would require lots of organization to function at maximum capacity. We needed our closet to function in 3 very specific ways: House all our gift wrapping supplies House all our paperwork House basic tools and craft supplies Since the closet is SO small I decided […]


posted by Andrea | 07/18/2010 | 3 comments

It’s the middle of July which means my vegetable garden is finally starting to look good — it always seems to take too long! My garden is very small this year but I’ve already picked herbs, rhubarb, beans, zucchini, summer squash…and the tomatoes starting. I don’t know about you, but I never get tired of cooking with produce I picked earlier in the day — it’s amazing to eat food that’s only a few hours old. However, this time of year […]

Mini Fruit Pies

posted by Andrea | 07/17/2010 | 38 comments

I love pie. I love eating pie, I love making pie, I love nearly all vartities of pie! The only problem with pie is that the crust always seems to get soggy before we can eat it all — there are just 2 of us you know. So today — as I was contemplating whether or not I should make a pie (and knowing that my husband would definitly want me to make a pie) — I decided to try […]

Earn Rewards with Swagbucks

posted by Andrea | 07/17/2010 | 8 comments

Do you use Swagbucks? If not, you should be! I set up my account in June of 2010 — even though I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  I was skeptical to say the least. However, since it’s free to sign up, I figured I didn’t have anything to lose. How it works: Swagbucks.com is an online search engine (like Google) dedicated to helping you earn digital dollars called “Swag Bucks”, which can be redeemed for cash, prizes, and merchandise. Swag Bucks […]

Find Great Coupons

posted by Andrea | 07/15/2010 | 2 comments

I LOVE saving money and finding great deals — I think it’s in my blood! However, I also value my time and try to only spend time on things that are important to me and my family. Sometimes, I am able to save both time and money, other times I have to choose what is more important, saving time or saving money. One area of my life that saves me a lot of money, but requires a regular chunk of time is clipping […]

Low Maintenance Garden

posted by Andrea | 07/12/2010 | comment

I love to garden. In fact, if I had my way, I would spend most of my summer hours outside in my garden. It’s definitely not a perfectly groomed garden, nor is it professionally planned — I simply took plants that I liked and planted them where I thought they looked good. For the most part, my haphazard ways worked; and I learned so much in the process. However, since I don’t have all day to spend in my garden, I made […]