December, 2010

All These Things — Inner and Outer Clutter

posted by Andrea | 12/31/2010 | 2 comments

The following is a guest post from Barb Reichow; organizing coach, home management expert, and owner of Life in Order. There is a ton of information to digest here, but if you have ever struggled with clutter in your home, family, work, or life — this article is a MUST READ {which means we should all read it!} So, as you enter into a brand new year, full of potential, remember that a life of order, simplicity, and organization IS possible. Happy New […]

Packing Up Christmas in 2 SIMPLE Steps

posted by Andrea | 12/30/2010 | 6 comments

. Today is the day… …the day when I pack up my Christmas decorations. I still leave some greenery and snowmen up for the rest of the winter, but the Christmas trees and any other “Christmasy” decorations must come down! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE decorating my home for Christmas {even though I didn’t do much of it this year} but when Christmas is over, I’m ready to reclaim my house and get things back to “normal”. And every year, I […]

Chicken Enchiladas — A Quick Meal from the Freezer

posted by Andrea | 12/29/2010 | 47 comments

Have you ever had one of those days when you can’t decide what to have for dinner, you don’t feel like cooking, and nothing sounds good? Oh, you have those days often? Me too! So I’ve gotten really good at planning ahead and stock-piling my freezer so when one of those days comes along, I am armed and ready! Some of my favorite freezer foods are soups, stews, casseroles, and… Chicken Enchiladas! And if you love {or even like} Mexican food, […]

Christmas Storage Solution + Giveaway

posted by Andrea | 12/28/2010 | 115 comments

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. A winner has been chosen and notified. Christmas Day has come and gone; and if you’re like me, you’ll be taking down your Christmas tree and packing up all your fun holiday ornaments with in the next week or so. It’s a sad day…but it has to be done. For me, this day involves putting my ornaments in a big cardboard box and hoping they don’t break as I try to shove them all […]

Creating Balance for Busy Moms

posted by Andrea | 12/27/2010 | 6 comments

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are ready for another busy week preparing for New Year’s Festivities! Dave and I were SO excited to be in our new home for the holidays and are still busy unpacking the last of our boxes in the effort to create a little more organization around here! So…the following is a guest post from Kelly Morris of She is one of my favorite bloggers; partially because she blogs about “Creating Balance for Busy […]

We’re Officially Home for the Holidays!

posted by Andrea | 12/24/2010 | 14 comments

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house there were boxes, and bins, and baskets throughout. No stockings were hung by the chimney with care for the bin of stockings is hiding somewhere! . The scraggly Christmas tree is set up, but not very round and it’s “naked” for our ornaments are no where to be found. The gifts are all wrapped in bags this year; no fancy paper, ribbon, or bows over here. . Our bedding is washed, our clothes are too, […]

Stunning Holiday Baked Goods

posted by Andrea | 12/24/2010 | 1 comment

I did most of my holiday baking several weeks ago, and now it’s either in the freezer or already consumed! So, I don’t have any great recipes to share right now…but I thought I would take a moment to share some of these amazing baked goods from other bloggers I follow. Seriously, these look so delicious, I want to try them all!! Chocolate Pecan Tart: Good Life {Eats}. Photo Credit: Good Life {Eats} Peppermint Ice-Cream: A Farmgirl’s Dabbles Photo Credit: A Farmgirl’s […]

Last-Minute Christmas Quick-Tips

posted by Andrea | 12/22/2010 | comment

Find out how to make these simple holiday cards over at Wow…Christmas is only 3 days away! I guess with all the commotion surrounding our big move, the last few days have flown by…and now Christmas is literally right around the corner! I never imaged moving would be this time-consuming, stressful, crazy, hectic, and DIS-organized…but that’s exactly how I feel right now. Honestly, if I had to think about buying gifts, mailing Christmas cards, wrapping, gifts, making food, etc. etc. I would probably go […]

We’re All Moved In — Kind of

posted by Andrea | 12/21/2010 | 4 comments

Whew…we’re all moved in! Well, actually, our stuff is all moved in {a.k.a. dumped in piles all over the new house} and we stayed with my in-laws for the evening! It was a LONG day of moving and I assume the next few days will be LONG days of unpacking, sorting, organizing, arranging, rearranging, etc. But we’re up for it…I think! I’m exhausted! And due to the whole “changing utility companies” issue, we’ll be without internet for the next day or two […]

Stress-Free Moving Tips

posted by Andrea | 12/20/2010 | 8 comments

We’re moving…TODAY!!! And since I’ll be just a little busy, I have an amazing guest post from Leslie over at One Day Before Yesterday. Leslie is sharing her advice for stress-free, clutter-free, organized moving — how perfect!! She actually sent me this post a couple of weeks ago so I had a chance to look over her list before I started packing, which was very helpful. So far, I’ve taken all of her advice — and I DO feel like thinks are as […]

It’s Almost Moving Day!

posted by Andrea | 12/19/2010 | 7 comments

We’re moving on Monday {as in TOMORROW} so you can just about imagine what our house looks like right now. Well, if you can’t imagine, here are a few visuals! This is, BY FAR, the most cluttered our house has ever been…and I’m OK with that! I knew things were going to be “cluttery”, I knew I wouldn’t be able to decorate for Christmas, and I knew that moving in December would be cold! But I also KNEW that I wouldn’t care! […]

A Peek Inside our 120 Year Old Kitchen!

posted by Andrea | 12/17/2010 | 5 comments

By now, it’s no secret that I am obsessed with old farmhouses! I can’t help it, I just love the character and charm that come with old homes, especially old farm homes. I suppose complications and craziness often accompany the character and charm…but I just love thinking about what the homes looked like “back then.” So we got the keys to our farmhouse on Friday, and by Saturday I was already cleaning — we started in the kitchen. And can you imagine […]

Simplifying: My Time, Money, and Sanity

posted by Andrea | 12/16/2010 | 3 comments

Since we’re moving…and I’m just a little bit busy, I have a handful of amazing guest bloggers lined up for the next two weeks. They have tons of great information to share with you so read carefully!! Today, Keri Middaugh of My Kitchen My Vice is sharing her advice to preserve her limited time, money, and sanity! Honesly, I LOVE this article and how she breaks everything down into bite-size pieces. Even if you can’t do everything on her list, pick ONE idea […]

Simple ‘Monster Brownies’ {shh…they’re from a box!}

posted by Andrea | 12/15/2010 | 1 comment

Moving during the holidays is tough — especially for someone who loves to cook and bake as much as I do. Usually, during the holiday season, I stuff my pantry with baking essentials and pack my fridge and freezer full of delicious holiday treats! This year, however; I’ve been doing the opposite. I’m on a mission to empty our freezer and eliminate the bulk of our pantry in time for our big move NEXT WEEK!! Things are going pretty well […]

Simple ‘No-Wrap’ Gift Wrap

posted by Andrea | 12/14/2010 | 9 comments

I love Christmas, I love buying {and receiving} gifts, I love wrapping gifts, and I especially love opening gifts!! Who’s with  me? There have been years where I spend the better part of an evening wrapping all our gifts in brown parchment paper tied with raffia, wired ribbon, fun tags, and festive embellishments. The gifts look stunning under our trees and I thoroughly enjoy the process — I really do! And then there are years like this year…when I have “moving” […]

Ten Quick Tips to Simplify the Holidays

posted by Andrea | 12/13/2010 | 5 comments

Since we’re moving…and I’m just a little bit busy, I have a handful of amazing guest bloggers lined up for the next two weeks. They have tons of great information to share with you so read carefully!! Today, Theresa Finnigin of Ready Aim Organize is sharing a few quick tips to simplify your last-minute holiday plans. {My personal favorite is #9!} Theresa is also a professional organizer so you better pay attention — she really knows her stuff. Christmas is just […]

We Got the Keys…!

posted by Andrea | 12/12/2010 | 6 comments

It’s official — we FINALLY got the keys to our new home! Photo Credit: graur codrin I’ve been dreaming of this days for years and anxiously awaiting December 10 for several months now!! Yup, I’m just a little excited! And even though the realization that we FINALLY have our dream home is overwhelmingly exciting, there are still a few things I’m going to miss about our small little ranch…after all, it was our very first home. The home we had […]

Quick, Simple, Inexpensive, Last-Minute Gift Ideas

posted by Andrea | 12/10/2010 | 7 comments

Are you short on time? Are you short on energy? Are you short on cash? Are you tired of standing in line after line after line….? OK, so you’re all raising your hands by now, right? I figured that with only 15 days until Christmas Day we might all be looking for a few quick, simple, and inexpensive gifts to finish up our last-minute holiday shopping. Here are just a few of my favorites — now get busy! Gift Wrap […]