January, 2014

The Thing I Miss Most About Life Before Kids

posted by Andrea | 01/30/2014 | 59 comments

I’m just going to make a broad assumption and guess that anyone who’s ever had kids has something they miss about their life before kids… right?

Today, I’m sharing the ONE thing I really miss most about my life before kids — and it might just surprise you!

How We Defrost Our Deep Freezer

posted by Andrea | 01/29/2014 | 36 comments

One of the things I really wanted to finish before the new baby arrives was defrosting our deep freezer in the basement. We have been meaning to do it for a few months now, and two weeks ago, I told Dave that “today is the day” (for the freezer, not the baby!) and I went downstairs to start unloading.

Today, I’m sharing our simple freezer-defrosting process, and answering a few freezer-related questions I get on a regular basis.

DIY Baby Mobile – yes, I did a craft!

posted by Andrea | 01/28/2014 | 20 comments

We never had any type of mobile hanging over Nora’s crib, but I knew that was one thing I wanted to add to our nursery the second time around. However, after spending a bunch of time looking at mobiles, I never found anything I liked — so I made my own!

The whole project took me less than 45 minutes and my total out-of-pocket cost was less than $3.00!!!

How We Handle Clothes Clutter

posted by Andrea | 01/27/2014 | 9 comments

As many of you probably already know, clothes clutter is a HUGE issue for so many of us.

So since we’re still in the first month of a New Year — and since winter is a great time to stay inside purging your closets — I thought I’d answer a few of the questions I get regarding my own clothes clutter and share a bit more about the process I went through to get to this point.

Our 2013 Digital Photo Albums + Q&A

posted by Andrea | 01/24/2014 | 43 comments

They’re here! Our 2013 photo albums are “hot off the press” as of last week — and Nora and I have looked at them at least twice (in their entirety) every single day since then!

Today, I’m answering a bunch of questions I’ve gotten about these books, as well as sharing a bit more about my thoughts on digital books.

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Breakfast Bars

posted by Andrea | 01/23/2014 | 29 comments

If you’re looking for a hearty, healthy, super-easy, make-ahead, busy-morning breakfast that will ALSO satisfy your sweet tooth — you’ve come to the right place.

These Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Breakfast Bars are super delicious, and definitely healthy enough for me to consider them a proper breakfast (or any-time-of-day-snack!)

Nora’s New Closet + How I Organize Toddler Clothes

posted by Andrea | 01/22/2014 | 17 comments

Last week, I shared all about Nora’s new big girl room makeover — but I sneakily withheld any visible images of her closet area as I wanted to save the whole “clothes organizing” deal for a separate post.

So as promised, I’m sharing all the goods on her new closet today (as well as how we’re organizing all her cute little toddler clothes!)

My “To Do Before Baby” List

posted by Andrea | 01/21/2014 | 26 comments

Now that my brain has finally registered that 2014 is here (and after noticing that the expiration date on my yogurt was only 2 weeks before my due date) I decided that it was time to make my “To-Do Before Baby” list.

And since several of you have asked what my “must do” items are before this baby arrives, I figured that sharing the list would not only answer those questions, but also hold me more accountable!

My Favorite (and very few) Cookbooks

posted by Andrea | 01/17/2014 | 26 comments

Over the years, I’ve amassed TONS of different cookbooks (usually as gifts or for free from friends and family). However, it didn’t take long to realize that I rarely used many of them on a regular basis as I prefer to find most of my recipes online.

After many purges over the past 4+ years, I’ve whittled down my cookbook collection to just a very few favorites — all of which I’m sharing with you today!

Nora’s New Big Girl Room

posted by Andrea | 01/16/2014 | 67 comments

After months of dragging my heals, I finally finished Nora’s new bedroom upstairs!

And even though we’re still waiting for Nora to warm up to the idea of sleeping in her new room, I’m thrilled that MY part of the process is finished and I can finally share the “after” pictures with you.

Stromboli Bites

posted by Andrea | 01/15/2014 | 9 comments

Today’s recipe for Stromboli Bites is a spin off of one the more popular recipes here on my blog — Stromboli!

These little bites could easily make a full meal if paired with a salad and some fresh veggies — but they would also be the perfect game-day snack, party-pleasing appetizer, or after-school treat.

Resist That Urge to Compare

posted by Andrea | 01/14/2014 | 40 comments

We’ve all done it — myself included — many, many, many, MANY times. We see someone doing something we think we should be doing — and we compare our situation to theirs, which then makes us feel inferior.

Today’s post is all about resisting that urge to compare — and I think it would be an awesome goal for all of us this year!

You Asked, I Answered: Our Reclaimed Barn Wood Floors

posted by Andrea | 01/13/2014 | 46 comments

Our reclaimed barn wood floors are one of my favorite things about our house — and one of the things I get the MOST questions on from blog readers and random internet browsers.

So today, I’m sharing the answers to many of these questions along with loads of gorgeous photos of various reclaimed barn wood flooring!

Three Extra Days… and a Whole New Perspective

posted by Andrea | 01/9/2014 | 34 comments

As Christmas break came to a close, Dave and I sat down to go over our crazy-busy January schedule — after which I had a mini melt-down; panicking that I would never be able to do everything I needed to do with Dave gone so much this month.

But then the snow started… and it didn’t stop for 3 days! I was gifted 3 extra days at home with Dave helping — and it totally changed my perspective.

My 2014 Goals

posted by Andrea | 01/8/2014 | 39 comments

Over the last two weeks, I’ve given a lot more thought to what specific (and general) goals I want to set for myself in 2014.

I’m feeling the need for a bit more structure this year, so I laid out a few more specific goals for myself — but still with that overall theme of simplicity in mind (because I know that’s how I live and work best).

4-Layer Caramel Peanut Butter Fudge

posted by Andrea | 01/7/2014 | 26 comments

If you’re looking for a yummy treat to satisfy your sweet tooth this winter season — this 4-layer caramel peanut butter fudge should do the trick!

It’s just the perfect combination of sweet and salty, creamy and crunchy, ooey and gooey, chocolate and caramel…. I think you get the idea. It’s really good!

How We Pared Down Our Paper Clutter

posted by Andrea | 01/6/2014 | 12 comments

Last month, I shared our new filing cabinet makeover — as well as how I pared down our paper piles from 4 large filing drawers down to 2 much smaller filing drawers (with room to spare!)

Today, I’m sharing more about that “paring down” process… and how we’ve drastically reduced our paper clutter.

Our Super Relaxing Holiday Getaway

posted by Andrea | 01/3/2014 | 24 comments

Dave and I intentionally tried to simplify our 2013 Christmas Break. We’ve just been so busy, and we know things will only get busier with a new baby, so we’ve been doing a lot of relaxing lately.

We were also gifted a fabulous local getaway to the Homewood Suites by Hilton — Grand Rapids. It was the icing on top of our super relaxing Christmas break!