Baby #3 is Another…

posted by Andrea | 02/20/2015 | 34 comments
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In case you missed my first announcement (which it seems like many of you did) and the several more casual references to “baby #3″ here on my blog and social media, I’m pregnant — AND the baby is over half way “cooked”!

What do you think… is it a boy or a girl?

30 Don’ts When Visiting a New Mom

posted by Andrea | 05/30/2014 | 119 comments
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After bringing two kids home from the hospital myself and talking with a bunch of friends who also have small children, I came up with a list of 30 things I would personally suggest NOT doing the next time you visit a new mom.

What would YOU add to my list?

Simon’s Birth Story and Life Updates

posted by Andrea | 03/25/2014 | 51 comments
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Can you believe Simon is 3 weeks old today!

As promised, I’m going to share Simon’s birth story today. Thankfully, it’s nothing crazy or super eventful — just a pretty normal (and pretty quick) labor and delivery.

Welcome to the World, Simon John!

posted by Andrea | 03/5/2014 | 147 comments
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He’s here!

Dave, Nora, and I are ecstatic to introduce you to the newest member of the Dekker family… Simon John!

Baby Week Giveaway #9: P.J. Salvage Pajamas

posted by Andrea | 02/12/2014 | 7 comments
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My “gift to myself” after Nora was born was a brand new set of comfy pajamas (such a good idea)!

I’m doing the same thing with baby #2 and I’m excited to share the super soft, super comfy line of P.J. Salvage pajamas with you today!

Baby Week Giveaway #6: Angelcare Video Monitor

posted by Andrea | 02/11/2014 | 7 comments
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Over the past 26 months, it’s safe to say that Nora has made good use out our Angelcare Monitor!

Dave and I love our Angelcare Monitor and are excited to have another one for baby #2. I’m also excited to be giving away their newest video monitor today!

Baby Week Giveaway #5: Glamourmom Nursing Gear

posted by Andrea | 02/11/2014 | 5 comments
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I honestly can’t say enough fabulous things about all the Glamourmom products — specifically their Nursing Tanks and Nursing Tops (which I basically lived in for 18 months with Nora!)

I’m so excited to be giving away some of the newest Glamourmom nursing gear today!

Baby Week Giveaway #3: LaundryTree SoapNuts

posted by Andrea | 02/11/2014 | 11 comments
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Laundry is a never-ending chore for most families — especially families with lots of little kiddos.

However, with LaundryTree’s SoapNuts, you can make laundry just a bit simpler, and bit easier, and a whole lot nicer on the environment!

Baby Week Giveaway #2: Kushies Zolo Activity Mat

posted by Andrea | 02/11/2014 | 5 comments
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The Kushies Zolo Activity Mat is one thing I wish we had for Nora — and I’m so excited to have one for Baby #2.

I’m also excited to share it with you, as any new baby you know is sure to LOVE this activity mat!

Baby Week Giveaway #1: My Favorite Baby Essentials Prize Pack

posted by Andrea | 02/11/2014 | 30 comments
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It’s time to celebrate Baby Dekker #2  here on the blog, and what better way to do that than with 12 fabulous giveaways — valued at over $1500!

This first giveaway is simply a thank-you gift from me, and is FILLED with all MY favorite baby essentials (plus an Amazon gift card for anything else you might want!)

One Month…

posted by Andrea | 02/6/2014 | 24 comments
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My due date is officially less than one month away!

On one hand, 1 whole month seems like an eternity to be so physically huge and uncomfortable… But on the other hand, with only 1 month left, I feel like there’s a whole lot of mental and emotional preparations that I need to make.

My “To Do Before Baby” List

posted by Andrea | 01/21/2014 | 26 comments
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Now that my brain has finally registered that 2014 is here (and after noticing that the expiration date on my yogurt was only 2 weeks before my due date) I decided that it was time to make my “To-Do Before Baby” list.

And since several of you have asked what my “must do” items are before this baby arrives, I figured that sharing the list would not only answer those questions, but also hold me more accountable!

How We Decide On Our Baby Names

posted by Andrea | 11/1/2013 | 92 comments
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As I announced last week, Baby Dekker #2 is a boy — so now we can start the process of deciding on a name. Crazy enough, this is probably my most favorite part of being pregnant — and if you ask Dave, he will definitely confirm my love / obsession with picking out the perfect name!

Today, I’m sharing the many different factors that affect our baby name choices :)

Sister + Brother = Love

posted by Andrea | 10/22/2013 | 53 comments
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The results are in, and baby Dekker #2 is a……….

An Unexpected “Project”

posted by Andrea | 09/5/2013 | 144 comments
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As I mentioned on Tuesday, Dave and I have been working on a whole bunch of projects this summer.

The next project on our list is renovating our upstairs bedrooms. We weren’t necessarily planning to tackle this project for another year or so, but due to a recent and unexpected change of events, we’ll be needing the extra space in approximately 25 weeks :)

Childbirth Choices

posted by Andrea | 07/30/2013 | 45 comments
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I was actually planning to do a post about canning today, but over the past week since the big Royal Birth, I’ve read and heard more than a few snide comments about the use of pain medication and childbirth.

So while I never expected to write anything like this on my blog, I’m sharing my thoughts — from someone who did NOT use pain medication but has no issue with those who do.

Weekend Giveaway: GlamourMom Nursing Bra

posted by Andrea | 02/8/2013 | 200 comments
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I’m excited to share yet another fabulous giveaway from — a company that specializes in high-quality, “glamorous” nursing and maternity apparel for every size and shape.

Today, I’m giving away their brand new Starter Nursing Bra!

Weekend Giveaway: GlamourMom Nursing Top

posted by Andrea | 11/16/2012 | 249 comments
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In honor of Nora’s first birthday {and my first year as a mom}, I want to offer one of my all-time favorite “mom things” for this week’s giveaway — the GlamourMom Nursing Top.

If you are expecting a baby, know anyone who is {or will be} nursing, or even if you’d just like a fabulous gift to donate to a local women’s shelter, you MUST enter today’s giveaway!

Raising an Infant on a Budget: Recap & FREE Printable

posted by Andrea | 04/21/2012 | 5 comments
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In the months since Nora was born, I’ve received a crazy number of emails asking what items I would suggest for soon-to-be-moms looking to stay clutter-free and stick to a tight budget. While I definitely don’t have ALL the answers; after almost 5 months, I can at least share the items we regularly used for the newborn/infant stage.

All week long, I’ve been sharing my “must-have” items for infants — and today, I’m rounding out this week-long series with a few more money saving tips… and a FREE printable!

Moms Helping Moms via Mom’s Bloom

posted by Andrea | 03/6/2012 | 8 comments
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As I’ve mentioned several times before — motherhood is SO much harder than I ever thought it would be. I can’t believe how physically and emotionally draining it is to have such an important 24/7 job on top of everything I do each day.

Thankfully, I stumbled upon Mom’s Bloom, a non-profit organization that matches experienced “mentor moms” with newbie moms like me! I feel blessed to work with such an amazing mentor mom and would love to know if there are any programs like this in your area.

Weekend Giveaway: Glamourmom Nursing Tank

posted by Andrea | 12/16/2011 | 63 comments
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Since I’m planning to nurse Nora for several months, I wanted a few nursing tank tops that I could wear every day and that would allow me to discreetly nurse.

In my many online searches, I came across — which is an awesome company that specializes in high-quality, “glamorous” nursing and maternity apparel for every size and shape. I’ve been wearing their nursing tanks for the past 3 weeks and am so excited to give you a chance to win one!

Nora’s Birth Story and Life Updates

posted by Andrea | 12/12/2011 | 19 comments
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After being on maternity leave for almost 3 weeks, I’m back; and I have a mountain of new tips and ideas to share with you! But first, I thought I would take a few moments to share a little about Nora’s birth story, update you on the last 3 weeks of my life, and answer some of the MANY questions I’ve gotten via email, facebook, twitter, and blog comments.