What We’ve Been Up To: House + Yard Projects 2014

posted by Andrea | 05/26/2014 | 8 comments

Dave and I usually wait until school is over to start our house/yard projects for the year — but this year, even with a new baby, we were BOTH itching to get started.

Since it’s a long holiday weekend (and I have a feeling many of you are joining Dave and I in some sort of home or yard project) I figured it would be a good time to share an update on all our latest projects.

Progress is Progress… even if it’s only 5 minutes

posted by Andrea | 05/6/2014 | 35 comments

Over the past few weeks, Dave and I tackled a VERY overwhelming yard project that we thought would take forever.

Obviously, since we finished, it didn’t take forever. However, it definitely reminded me that progress is still progress — even if it only comes in 5-10 minute intervals!

A Simple Way to Save on Yard Projects

posted by Andrea | 04/28/2014 | 17 comments

If you’re planning to do any type of yard work this spring and summer, you’ll definitely want to read this super simple tip that has saved Dave and I hundreds of dollars over the past several years.

More Yard Work for the Dekkers

posted by Andrea | 04/21/2014 | 10 comments

As some of you might remember, Dave and I spent a lot of time outside last summer — and not for relaxation purposes. On and off from May through August, we had various yard projects going on around our house.

We have a BUNCH more landscaping projects to tackle this summer — and I’m sharing them all in today’s post!

Our Landscaping: Before and After!

posted by Andrea | 09/23/2013 | 44 comments

We’ve been finished with yard work for the summer for several weeks already — but I’ve had a difficult time trying to accurately photograph the “after” pictures. It’s so hard when the plants and trees are still small!

I’m sure I’ll be sharing more pictures next summer — but for now, I’m excited to share our official 2013 landscaping before and after shots!

Our Potential Vegetable Garden Locations

posted by Andrea | 07/15/2013 | 60 comments

As many of you know, Dave and I are doing a lot of yard work this summer — however, we STILL haven’t had a chance to work on our vegetable garden — mainly because we don’t know exactly where we want to put our garden.

Today, I’m sharing 2 of our potential garden locations and asking you to weigh in with your thoughts.

How We Re-Landscaped (Partially) For Free

posted by Andrea | 06/27/2013 | 15 comments

As Dave and I inched closer and closer to our budgeted amount for our current landscaping projects, we decided we would need to get creative if we wanted to accomplish everything on our list without breaking the bank.

Today, I’m sharing a bunch of pictures of our yard work progress along with how we managed to do some of the work for free!

Our Summer Landscaping Plans!

posted by Andrea | 05/29/2013 | 36 comments

EVERYTHING in our yard is getting really over-grown! There are a bunch of dead trees, the grass in the back yard is basically all weeds and dirt, and the planting beds have been taken over by ivy and other invasive ground covers.

So this summer, we’re trading our hammers and saws for shovels and rakes — and we’re doing a complete landscape renovation!

Pruning… in the Garden and in our Home

posted by Andrea | 05/10/2013 | 5 comments

Thanks to the last 2 weeks of gloriously sunny skies, we’ve been doing lots of yard work.

One of the first projects on my to-do list was pruning — everything! And as I pruned, I started thinking how pruning our garden is very similar to purging our home — not always glamorous or fun, but SO worth the effort.

Why We Still Don’t Have a Vegetable Garden

posted by Andrea | 10/13/2012 | 14 comments

Dave and I have been in our farmhouse for two summers now… and we still don’t have a vegetable garden. I guess we’ve just been so busy renovating the inside of our house that we haven’t had the time to really dive into any big outside projects.

But after two summers without a garden, I’m starting to rethink whether we really NEED a garden right now or not.

5 Frugal Ways to Enjoy Local Produce Without a Garden

posted by Andrea | 07/16/2012 | 8 comments

Over the past 2 summers, Dave and I have spent SO much time renovating the inside of our farmhouse that we haven’t had a chance to put in our vegetable garden yet. We’ve decided that next spring/summer, we will focus on a garden. Yeah, I’m just a little excited!

If you share my enthusiasm for fresh-from-the-garden produce but don’t have the time, space, or ability to grow your own… then keep reading.

Weekend Giveaway: Wireless Exterior Deck Lighting

posted by Andrea | 07/6/2012 | 243 comments

If you love outdoor entertaining as much as we do, you’ll definitely want to enter today’s giveaway for wireless deck lighting from Jenesis — a local Michigan-based company.

Not only do these lights turn on automatically at dusk, they are motion sensored, last for up to a year without new batteries, and they can be installed in 10 minutes or less!

Grass Maintenance 101

posted by Andrea | 06/18/2012 | 9 comments

First of all, let me just start by saying that I am far from an expert on grass maintenance… but since Dave and I love a nice green, lush lawn, we’re doing our best to figure out how to appropriately take care of our HUGE front lawn and keep it healthy and green all summer long.

Today, I’m sharing a few of the tips we’ve learned about lawn maintenance over the past few years.

4 Ways to Find Free or Almost Free Plants

posted by Andrea | 05/2/2012 | 10 comments

Last week I showed you a few pictures of how we transformed the landscaping at our old house. We did almost all of the work ourself, and we actually got most of the plants completely FREE.

Now that we are slowly starting to “freshen up” the landscaping around our farmhouse, I’ve started to hunt for more inexpensive plants — here are 4 ways I’ve been able to find free or almost free plants.

My Favorite Low-Maintenance Perennials for Sun & Shade

posted by Andrea | 04/24/2012 | 25 comments

I learned so much about different plants during the 4 years we gardened at our old house. And now that we’re in our new house — with tons more land area — I’ve been itching to start doing a bunch of yard work.

However, while I love planting, I don’t love all the maintenance involved in taking care of my plants — especially now with a baby and all the other projects we’re working on INSIDE our home. So this year, I’m sticking to low-maintenance perennials… and these are a few of my favorites!

Preserve Yard Tools by Keeping Them Clean

posted by Andrea | 07/16/2011 | comment

The following is written by Jakob Barry of Pictures of Andrea’s shed at her old house. Quality yard tools are necessary for getting the most out of the garden so doing whatever possible to extend their lives is essential. Proper storage is a good start but when considering what tools go through during regular usage, it takes more than shelter to keep them in optimal working condition. Think about it — yard tools get wet, whacked, scraped and scratched, heated […]

Hydrangea Love

posted by Andrea | 07/9/2011 | 9 comments

Many of you already know about my obsession with old farmhouses! I’ve dreamed of living in one for as long as I can remember. And one of the many things I love about our old farmhouses is the mature landscaping. Even though our yard is not nearly as nice as it could be, I have fallen in love with the HUGE hydrangea bushes on the north side of our house. They are absolutely stunning and currently in full bloom! Do […]

Spring is Here!

posted by Andrea | 04/14/2011 | 7 comments

The weather is finally starting to warm up here in West Michigan, and we even opened the windows a few times! After a long, cold winter, it’s hard not to love everything about spring. But the one thing I look forward to the most is watching the first flowers start to pop out of the ground. And since we moved in the middle of winter, I have been SOOOOOO anxious to see what type of plants were covered by all […]