Four Fun Flower Crafts

posted by Andrea | 05/24/2016 | 12 comments
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Although we try to stay outside as much as possible this time of year, the rain keeps us inside at least a couple afternoons a week — and when it rains, Nora almost ALWAYS wants to do some type of “painting craft”.

Today I’m sharing 4 quick, simple, and fun flower crafts she did one rainy day last week!

A Less-Messy Way to Paint With Young Children

posted by Andrea | 03/22/2016 | 13 comments
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While I usually try to stick with relatively mess-free crafts and activities for my young children, there is just something about painting that is SO exciting for them — and they ask to paint ALLLLLLLLL the time.

This use to be a very messy craft… until recently when I tried a new method of painting with puff balls and clothespins!

Simon is 2! (Plus His School Bus Party)

posted by Andrea | 03/7/2016 | 26 comments
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My sweet, squinty-eyed Simon turned 2 on Friday and we had so much fun celebrating at his School Bus birthday party this past weekend!

Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite things about Simon — and lots of cute pictures of his party!

Our Handprint and Footprint Calendar

posted by Andrea | 01/12/2016 | 34 comments
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Throughout the month of November, the kids and I worked on an “extra special Christmas present project” that we couldn’t share until after all our Christmas gifts had been given.

We made handprint calendars for our grandparents… and today, I’m sharing the results (as well as a few tips and resources to simplify the process)!

DIY Kid’s Paint

posted by Andrea | 06/23/2015 | 7 comments
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A few weeks ago, Nora saw some of our neighbor kids painting on their driveway with paint brushes. Of course, she immediately wanted to be able to do the same thing… and even though we have buckets of sidewalk chalk, she NEEDED paint.

Thankfully, I found a super simple, super frugal DIY paint recipe that has kept her busy for HOURS outside painting our driveway!

10 Non-Messy Toddler Activities

posted by Andrea | 04/13/2015 | 24 comments
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About a month ago, I googled “non-messy crafts and activities for toddlers” and literally got almost nothing.

After doing a bit more searching, and asking you guys on Facebook, I came up with a list of 10 of our favorite, relatively simple, non-messy crafts and activities for young children. I’d love to hear any of your ideas as well!

Homemade Gak

posted by Andrea | 12/23/2014 | 21 comments
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Recently, Nora and I made homemade gak for a couple of her cousins (and some to keep at our house). It was super easy, super cheap, and has provided hours upon hours of entertainment for Nora!

If you’re looking for a last-minute child’s gift idea, or just something to do over Christmas break, I would highly encourage you to try out this simple gak recipe!

DIY Travel Art Kit from a DVD Case

posted by Andrea | 03/19/2014 | 16 comments
travel art kit thumb

As I was planning ahead for when Nora would come visit Simon and me in the hospital, I realized she wouldn’t last 10 minutes without going stir-crazy in that hospital room.

Thankfully, I found a really neat idea on Pinterest for a travel art kit made out of an old DVD case. She LOVES it!!

I Finished My Rag Quilts

posted by Andrea | 02/19/2014 | 17 comments
rag quilt thumb

Since I made the baby quilt for our nursery before Nora was born, I knew I wanted to tackle another “quilt-type” sewing project for this baby — so when I saw the cute “Rag Quilts” on Pinterest, I decided they would be my project.

I’m happy to share that my quilts turned out really well and they were actually VERY simple to make. Come check them out!

Baby Week Giveaway #11: $100 Pop & Lolli Shop Credit

posted by Andrea | 02/12/2014 | 1 comment
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Looking for a REALLY quick and simple way to completely transform a blank wall in your home?

Pop & Lolli is an amazing company that creates HUGE fabric wall decals — specifically for kids — and best of all, the decals are all 100% removable, reusable, and “restickable”!

DIY Baby Mobile – yes, I did a craft!

posted by Andrea | 01/28/2014 | 20 comments
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We never had any type of mobile hanging over Nora’s crib, but I knew that was one thing I wanted to add to our nursery the second time around. However, after spending a bunch of time looking at mobiles, I never found anything I liked — so I made my own!

The whole project took me less than 45 minutes and my total out-of-pocket cost was less than $3.00!!!

Our New Craft Corner

posted by Andrea | 11/8/2013 | 20 comments
craft corner thumb

Over the past several months, it’s become very apparent that Nora LOVES doing crafts… so last week, I decided that my old method of storing and organizing our limited craft supplies needed a toddler-friendly update.

Within 45 minutes, I created a new (and very simple) craft corner in our kitchen — perfect for doing crafts at the kitchen table!

75+ of Our Favorite “Non-Toy Toys”

posted by Andrea | 10/15/2013 | 23 comments
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Although Nora is almost 2 years old, we really have not amassed many traditional toys at all. And while Nora loves playing with her real toys, sometimes I think she loves her “non-toy toys” even more.

Today, I’m sharing more than 75 of our favorite non-toy toys that help us save a bunch of money and keep toy clutter at bay in our home.

Nora’s Homemade Cloth Activity Book

posted by Andrea | 10/2/2013 | 30 comments
cloth book thumb

Now that it’s officially October, I find myself frequently thinking about Christmas gift ideas. Two gifts I’ve ALWAYS been an advocate for are clutter-free gifts and educational gifts — especially when it comes to gifts for kids.

Today I’m sharing a really fun educational gift Dave’s mom made for Nora — it would make a fabulous Christmas, birthday, or “just because” gift for any lucky child on your gift list!

How to Make Homemade Bubbles

posted by Andrea | 05/8/2013 | 18 comments
bubbles thumb

Thanks to a recent gift from one of her aunts, Nora now LOVES bubbles. However, after a few days of intense bubble blowing, we were running low on our supply.

I found a really simple recipe for homemade bubbles that should keep us fully stocked throughout the spring and summer months! Thank goodness 🙂

Two SO-Simple DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

posted by Andrea | 01/24/2013 | 8 comments
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As adults, Dave and I don’t do much to celebrate Valentine’s Day; however, as a kid, I remember getting excited about passing out Valentine’s Day cards to the kids in my class.

Today, I’m sharing two really simple DIY Valentine’s Day card ideas that you can totally do — even if you aren’t crafty — and your kids might even be able to help!

My 10-Minute Photo Collage

posted by Andrea | 12/6/2012 | 10 comments
photo collage thumb

Over the past few months, we’ve noticed that Nora has an obsession with pictures… like whenever there are pictures around, she can’t focus on anything else until she carefully looks at all of them.

So the other day, I took a yardstick and extra clothespins and made her a photo collage for her bedroom wall — in about 10 minutes!

Mini-Muffin Tin Advent Calendar

posted by Andrea | 11/23/2012 | 7 comments
advent calendar thumb

I love Advent Calendars — and even though Nora isn’t old enough to remember this Christmas, I wanted to start a tradition of using an Advent Calendar to count down the days until Christmas.

So if you’re staying home today and avoiding the crazy shopping chaos, go dig out your mini-muffin tin and a few scrap pieces of paper and make this ultra simple Advent Calendar with your kids!

12 Fun Busy Bag Ideas

posted by Andrea | 11/14/2012 | 24 comments
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A few weeks ago, I blogged about Busy Bags — and how I was going to take part in my first ever Busy Bag Swap with a few friends.

Well, the Busy Bag Swap happened — and it was a huge success. Not only was it a fun excuse to spend time with friends I don’t normally see on a weekly basis, it was also a great way to get lots of fun new educational activities for Nora.

Have You Ever Done a Busy Bag Swap?

posted by Andrea | 10/17/2012 | 10 comments
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I’m excited to be attending my first Busy Bag Swap in a couple of weeks, and if everything goes as planned, I’ll end up with 16 different Busy Bags that will {hopefully} keep Nora busy!

So today, I’m sharing a bunch of resources, tips, and ideas for anyone who’s interested in making their own Busy Bags or hosting a Busy Bag Swap!