{RECAP} 11 SIMPLE Goals for 2011 + Extras

posted by Andrea | 01/15/2011
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I can’t believe it’s already the middle of January…how are you doing with the goals and resolutions you set just 2 weeks ago?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had so much fun blogging about my 11 in 2011 challenge! I feel confident that I’ve set 11 very reasonable goals for myself and I’m excited to work towards them over the next year.

Simple New Years Goals

And if you missed any of my 11 SIMPLE goals…here they are for your weekend reading pleasure!

11-in-2011 Challenge Recap:

Goal #1: Make Your Bed I’ll even give you 10 reasons why!

Goal #2: Keep The Freezer Stocked — plus recipes

Goal #3: Track Your Financesplus a free downloadable tracking form

Goal #4: Purge Something Monthlythis ought to give you some motivation 🙂

Goal #5: Better Time Management — something we can ALL get better at

Goal #6: Establish a System for Pictures — lots of good suggestions in the comments

Goal #7: Systematize Your Grocery Shopping — I’ll show you how I do it step-by-step

Goal #8: Get More Sleep enough said…

Goal #9: Try Something New — see what new things I’m planning for 2011

Goal #10: Organize Your Paperwork — take time to do this NOW, before tax season arrives

Goal #11: Make Time for what Really Matters — I will be working hard at this in 2011

What are you waiting for?

What will you do to make 2011 the BEST year yet!

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  1. Stephanie


    I am so doing this! Check my blog in a few I am going to work on the post now!!


  2. Sally


    This was such a fun series to follow! I loved all your simple goals and have started to implement many of them into my life.

    We are making out bed everyday, we have a couple meals in the freezer, we’re going to be “on time” and I downloaded your free financial worksheet to keep track of our finances.

    Thanks so much for everything you do here at Simple Organized Living. You are an inspiration to so many people and you’ve helped our family to simplify and get more organized — we are forever grateful!

    I can’t wait to see what you have planned for 2011.

    Best of luck!


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks Sally!

    I’m so glad to hear you and your family are putting my tips to good use in your own lives. Sounds like you’ve been busy!

    Keep up the good work, and thanks again for your kind words 🙂