Revisiting My 2011 New Year’s Goals

posted by Andrea | 01/2/2012


Happy New Year!

Doesn’t it feel great to know that you have another year ahead of you — a clean slate, a “new beginning”, another 365 days to accomplish your long list of goals and to-dos? Well, it does for me!

Last January, I set 11 very SIMPLE goals for myself and for anyone who wanted to follow along with me… here they are again for those of you who may not have been reading back then.

11-in-2011 Challenge Recap:

Goal #1: Make Your Bed – I’ll even give you 10 reasons why!

Goal #2: Keep The Freezer Stocked — plus recipes

Goal #3: Track Your Finances — plus a free downloadable tracking form

Goal #4: Purge Something Monthly — this ought to give you some motivation :)

Goal #5: Better Time Management – something we can ALL benefit from

Goal #6: Establish a System for Pictures – lots of good suggestions in the comments

Goal #7: Systematize Your Grocery Shopping – I’ll show you how I do it step-by-step

Goal #8: Get More Sleep – enough said…

Goal #9: Try Something New — see what new things I’m planning for 2011

Goal #10: Organize Your Paperwork – take time to do this NOW, before tax season arrives

Goal #11: Make Time for what Really Matters – I will be working hard at this in 2011

So since a full year has passed, I thought it was only fitting that I revisit my goals to see if I followed through. And as I read through the list, I can honestly say that I DID follow through with every one of these goals!

Goal #4 was the easiest for me to do since I always have bags ready to go to the thrift stores.

Goal #6 is probably still the hardest for me {or at least the most overwhelming} but I have been diligent about taking more pictures, and I’ve made a ton of progress with my picture organizing system {all the pictures of Nora are edited and ready for my digital scrapbooks!!}

Goal #8 is something Dave and I were doing SO well with… and then we had a baby which pretty much eliminated the possibility of getting more sleep! Hopefully we’ll get her on a sleeping schedule soon!

Goal #11 is something I’ll definitely still be working on in 2012.

Now as we enter another year, I have several more goals that I am bound and determined to accomplish in 2012 — all  in an effort to keep our lives simple and organized!

I’ll be sharing my 12 Personal Goals for 2012 tomorrow, and then my 12 Business Goals for 2012 on Thursday. I’ve got some good ones too!

Did you achieve your goals for 2011?


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  1. Amanda


    On the lack of sleep issue. My baby was up every 3 hours like clock work for 6 or 7 weeks. I made sure she was in her bed in her room – not a bassinet in my room. I also had a noise maker on in her room. One night – out of now where – at about 6 or 7 weeks old, she slep 9 hours solid!!! It was a miracle. I will have to say though, I missed our quiet time in the middle of the night. It all goes by too fast and you will miss things you never thought you were enjoying.


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks Amanda,
    Nora is almost 7 weeks old already and still has absolutely NO sleep schedule. The other night, she was sound asleep by 8:30pm and didn’t get up again until 2:30am… then she slept again until 7:30am. Then last night {even though we followed the same routine} she didn’t fall asleep until 12:30am and was up again at 4. Some nights she’ll go 7 hours without waking up, other night she’s up every 3 hours.
    Either way is fine with me, I just wish she would be consistent 🙂 Sigh… hopefully she falls into a routine soon!


  2. Rebecca


    This year, I’m tackling Eliminating the Unnecessary at my blog. This include eliminating, clutter, closet junk, weight and even friends. I’m documenting the entire process and could actually use your insight on some of the clutter-busting posts!


  3. Keri M.


    This was the first year I looked at my previous years’ goals before making this year’s list. So affirming! I got so excited that I made a list (with photos!) of some fun accomplishments of the past year:

    Best wishes to you this year!