2 Simple Healthier Habits I’m Working On This Year

posted by Andrea | 01/14/2015 | 34 comments
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Most of you know that I am NOT a foodie. I’ve always been somewhat intimidated by the thought of making a food or healthy-living goal because that’s just not “my thing”.

However, by keeping things REALLY simple and focusing on a couple very specific (yet do-able) changes to incorporate into my current diet, I haven’t felt even the slightest twinge of panic or intimidation — and I’m excited to share my 2 new healthier habits with you today!

(Giveaway) Fight Cold and Flu Season Naturally with Maty’s Healthy Products

posted by Andrea | 10/29/2014 | 3 comments
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With the onset of cold and flu season, I thought it was only appropriate to share about a fabulous company I was recently introduced to — Maty’s Healthy Products.

Aside from being all-natural, made in the US, and using food-based ingredients in their products, their cough syrup is so good you can spread it on your toast!

5 Things I’ve Learned About Myself as an Introvert

posted by Andrea | 08/25/2014 | 43 comments
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Over the past couple of years, I’ve spent more time looking into different personality types… and I’ve learned a lot about myself as an introvert.

I do not feel less than, or worse, or slighted, or restrained in any way simply because I lean more towards the introverted spectrum of personalities. I actually find it fascinating to learn more about my personality type and what make me “tick”!

A Girl and Her Shoes (plus a giveaway)

posted by Andrea | 05/16/2014 | 1 comment
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I’ve shared Nora’s love of shoes before… I don’t know where she gets it from, but she LOVES her shoes!

Today, I’m sharing our new shoes and giving away a couple pairs of pediped shoes.

For When You’ve Never Walked a Mile In Their Shoes

posted by Andrea | 04/2/2014 | 42 comments
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Almost all of us have ongoing struggles and problems that we deal with on a daily basis. I know our first couple of years with Nora definitely were not a piece of cake!

Inspired by a recent reader question, I decided to write this post about appropriate (and not so appropriate) responses for when friends share their problems with us.

Baby Week Giveaway #10: Angelcare Infant Bath Support

posted by Andrea | 02/12/2014 | 1 comment
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Can you believe we’ve made it through over 26 months of bathing a infant and toddler without a bath tub? It’s true, we’ve easily made due with infant tubs in the sink and Nora’s beloved blow-up bath tub!

Well today, I’m excited to give away the Angelcare Infant Bath Support — that just so happens to fit perfectly in our sink and inside Nora’s blow-up tub!

Baby Week Giveaway #7: $100 MAM Gift Basket

posted by Andrea | 02/12/2014 | 6 comments
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Due to Nora’s sensory issues, feeding and oral care have been a struggle since the beginning.

Because of this, I’m thankful there are companies like MAM who specialize in high-quality oral care items for all stages of baby life — and I’m super excited to share a huge MAM gift basket with you today!

One Month…

posted by Andrea | 02/6/2014 | 24 comments
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My due date is officially less than one month away!

On one hand, 1 whole month seems like an eternity to be so physically huge and uncomfortable… But on the other hand, with only 1 month left, I feel like there’s a whole lot of mental and emotional preparations that I need to make.

EXPIRED: Healthy Living Bundle: 86 eBooks for $29.97

posted by Andrea | 11/4/2013 | comment
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I know many of you love eBooks — and so do I. You can read as much as you want with NO book clutter — and at a fraction of the expense.

So today, I’m excited to share the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle with you. It includes 86 eBooks, a free 12-week online conference and 9 freebie bonuses. The entire package is valued at over $1000 but it’s on sale THIS WEEK ONLY for $29.97.

Childbirth Choices

posted by Andrea | 07/30/2013 | 45 comments
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I was actually planning to do a post about canning today, but over the past week since the big Royal Birth, I’ve read and heard more than a few snide comments about the use of pain medication and childbirth.

So while I never expected to write anything like this on my blog, I’m sharing my thoughts — from someone who did NOT use pain medication but has no issue with those who do.

A Vicious Cycle

posted by Andrea | 07/12/2013 | 72 comments
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Today’s post is a little heavy for a summer weekend, but a recent Sunday sermon (along with a few emails and previous blog posts) got me thinking about an idea for another blog post… today, I’m sharing the thoughts and words that transpired!

Dealing With Exhaustion {When You Can’t Get More Sleep}

posted by Andrea | 09/6/2012 | 81 comments
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After 9 months of getting very little sleep, Dave and I are both exhausted. And although we would love to get more sleep, it’s just not an option right now since Nora doesn’t nap and is quite fussy at night.

I know so many people who aren’t able to get a good night’s sleep for a variety of reasons… If you are one of those people, I’m hoping some of my tips might help you as you battle exhaustion.

My “Sample Size” First-Aid Kit

posted by Andrea | 05/17/2012 | 13 comments
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A few weeks ago, I shared how I keep our car clean and organized. And after I published that post, I received several comments and emails suggesting that I add a first aid kit to our vehicles… especially now that we have a baby.

I figured that was probably some good advice, so I got creative and turned an old diaper wipes container and a bunch of our extra sample size products into first aid kits for both of our vehicles.

Do You Have Silent Time?

posted by Andrea | 05/1/2012 | 34 comments
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I love quiet. I always have. Maybe it’s my opportunity to clear the clutter from my busy brain… but I feel like I need at least a small chunk of silence every single day.

I never listen to the radio, I don’t have any songs on my computer, I keep my phone on vibrate, and I rarely watch TV. However, after Nora was born, my silent time was gone… until I recently figured out a way to reclaim it again!

Dealing with Burnout and Why I Took a Break

posted by Andrea | 04/9/2012 | 37 comments
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I’ve always been the type of person who likes to be REALLY busy (I think you probably knew that already!)

I thrive when I’m busy and am actually more productive, more efficient, and feel more “alive” when I have a long to-do list. I can usually handle a lot of stress and don’t often get overwhelmed. However, in my adult life, I can think of two very distinct times when I felt completely overwhelmed and “burnt out”.

Get More Sleep

posted by Andrea | 01/11/2011 | 23 comments

Today I’m sharing goal #8 of my “11-in-2011″ challenge — it’s a good one! I’ve talked A LOT about time management since I started this blog back in July…and one of MY major time management goals for 2011 is to get more sleep. Who’s with me? Goal #8: Get More Sleep Growing up, I ALWAY got at least 8 hours of sleep…even all through college! If I had to wake up early, I was in bed by 9:30 or 10:00pm, […]