My Top 10 Favorite Cleaning Posts

posted by Andrea | 04/1/2014 | 2 comments
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As I planned ahead for the arrival of baby Simon, I thought it might be fun to resurrect some of MY favorite posts from the past 3.5 years of blogging.

Today, I’m sharing some of MY favorite cleaning posts — homemade cleaners, tips to save time on those dreaded household chores, laundry how-to’s, and more!

Spring Cleaning – Why I Don’t Do It

posted by Andrea | 02/17/2014 | 8 comments
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Yes, you read the title of this post correctly. I honestly DON’T do much traditional “spring cleaning” at all — at least not in the Spring.

Instead, I have more of a “do whatever needs to be done, whenever it needs to be done” cleaning mentality and actually try to do most of my deep cleaning in the winter months. I’m explaining my reasoning in today’s post!

Linen Storage: Why I Don’t Need It

posted by Andrea | 12/16/2013 | 79 comments
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What would you say if I told you we only have 1 set of sheets/blankets per bed — and (get ready to be shocked) only 2 bath towels and 1 hand towel for each of us?

Today, I’m sharing my minimalist approach to linens, and how it saves us TONS of storage space.

The EASY-OFF Oven-Cleaning Challenge

posted by Andrea | 11/26/2013 | 28 comments
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Have you ever dreaded cleaning your oven — particularly this time of year after lots of holiday cooking and baking?

I can totally relate — which is why I’m excited to share a new (super easy) oven cleaning product with you today!

Unger Neat Home Cleaning Kit Giveaway

posted by Andrea | 09/12/2013 | 735 comments
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I’ve been using various Unger products for several years now (in the home and in the garage) and have no complaints. Their products are super high-quality, affordable, and ascetically pleasing in their bright, cheerful colors!

So I’m super excited to be partnering with them again — sharing some of their new products available at Target — AND offering a prize package giveaway valued at over $100 to a few lucky readers.

My 7 Laundry Don’ts

posted by Andrea | 07/26/2013 | 96 comments
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I’ve blogged a lot about laundry over the years — but never-the-less, it’s still one of the MOST common categories I receive questions about on a weekly basis.

And while I’m thrilled that you think I might be some sort of laundry guru, I must be honest and admit that laundry is one of the household chores I’m MOST relaxed about. In fact, when it comes to laundry, there are several things I DON’T do that have drastically helped me to simplify this otherwise time-consuming household chore!

Let’s Talk Lint

posted by Andrea | 07/10/2013 | 18 comments
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When was the last time you checked your dryer for lint? And I mean more than just clean the lint on the removable lint trap.

If you want to see some really gross pictures of all the lint that was piled up in our dryer (and read how I cleaned it up), keep reading!

How I Clean Our House in 60 Minutes or Less

posted by Andrea | 05/31/2013 | 31 comments
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I’ve talked about my lack of cleaning routine in the past, but since the warm days of summer are just around the corner (and no one wants to waste them inside cleaning) I thought it might be a good time to share my super simple speed-cleaning tips that allow me to clean our entire house in less than 60 minutes.

Giveaway: TWO New-Release Hoover Vacuums

posted by Andrea | 04/16/2013 | 1,314 comments

In case you missed it, yesterday was the BIG DAY when I launched my “new” website. So of course, I thought we should celebrate today with a fun giveaway!

Well, it just so happens that my friends over at Hoover recently launched some new products of their own… and they’ve graciously offered to give away TWO of their newest vacuums to help us celebrate!

4 DIY Stainless Steel Cleaners

posted by Andrea | 04/8/2013 | 10 comments
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Before I had stainless steel appliances, I was ALWAYS told how difficult they were to keep clean — and how expensive the cleaning products were. I was unsure if I’d be able to find a more frugal cleaning alternative… but I had to at least try.

After a little research, I found 4 different DIY stainless steel cleaners you most likely already have in your home!

My Spring Break + 40 Spring Cleaning Resources

posted by Andrea | 04/1/2013 | 3 comments
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Dave is home on Spring Break this week so I’m planning to do a bunch of cleaning… and today, I’m sharing some of my favorite cleaning posts from my archive.

If you’re sticking around for spring break and have the opportunity to do a little spring cleaning, hopefully this post will motivate and inspire you to get to work. If you’re off on vacation — I hope you enjoy the sun!

I Cleaned My Shower Fixtures… with Lemons!

posted by Andrea | 03/28/2013 | 14 comments

As I searched the internet for ideas to quickly and easily clean the hard water spots on our chrome shower fixtures, I stumbled upon a genius idea that will save me hours and hours of cleaning in the future — LEMONS!

Lemons are a frugal way to naturally clean and disinfect so many areas of your home — and today, I’m sharing how I clean my shower fixtures (and a few other things) with lemons.

Spring Cleaning eBook Bundle – Only $7.40!

posted by Andrea | 03/12/2013 | comment

I’m not the type of person who dreads “spring cleaning”; however, I DO always try to get my cleaning done as quickly and as efficiently as possible. If you also like to be efficient with your spring cleaning, I’m confident that this spring cleaning eBook bundle will help you do just that.

This week only, get all 5 ebooks for just $7.40 (a savings of more than 75%)!

My “Not-So-Routine” Cleaning Routine

posted by Andrea | 02/19/2013 | 48 comments
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I actually don’t mind cleaning — if there’s nothing better to do. However, since my days are often jam-packed, the cleaning “routine” that works best for me might actually surprise you!

Today, I’m sharing my thoughts on our “not-so-routine” cleaning routine.

Our Farmhouse Sink – Tips to Clean and Care for Porcelain Sinks

posted by Andrea | 01/22/2013 | 40 comments
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Over the past 3 months since I shared the photos of our new farmhouse sink, I’ve gotten many questions asking how to clean and protect porcelain sinks.

Today, I’m answering the top three questions I get over and over again!

Why I’m Not Cleaning for Company Anymore!

posted by Andrea | 12/13/2012 | 14 comments
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As I mentioned last week, Dave and I have been hosting all sorts of holiday parties with family and friends — and believe it or not, I hardly did ANY cleaning before company arrived.

No I’m not sick, no I’m not lazy, I’ve just decided that our company doesn’t care and a “lived in” house is actually more welcoming than a perfectly clean house.

DIY Granite Countertop Cleaner

posted by Andrea | 10/29/2012 | 16 comments
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When our granite counters were installed, I was shocked to find out that I couldn’t use vinegar to clean them (the acid can etch away at the finish). So, I went searching for a DIY granite cleaner that I could make at home.

It didn’t take me long to find several different recipes — and today, I’m sharing my simplified DIY granite cleaner that takes all of 10 seconds to mix up and costs pennies!

Our New Iron + One More Reason Dave is Perfect for Me

posted by Andrea | 10/24/2012 | 9 comments
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Eight years ago today, Dave and I went on our very first date — and on that date, I noticed that he had an ironing board set up in his room. I thought maybe he was just trying to impress me… but it turns out he really likes nicely ironed clothing!

Eight years later, he still irons several times a week… which means I never, ever iron :)
Today, I’m sharing some of Dave’s favorite features about our brand new Hamilton Beach iron.

Weekend Giveaway: Unger Microfiber Kitchen Sponges & Chef Towels

posted by Andrea | 10/19/2012 | 350 comments
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Since I’ve been pretty focused on cleaning my new kitchen, (and since I’m assuming you all have a kitchen to clean!) I thought it was only fitting to offer a giveaway specifically for kitchen cleaning.

So… today’s giveaway features two of my favorite Unger kitchen cleaning products!

Weekend Giveaway: Unger Connect and Clean Kits from

posted by Andrea | 09/14/2012 | 581 comments
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I don’t know about you, but I’m ALWAYS itching to clean out my house once Fall rolls around (not only the clutter, but the dust-bunnies too). And even though I enjoy cleaning, I also like to keep my cleaning supplies simple and organized :)

If you share my love for simple cleaning supplies, you’re going to love today’s giveaway from Unger and!