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Laundry Balls: How I Wash Without Detergent

posted by Andrea | 11/13/2019 | 40 comments
laundry balls how I wash without detergent

For almost 2 years now, I’ve been using laundry balls to wash ALL our clothing — no detergent at all.

I get SO many questions about how to use laundry balls that I decided it was finally time to answer them all in one post. Come read more about one more way I simplify our laundry routine!

10 Life-Changing Tips When You Are Overwhelmed With Laundry

posted by Andrea | 10/25/2019 | 39 comments

Maybe my use of the words “life-changing” is slightly dramatic. However, I know so many people who are completely stressed out by their laundry situation that I believe their lives would be completely changed if they adopted many of my tips. 

It won’t happen overnight, but I’m confident this never-ending chore will feel significantly less overwhelming by implementing these 10 life-changing laundry tips!

My 7 Laundry Don’ts

posted by Andrea | 03/12/2019 | 123 comments

I don’t hate doing laundry by any means, but it’s certainly not a priority over family, work, or free time, so why make it any more challenging or labor-intensive than it has to be… right?

Today, I’m sharing 7 of my “laundry don’ts” — all in an effort to simplify and streamline this (never-ending) weekly chore!

Our Current Laundry System

posted by Andrea | 01/10/2017 | 46 comments

For the past year or so, I have felt like our laundry system could be simplified… but I wasn’t exactly sure how. I didn’t want to lock myself into a strict laundry routine or system… but I also didn’t want to constantly feel like I should throw another load in.

While I would never claim to be any sort of laundry expert, I am excited to share our current laundry system because I feel like I’m finally 100% on top of our laundry every week, with very little extra effort on my part.

Why I’m {still} Not Sorting Laundry

posted by Andrea | 04/5/2016 | 44 comments

Over the years, I have frequently mentioned that I don’t sort my laundry — like for real, I wash all colors and all fabrics together.

Recently, however, I have switched up how I do the laundry. I’m still not sorting colors, but this new method is saving me a boatload of time folding and sorting our clean laundry!

My Simple Tip to Eliminate Lone Socks

posted by Andrea | 02/26/2016 | 18 comments

With all the teeny, tiny infant and toddler socks I’ve washed over the past few years, it might seem miraculous that (to the best of my knowledge) I have never lost one of them!

Today, I’m sharing my super simple (and frugal) laundry tip that has the potential to completely eliminate any lone socks around your home as well!

My Thoughts On Washing Whites

posted by Andrea | 11/10/2015 | 72 comments

Most of you know that I love white! From our sheets, towels, and curtains, to our couch, and even our rugs — the majority of the fabric items in our home are white.

Today I’m sharing a bit more about how I keep my whites white — and why I feel washing whites is actually easier than trying to keep colors bright.

How I Keep My Clothes Wrinkle-Free Without an Iron

posted by Andrea | 03/27/2015 | 26 comments

Although I work from home, I do get dressed up for church, I occasionally attend special events that require a dressier wardrobe, and even when I am home, I don’t necessarily want to look frumpy every day.

That said, I never EVER iron… and I can guarantee my clothes are NOT full of wrinkles either. Today, I’m sharing my 2 simple tips that practically eliminate all wrinkles from our clothing!

DIY Laundry Detergent That Actually Works

posted by Andrea | 06/23/2014 | 110 comments

Over the past 3+ years, I’ve shared a number of DIY cleaning products here on the blog; however, I’ve never shared a recipe for DIY laundry detergent because I couldn’t find a recipe I actually liked.

That all changed a couple months ago — so today, I’m sharing my new favorite DIY laundry detergent. It works fabulously, it’s really easy to make, it’s quite frugal, and it makes a huge batch!

Let’s Talk Lint

posted by Andrea | 07/10/2013 | 23 comments

When was the last time you checked your dryer for lint? And I mean more than just clean the lint on the removable lint trap.

If you want to see some really gross pictures of all the lint that was piled up in our dryer (and read how I cleaned it up), keep reading!

My “Not-So-Routine” Cleaning Routine

posted by Andrea | 02/19/2013 | 49 comments

I actually don’t mind cleaning — if there’s nothing better to do. However, since my days are often jam-packed, the cleaning “routine” that works best for me might actually surprise you!

Today, I’m sharing my thoughts on our “not-so-routine” cleaning routine.

What Do You Do With Half-Dirty Clothes?

posted by Andrea | 06/20/2012 | 66 comments

Recently, I’ve received quite a few questions about what I do with my half-dirty clothes — you know, the shirt you wear for part of the day and although it isn’t really “dirty”, it’s also not clean enough to put back in the closet.

I chuckle to myself whenever I read these emails and questions because this has been a topic Dave and I have debated ever since we were married. Today I’d love to know what YOU do with your half-dirty clothes.

How To Wash Dry-Clean-Only Items At Home

posted by Andrea | 01/12/2012 | 16 comments

Since you already know how frugal I am, it probably doesn’t surprise you to know that I have NEVER been to the dry-cleaners! Yes, you read that right, Dave and I have never paid for anything to be dry cleaned… ever!

Part of the reason for this is because we purposely try not to buy things that require dry cleaning. However, I’m also really cheap, and have figured out a few different ways to wash our “dry-clean-only” items at home!
Here’s how I do it…

More Tips to Simplify Your Laundry Routine

posted by Andrea | 07/29/2011 | 18 comments

It’s practically the weekend {hooray}!! And I’m not sure about your house, but in our house, the weekend means laundry time. I often do a couple loads during the week, but the weekend is when I try to tackle every last piece of laundry left in the house — which honestly isn’t THAT much considering there are only 2 of us! There is just something about seeing those empty laundry baskets that makes my heart happy. I’ve talked a lot about laundry in the […]

Simplify Your Laundry Routine

posted by Andrea | 02/28/2011 | 51 comments

Laundry might seem like a never-ending chore — especially if you have a large family. But it doesn’t have to be! Make this task go more quickly and easily with these simple tips to help you get you out of the laundry room and back to more important things! 1. Stop sorting. I was always told to separate my laundry by darks, lights, and whites — and I did this religiously for several years. Then I realized it wasn’t necessary! […]

A Laundry Experiment — 10 Ways to Reduce Static Cling

posted by Andrea | 02/14/2011 | 73 comments

Over the past several weeks I’ve noticed our clothes seem to have lots of static cling. We’ve literally been “shocking” ourselves everytime we get dressed! I didn’t know if it was the new house, the new furnace, the new washer and dryer, or just dry West Michigan winter weather…but I knew it needed to change. So, I conducted a little laundry experiment… What is Static Cling? The following is a direct quote from “Static cling is a property of substances […]