How to Use Thanksgiving Leftovers (50+ Simple Recipes!)

posted by Andrea | 11/20/2019

how to use thanksgiving leftovers

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year — in part because I love all the leftover food! I’ve amassed a pretty impressive list of ideas on how to use Thanksgiving leftovers, and I’m sharing more than 50 SIMPLE recipes in today’s post!

Now you have no excuses! Don’t let your delicious Thanksgiving leftovers go to waste! 

PRO TIP: I’d highly suggest roasting your turkey breast DOWN — it’s SO juicy and flavorful!

delicious Thanksgiving meal

How To Use Up Leftover Punch or Juice

  • Freeze for smoothies
  • Make homemade Juice Pops
  • Freeze it in ice cube trays and use it to add flavor to other beverages later on, or use it to chill (without watering down) punch the next time you make it.

How To Use Up Leftover Soda

How To Use Up Leftover Fruit

How To Use Up Leftover Veggies

How To Use Up Leftover Potatoes

How To Use Up Leftover Stuffing

How To Use Up Leftover Chicken or Turkey

You can use chicken or turkey for any of the recipes listed below.

NOTE: here’s my amazing tip for shredding boatloads of leftover chicken or turkey in seconds!

How To Use Up Leftover Broth and/or Gravy

  • Use the broth in soups or stews
  • Use the gravy for hot chicken or turkey sandwiches as mentioned above.
  • Freeze it in 1 or 2 c. portions for easy use later

How To Use Up Leftover Rolls

How To Use Up Leftover Desserts

  • Eat them!
  • Make cake pops from leftover cake
  • Enjoy these delicious truffles (made from leftover cookies, brownies, or bars)
  • Make up some goodie bags for your guests or neighbors
  • Freeze them for later. (You’d be surprised how well baked goods freeze — even frosted cakes, cupcakes, brownies, bars, muffins, cookies, fudge, cream pies, etc.)

turkey dinner


Hopefully this gives you a few creative ideas to use up some of your leftovers!

What are your favorite ways to use Thanksgiving leftovers?

how to use thanksgiving leftovers


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  1. Robyn


    FYI-I freeze apple pies all the time! It works pre cooked or afterwards too!


  2. Chris


    We usually go back to my father-in-laws the next day and maybe even the next if there is food. We never have leftovers after that.


  3. Pamela S. Wade


    Sounds like some yummy ideas! Thanks! ~~Pam


  4. Cammy@TippyToeDiet


    Last year I discovered the joy of the turkey, cranberry relish, and cream cheese (or other soft cheese) sandwich. To me, it’s better than the main event. 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


  5. Deni


    My Mom has always made a big pot of Turkey frame soup with the leftover turkey meat. It’s made just like old fashioned chicken and vegetable soup. She adds any leftover vegetables like butterbeans and corn. She puts several quarts in the freezer and there is plenty to go around. I’ve started making this soup as well, It’s my favorite soup! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!


    Andrea Reply:

    sounds a lot like my chicken and rice soup — delicious!!